6 Tips for a Successful & Empowering Intuitive Reading

Shaheen Miro


A successful reading is always the goal. In my opinion as successful reading is one that leaves you feeling open, filled with insight, and empowered to step forward with curiosity and in control of your magic. Sitting with a reader is a step into discovery… but the reader is only the storyteller, they share the information that comes through. How you receive that information, and what you do with it is completely in your hands! 

When you come to sit for an intuitive reading (regardless of the method) you are making a conscious decision to partner with the reader to reveal and explore your world, inside and out. This partnership means that you must participate. No, you do not have to come to a reading and spill your life story before the session begins… but, you should be open to the experience completely ready to see, hear and explore the…

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