3 Ways to Heal Your Pain by Facing It

Shaheen Miro

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 7.27.22 PM

Finding your place of power begins by locating your point of pain and resistance. Your healing cannot begin without knowing what hurts, and why. Stepping deep into your pain takes bravery and observance. You must suspend the need to judge before exploring, or turn away before really seeing. Which of course is never an easy task!

Who wants to look at their pain when turning the other way seems much easier? But the pain always crops up again. It will rear its head when you least expect it! Often times, stronger and more tenacious than before.

I have an optimistic outlook. I like to focus on the positive, and look for the silver lining in every dark cloud. Which often is a gift in the darkest of times, but can easily lead me off course, sailing through torrent seas and into resistance… no land in sight, no ground to stand…

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