How to Perform Spiritual Cleansing with an Egg

A brief demonstration of one way to perform spiritual cleansing with an egg. Enhance your aura, promote healing, clear away blockages, and raise your vibration. Suggestions for tools and techniques.

Questions and positive comments welcomed.

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20 thoughts on “How to Perform Spiritual Cleansing with an Egg

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    • Thank you! This is one of the most fascinating techniques I have used for years. It works very well, energetically, and physically. I love those old folk techniques… There is a practicality to them that makes it so accessible to everyone.

    • Does it matter what time of day to do cleansing and if we chose to accompany the egg cleansing with a bath afterwards is there something we should add to the bath…Thank you

      • Hello Cloe,

        A cleansing can be done on any day. Some traditions suggest doing it on certain days or Lunar phases… Which can help. But if you feel you want or need a cleansing it can be done any day. I like to follow my egg cleansing with a bath usually I do sea salt and lemon juice .Or simply put some Flordia water in your bath. You can use a prayer or affirmation while you are bathing to deepen the experience. Shaheen

  2. Thank you so much for this! I just did my cleaning tonight 7/25/16 and my egg had small drops of blood…should I panic?

    • Hello Brenda. If your egg had a drop of blood that is traditionally and indicator that there is some very heavy negative energy attached to you. I often suggest repeating the cleaning process for a few days. And I would take a cleansing bath with sea salt and nettle tea for 3, 5, 9 or 13 days. Do some prayer work as well. These are just general suggestions. We could always set up an appointment and look closer at your situation. The key is to not become upset, but take back your energy. Sending good vibes, Shaheen

  3. Shaheen I received my order, thank you. I appreciate the personal packing and the note; that makes me feel special as if I know you. I will certainly be looking into some other help with you.
    Melba Diaz

    • Melba, So glad you received your package. I hope you love the smudge. They are beautiful… Burned or just placed in your space. You can hold them, and squeeze them to release their scent and energy. I look forward to working with you more.
      All the best, Shaheen

    • Hello. Thank you for your positive energy, and for visiting the website. After doing a successful cleansing you will experience a more fluid energy and clarity. A cleansing is not the end of the process. If you want to open your flow of prosperity I encourage you to begin doing some intention work for money, prosperity and abundance. Shaheen

    • Hello Lenny. Thank you for reaching out. I hope this message finds you well. For the egg cleansing the only thing you really need is the egg. Can can bless the egg by running it under cold water and saying some prayers of intent for cleansing yourself. You can also pass it through some incense smoke… any type of incense if that is something you already have. Some people will use an oil blended from different botanicals. If you’d like to use an oil and you do not have a blended one on hand regular olive oil will work. These practices can be done in many different ways… play with what works and feels right for you. Shaheen

  4. Hi, I have a question about using an egg to cleanse. So I was on the bus when this man who is a curandero told me that someone was blocking me and that what was stoping me from finding a new job and progressing. He suggested that I do a cleanse shower/bath. The bus was a little loud so I didn’t catch the first word that he said but he told me to take some type of water crack an egg and then add water from my faucet. to mix that then get into the shower and put that on my self from the neck down. Afterward to shower like normal. Have you ever heard of something like this? And if so do you think you the recipe is Florida water, egg and normal water? Thank you for whatever help you can give me!!

    • Hello Mercedes, I am not sure what the process was he described. It does not sound like something I am familiar with. Though I would assume the water he suggested is holy water… that would be the most common. You can go to any Catholic church and get a holy water for free… just take a little bottle and leave a donation. If you feel you need to do a cleanse then follow the steps to do the egg cleansing I have presented. Shaheen

  5. I need to clarify my comment. The family that lives downstairs that I was speaking of in my aformentioned comment included 4 adults and 3 adult children of one or two of the adults. I don’t know where these children are sleeping but that is 7 people living in 1300 square feet. If you have a third bedroom that means you don’t get a den or a second bathroom it would make living there extremely difficult for 7 people. So one night I was leaving to go to the grocery store and I was attacked by all seven people about this letter that they said they read and then somehow I took it back again???. Everything they said made no sense and I didn’t leave any letter on anyone’s door ever and they could not produce one for the police. The police said they were very angry over something that never happened so I don’t know what to tell you but this egg in my parking spot was not in any way a healing egg and I would like to know what else it could be used for. Especially a rotten egg although I did not smell anything but I can’t smell much anyway I never have been able to. So tonight I just washed it off of The Host and then scraped it off my spot with a wheel scrubber that you used to get brake dust that is very difficult to get off a wheel. So this egg is now gone maybe it’s remains will be stolen by the”letter theif”. LMAO. -Chris

    • Hello Chris. I cannot give specific insight about your situation without doing a session. But often people use eggs in spellwork when they want to “throw” something on you. I would clean it up with Florida water, as well as, keep a protective charm in your car. I suggest doing the same for yourself. Maybe doing the egg cleansing to you and then putting up protection around your home. If you would like to set up a session we can discuss this in more detail. Shaheen

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