Understanding Spirit Guides

Art by psychic artist Sharon Bosmoore http://www.findspiritpath.com

The topic of spirit guides comes up all the time in readings and emails. People always want to known who their spirit guides are, how they can communicate with them and what they do exactly.

I’ve been contemplating doing a post about this for some time and recently I had a conversation with someone about the subject. So I decided I would give you some basic information about spirit guides. This is enough to get you started!

What are Spirit Guides?

  • A spirit guides is a discarnate entity that’s sole purpose is to aide you on your life path.  You and your guide made a soul level contract before incarnation that they would watch over, guide and protect you, as well as disperse spiritual insights and synchronicities into your life.
  • Your spirit guide has a unique understanding of you and the path that you have laid out for yourself. Often they work with you when you create your spiritual map. They have a vantage point from which they guide you because they are able to see your map clearly and they can view the “bigger” picture of our journey.
  • Your spirit guide is your souls assistant working behind the scenes. Whether you are aware of them, they constantly watch over, protect and guide you.

Does everyone have a spirit guide?

  • Absolutely everyone has a spirit guide. Some may argue that there are people who do not have guides, but as far as I have seen we all do. No matter what your religious background or beliefs are, even if you do not believe in God, you still have a guide.
  • We have a primary guide, who has incarnated at least once. The reason being is so that they have empathy about our journey here on earth. Now if you do not believe in incarnation or that whole philosophy it doesn’t negate the idea of a spirit guide. We also have a secondary guide or guides that can walk into your lives at key points bringing us more specialized guidance. For example: If you are beginning to explore a new career path and you are very passionate about it, but not very confidant you may have a secondary guide who steps in and helps you in this area. They are specialty guides.

How can I recognize the presence of my spirit guide?

  • Any time you are stressed or undergoing extreme changes in your life a spirit guide will be more dominant in your life. Their purpose is to help you with the difficult areas of your journey, so when times are tough remember that they are there.
  • It is common for people to hear their name being called, when no one is around. Usually your guides are trying to get your attention.
  • You may see flashing lights, often blue or white. Maybe even shadows or silhouettes out of the corner of your eye.
  • Reoccurring dreams, especially of a stranger whom you feel comfortable with.
  • A unique fascination with a name or geographical place, which is often connected to the name or ethnicity of your guide.
  • Some sort of reoccurring symbol. Such as numbers, letters, motifs, etc.
  • Physical sensations. Often the feeling of being touched on a shoulder or hand or someone standing near you to one side or the other.

How can I know my guides name and what they look like?

  • Most people like to know the name of their guide first. There are many ways to get the name of your guide. Basically you can ask, “What is your name?” and then wait to see which name pops into your head first, or which names stands out to you (the next person you meet, a billboard, song on the radio or it may be written on a piece of paper). You can also use a baby name book and open a page at random and select a name by pointing with your eyes closed. Or the other way is to use a name that you feel drawn to.
  • People often want to know how their guides look or what their sex is before they connect with them. My answer to this is 1) they may appear in whatever form they wish. As an animal, ball of light or a physical person. Your primary guide will typically take the form of a human. Meditation is key in finding out what they look like or you may have a dream or vision or you could ask a reader. 2) You can ask them to appear in a certain form because your guide will do whatever it takes to work with you in your comfort zone.

How can I easily speak to my guide?

  • The simplest way to speak with your guide is by talking out loud to them. Your guide will find some way to communicate back with you. This could be through symbols, visions, dreams, songs, verbal communication, feelings, television programs or other people. They will find the best way to communicate with you if you just trust.
  • Using an oracle deck is an easy and powerful way to communicate with them.
  • Write letters to them or leave little messages posted around your home or office.
  • Mediate. You can do this through a guided meditation or by simply being still for a few minutes a day.
  • Creativity and art. They are drawn to creativity and they love to inspire us. Inspiration comes from the word spirit!

A few more things

  • Angels and spirit guides are not the same. Typically your spirit guide is not a loved one who passed. These are three different types of entities.
  • Your guides have far more ability to help you when you ASK for them to help!
  • Spirit guides do not control any aspect of your life; they only offer you help and guidance. You have free will at all times. You may even ask for certain aspects of your life to be inaccessible to your guides if you like.
  • They are not all knowing. They have more insight into our life because they are watching outside of it and they can connect with our subconscious mind which is far wiser and our map.
  • Guides are never negative, harmful, pushy, controlling or frightening.
  • They know when to turn their heads if you know what I mean, but they are never truly absent.
  • They truly are your bestfriends. When you begin to connect with them, it should be more like a reunion, rather than a first encounter.

Artist Unknown (If you know who’s work this is please let me know so I can properly cite it).

This information is only a small portion of what can be written about the subject. I’ve only pulled out the basics to get you started so that you can begin working with and calling on your guides.  Once you’ve read this you can begin enriching your life by consciously connecting with them.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have about this subject. If there is anything that I can elaborate on or any confusion I may clear up, I would be more than happy to.  And I would love to hear any stories you may have about working with your guides. What was your first encounter like? Do you remember the first time you consciously worked with your guide?

Best wishes,

© Shaheen Miro 3/22/2011

7 thoughts on “Understanding Spirit Guides

    • Isn’t it amazing how our guides get through to us! I hope you find some time to stop and connect… they may have some good stuff to share with you. Inspiration for a new project maybe?!

