6 Tips for Manifesting Prosperity and Draw More Money

image.jpgEveryone can use a little prosperity magic in their lives, and it is something people ask me about often. Whether it is creating more money in your life, or attracting a specific amount of money… Activating your innate magnetic potential is the trick! 

Most of us feel icky when it comes to money… Having it, keeping it, getting it! And yes, money can be icky business. But it is not innately evil. For the most part our mindset of it is what taints money, and it’s flow. Not to say we don’t come up against hard times when it seems pretty fleeting (I that first hand)!

Explore what you believe about money.

What is it? Why does it come and go? Why do some people have more than others?

From there you can shift your point of attraction by shaking feelings of lack, pain, disappointment and there not being enough of it to go around… Because there is!

1. Live in a way that allows there to be a flow of money. Yes, you want to be mindful, and careful about how you use your money. But you cannot attraction prosperity if you aren’t living in agreement with prosperity… Which at its core is FLOW!

2. Set an intention that you are always receiving money. Every dollar you spend is a dollar coming back to you. When you pay someone you are exchanging energy, and you are setting an intention that someone will also pay you for something… Isn’t that exciting!

3. Place your attention on being in the flow. One of the best ways is to not get caught up in how money will come to you. We often believe that the only way to make money is through our “day-job” but that is not true at all! Money can come from anywhere at anytime…

4. It is bigger than money… It is prosperity and abundance. If you need something that you believe you can only get with money, and you believe that money can only come in one way… Then you have closed the door on so many new avenues.

5. If you expect money, prosperity and abundance to come to you… You have to add to the big, cosmic flow of money… Which means buying, spending and sharing. Invest in people, and things that you want, need and believe in. So go out and buy something that you want from someone that you respect and admire… Which includes tipping people when you have you morning cup of coffee, or when you are out for dinner.

6. When money and opportunities seem scarce don’t shrink in fear that you won’t have enough or things won’t work out. You are literally consticting your aura, and creating a wall that prosperous energy cannot penetrate.

A Simple Money Spell

I love manifesting and working my intentions by getting my hands dirty… Which means that I like to use tools. Candles, botanicals, crystals, prayers to help me manifest. Again, this creates a point of attention for your intention. 

Symbolic gestures activate our inner flow, and helps us to move energy. You can view it however you like… A spell, prayers, intention, ritual… Whatever it is you are helping to raise, and move the energy which you need to bring about change. And working with tools, objects and curios is the best way to make it happen!

One of my favorite tricks candle work. Candles have long been regarded as magical tool because it helps us to concentrate, focus and see our intention in the phsyical world. Firelight has a mystical quality that awakens our innate sense of wonder, mystic and magic.

Check Out: How to Manifest Dreams and Intentions with Candles 

Gather together: 

A candle (one large candle that can burn several days, one candle for a number of days (I like 7) or just one candle that you can burn till the end.

Some pumpin pie spice which usually has cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, all spice and cloves in it… All of which are traditional spices for attracting abundance, money, and creating fast change.

Some basil which is a great herb for banishing negativity and creating general good energy.

Honey a great tool for creating sticky, sweet, attraction energy!

Set an intention by creating an affirmation or phrases: 

I activate my flow to bring me infinite opportunity to make money, and draw in prosperity, now!

Or,  I activate my flow to bring me (x amount of needed money) in infinite ways, now!

Take your candles and hold them while you repeat your affirmation. Fill them with as much feeling of abundance, flow and prosperity you can. See it in your mind if you would like. Let your whole body vibrate with this powerful affirmation. 

Roll the candles, or drizzle them with the honey. This will help create an energy of attraction, and it will be a “glue” to make the botanicals stick!

Then sprinkle the pumpkin pie spice and the basil on the candles so that they stick to, and cover the honey.

Each day light your candle(s) and repeat the affirmation! 

As I stated before, you can use one candle each day to represent your intention, or even the amount of money you would like to attract. or you can use one candle that is lit over a number of days. I like to do seven days, or 3 if I can. If you are in a pinch, then do one candle, on one day!

Let the candle burn down, and then get out of the way and let the money come in! 

Remember, you do not have to imagine/figure-out/speculate on where the money will come from, how it will get to you… Or if it needs to be cash money at all! The Universe will figure it out!

This is just one, simple, non-denominational way of helping to manifest an intention. It is only as powerful as you allow it to be. The spices have a vibration that helps to mingle with your own intention to bring about change. Your allowance of that change is key! 

Do you have any tips or tricks for manifesting abundance and prosperity?

Do you have any questions or comments?

I love hearing from you…

Stay cosmic, stay mystical… And stay empowered!

© Shaheen Miro

6 thoughts on “6 Tips for Manifesting Prosperity and Draw More Money

    • Great question! Use a candle that makes you think money, prosperity and abundance. Gold is wonderful, green is also a good choice. White is great for anything… And I often use the candles shown which are natural bees wax candles.

  1. I have a green candle but it’s in a jar it will go probably for at least 3 or 7 days but I can’t roll the ingredients can i put it on top of inside candle

    • Hello Debra. Thank you for asking such a great question. Yes, you can add the ingredients to the top of your candle. You want to grind them to a very fine powder, and add just a pinch around the inside of the glass away from the wick. You can also place the jar candle ontop of a plate and add the ingredients around the base of the candle… Then gather them into a little muslin bag afterwards and keep as a talisman for prosperity. Shaheen

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