Seeds Waiting to Bloom

Shaheen Miro


“unravel me
a distant cord
on the outside is forgotten
a constant need…to get along
and the animal awakens
and all I feel is black and white”

-Sarah McLachlan 

I am a seed buried in the warm, loamy ground. The earth shakes and so I tremble in my shell. The skies rage and rain down threatening to wash me away. Yet, here I am coiled tight ready to break free. Animated with life, ready to push through the dark, into full bloom.

My most sincere prayer is to be a vessel of expression for truth, light and creation. Here we stand on this big, wild earth… fueled by life and death. Feeding on love and fear. We contribute with each action, and intention. Yet, we feel so small… underestimating the gravity of our own goodness.

Cast into life we are faced with obstacles and blessings. Always on the edge of…

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