Get Out of Limbo and Into Your Magic

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Asked if I would try
To leave this all behind
Halo round his head
Dreaming in our bed
In our bed, in our bed
It’s sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you say

-Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Sacrilege 


The past few weeks have been filled with personal soul shifts. I find myself wandering through the maze of my personal desire and how coherent I am being in my life, work and creative expression.

Moment to moment we find ways to be completely present, but as a whole it becomes easy to slip into anxiety and depression… pondering the pain of the past or ambling into the possibilities of the future. What interest me more is how I am showing up in all my dripping, magical glory to the disco happening right here, right now! 

My sincere intent is to dance to every song and feel every light burning on as the mirror-ball turns. Maybe it’s not my favorite jam, but I can find my rhythm in the song… do the dance, until the dance does me.

What the hell am I talking about?

I am talking about being in the present moment with whatever is before me, around me… and most importantly within me. My dreams, my desires, my fears and my fuck-ups. You cannot heal the pain or create the dream if you cannot be in the moment… with every part of yourself as it is. 

Changing the perspective is essential to become coherent and congruent with all our parts. If I am hitting the wall, losing my rhythm and finding myself in despair, then I know I have forgotten how big, magical and vibrant I really am (as we all are). And I’ve given into the small, paper-doll version of myself that thinks I am ONLY what I see right here right now… when really we are all far bigger, brighter and more luminous.

Get this… the state of your life right now is a holographic creation of the deeply held perspective within your consciousness. Before you start grappling with feelings of guilt and shame, let me stop you! No, you are not responsible for all the painful things you’ve been through or are going through. But you are responsible for how exactly you choose to receive them.

Do you take the beauty and the pain with open arms of perfect love and perfect trust?

If you can accept the fucked-up, just as much as you can accept the awesome… then you can begin to create magic in your life. Because you become present with the feeling and desire that wells up within you. You let the experience move you, inspire you, transform you…rather than control you.

If I feel contempt for an experience then I cut myself off from the opportunity to grow, thrive and become aligned with my spirit. Just like if you ignore pain in your body… a loud and clear message that something needs your attention… then you forgo the wellness that is on the other side of it. Usually this looks like a decline of vitality and a slipping into a worse situation.

Doesn’t sound fun does it?

But we ALL do it…all the time. 

Lets break it down simply!

You can’t change what you ignore or disregard.

If you do not like something then approach it with openness and find-out why it is there. Opposition creates more fragmentation. You give your power away when you step away from the present moment.

When I am dealing with something that is bring me down I sit with it… and ask myself: what part of me is this painful experience actually validating? Something in me wants it! Something in me is creating it or welcoming it. If it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be there. 

Once I become clear on exactly how I have conjured this present experience, then I can begin the work of choosing a new experience to create in my life. Great leaps begin from the present stance. 

What painful experience are you going through in your life?

What part of you wants that experience?

The pain is feeding a deep desire and simultaneously telling you that you are not paying attention to how you fit into the story. You are the creator, not the character. If you are honest with yourself the whole story shifts.

That’s all for now! Xox, Shaheen

© Shaheen Miro


2 thoughts on “Get Out of Limbo and Into Your Magic

  1. Well said, as always! This past week has been a true test of my patience, will-power, and finances, yet I’ve pressed on. I read this post from the beginning to end and then the end to beginning…making more sense of it in the end. I thank you for your honesty of life’s imperfections and yet potentials. -Jessica

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