The Magic of Desire


Do you ever stop for a second to consider your feelings around what you desire?

Your feelings are the foundation of your creation. What you feel becomes the energetic drive that propels your life forward. Most of us are feeling in circles and creating a life of repeating cycles. Cycles that take us from high to low over and over again.

If you step back from what you want, hope, dream and desire… and deeply consider the motive you might find something of value.

First, the WHY. Why you want what you want says a lot about how you are investing your energy. Endeavor to feed your spirit before all else. If you desire something for the sake of approval, acceptance and recognition of someone else and that is in conflict with what truly makes you feel GOOD… then creation of your desire will become something constricting.

Second, consider the what. What you want might appear as one thing, and really underneath it all is something else entirely. If you focus on the feeling more than the outcome you will be delighted by the reality you create for yourself.

Let your desires be driven by a feeling that nourishes you. Then observe the flow and be in discovery.

The magic inside of you will take your desire + your feeling and begin creating a reality far bigger than you can imagine with your finite self.

That is magical living. Discovering miracles. Don’t you want to have more than your wildest dreams?

xoxo, Shaheen

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Desire

  1. You always seem to know exactly what to say I feel like you were talking to me in this article thank you again Shaheen much love and light and much gratitude

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