  1. Hi shaheen. Many thanks for posting this information. I have been communicating with my main guide especially when there are spirits in my house that may have messages to pass on. But I keep getting all these symbols that I don’t understand. I have asked for messages to be in words that appear infront my eyes. Just the same way that my guide told me his name. But it hasn’t happened. I am very new to this. Seeing water like beings throughout my house and having goosebumps for no reason… All just started about 2years ago when my uncle passed away. Before… I never really paid attention to my surrounding

    • Hello Natalie,

      Thank you for contacting me. I would suggest talking with your guide again and seeing if he/she can clarify what beings are present in your home. It sounds like these may actually be faerie energy/elementals. This could have to do with the location where you live, or maybe something that you are inviting into your life with prayer or circle work.

      I would suggest having a reading to help clarify further if you aren’t feeling like your guide is coming through.

      All the best,

  2. Hi Shaheen,

    I’ve been reading up on the concept of spirit guides and how to speak with them. I had a recent breakup with a boyfriend whom I wish to have back in my life and resume a relationship with him. I’ve been very conflicted since the breakup two months ago. After doing some reading, yesterday I spoke to my spirit guide about the situation, and whether or not my ex would return to me. In the middle of speaking, I started hearing a soft female voice very loudly in my head saying “he’ll come back when he’s ready.” I literally was unable to think of anything else. All I could hear was that line over and over for a few minutes. It was followed by the lyrics to a song “Send Me an Angel.”

    I’ve also noticed since around the time I met my ex that I’m seeing the number 22 everywhere. Further, I’ve read about asking our spirit council to redirect our life path, and that sometimes they are willing to hear us out and take this into consideration. This morning, while driving to work, I was asking them specifically to continue showing me what I need to do on my end to make the situation ideal for my ex and I to return to each other. Also, if our paths weren’t meant to be with each other again, that they reconsider this and to please take very serious consideration that I’m taking very seriously a reading that I had with a psychic in which I was told the likely outcome of my future based on my path at that time (not at all the type of future or relationship that I want for myself), and provided with a few things that I need to work on if my ex and I are to be together again. I take this reading as a wake up call from my spirit guide that if I don’t make these necessary changes, then I’ve been shown a life that I can’t see myself being happy with. I’m working very hard on making these changes, which I know I should have made long prior to meeting me ex. As I was driving and speaking out loud to them, I then saw three license plates in a row with the number 22 in them.

    My question to you is, can our spirit guides/councils alter our life path if we are learning the lessons we were intended to learn sooner than may have been previously planned? Are they able to speak with the guides/councils of other people, as I’ve read about, to potentially bring them together again?

    These last two days have truly been a unique experience for me, and have provided me with a great amount of hope in reuniting with my love. I’m curious what your thoughts are.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hello Nicole,

      Thank you for sharing your profound experience. Beginning the process of working with, and hearing your guides is very empowering, and can offer so much insight… since that is their purpose… to guide and direct us on our path.

      Do I believe that our guides can alter our spiritual journey… yes! They are there to hold space, offer guidance and help direct us to our highest good. Essentially they want us to thrive, and help us do that in the best way possible. And our guides can speak with the guides of other people, and we can speak to their guides as well.

      In fact I suggest speaking with a persons guides when you are feeling conflicted about something, or want to express something that you might not be able to do in an open way. You can actually speak directly to their subconscious mind.

      With that being said… guides cannot manipulate something in our favor unless it supports our highest good. This can be a point of contingency for people when they have a deep desire, but underlying that desire is something destructive or lacking the soul nourishing that they need.

      I cannot speak on your particular situation without doing a session… but I can say that you are getting some insight from your guides through direct communication and signs they are presenting.

      Stay open to the process… know that you are in control of your life, and your guides are their to support your intentions. The true magic comes when we surrender our finite desires to the power of the Universe and let things manifest in a way that truly supports you.

      What I mean by that is… if you desire a deep, fulfilling love connection be open to the idea that you can be fulfilled in another relationship with someone else whom you might have no idea exists. That doesn’t mean your ex will not come back… but if you open yourself up to something bigger it could go in so many beautiful directions.

      I always tell people… dream up the most fantastic outcome of your desire. See it in all the details you can muster. Then feel the feeling… What does it truly feel like to hold that desire in your heart and have it actualized in real life. When you have the feeling let go of all the other context. Then the Universe and your guides an converge together to create the perfect situation to support those feelings… in a way you might not be able to imagine because you’ve never had it before.

      Be clear about why you are holding onto your ex. Sometimes we mistake our desires for spiritual insights because they seem to be the only reality we can comprehend that gives us those feelings… but it isn’t the only way!

      If you would like to go deeper into this process I would love to connect with you for a session.

      All the best,

      • Hi Shaheen,

        I apologize if this has posted multiple times. I’m having trouble with my internet.

        Thank you so much for your quick response, and insight. I very much appreciate you getting back to me.

        There are many reasons I wish to be back together with my ex. I truly feel he is the man that I want, and am supposed to, share the rest of my life with, to have a family with. I’m scared, however, that what I heard from my spirit guide is really just me telling myself what I want to hear. I know how unpredictable seeing the future can be when another person’s free will is involved, and he completely shut me out a few days after the breakup. I don’t know why he did that. There’s no telling what’s going through his mind right now, how he feels about me, or if he’ll ever come back.

        I would very much love to have a reading from you, to shed some light on the situation. To know if, and when, he comes back to me. After telling me so many times that I’m his everything, his life, his entire world, that I’m the only woman he’s ever been with that made him see being a husband and father as a reality for him, the one he wants forever with, I’d like to believe he will. But here we are. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position financially to have a reading. I wish I were, because I do believe you could offer some help.

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