Fortunate Leaves: Third Study-My Reading Regarding Denver

denver_readingOn my last night at home before flying to Denver I decided to read my leaves. I am moving here for four months. As always the gypsy in me is excited by the prospect of new places. Though I am anxious, I know I lead a colorful life full of magical things. Sometimes I have to close my eyes, take a deep breath and be thankful for all the precious adventures I’ve had!

The house settled, the night cloaked me in peace and I enjoyed a wonderful cup of tea. Possibilities seemed to bloom in the bottom of my old deco style teacup. There was an exciting story, a facet of my adventure waiting to be revealed.

My cup was filled with all sorts of goodies, and appropriately enough everything seemed to be about moving forward and moving into a new direction. Since I was curious about Denver, this cup reflected things to come. (Typically the cup will speak in a temporal status that reflects your question or topic.)

Moving clockwise from the handle there is a little procession of shapes that have formed. There is a cat that sits at the very edge of the cup. There is a sea turtle. Next to that is a pipe. And a rose appears as a lesser symbol.

The sea turtle stood out to me instantly. Floating effortlessly amongst the pearly white of the cup, he seems to be at peace… letting things go and allowing the Universe to take its hold. The sea turtle is a creature that knows patience and perseverance. I know that this appears as a sign that things are now coming into fruition, dreams are unfolding. It could also be speaking of my trip to Denver being a pilgrimage in some way.

The cat stands with his back turned from me, peering off into the distance. It makes me wonder if this isn’t my very own black cat, Ali. I would interpret the sign of a cat as a familiar, a spirit that surrounds you to help protect and guide. Whenever I see a black cat I know that the Universe is speaking to me… letting me know that there is something significant happening.

The pipe is an odd symbol to me. First, I think of the peace pipe. Maybe this is a suggestion to me to make my peace, to say what I need to say, to be in the process of letting go. An important conversion may be taking place soon, something that I need time to think about. That goes into my second thought, clouds of smoke, which could symbolize confusion.

The rose, though small, indicates to me that there is an offering coming to me. This could be romantic, which would make sense with the foresight I already have. I believe that some of this is already happening…maybe that is the reason the rose appears smaller than the other symbols.

What a fascinating cup. My interest has been piqued! I’m excited to see what unfolds. It seems as though an offer is coming with love, which I will need to contemplate and really think about. But there is a sense of ease, and perseverance. The results will be divinely guided… smiled upon by fate!


© Shaheen Miro 2012

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