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(Half-Hour Intuitive Consultations are via Phone or Email. After purchasing a session contact me, HERE)

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An Intuitive Consultation is generally a 30 minute session (1 hour is available). In that time I will access the energies surrounding you, giving you insight and information regarding key areas of your life… which can include past, present and future. A session is a way for you to see where you are on your path and where you are heading. The ultimate goal of a session is to measure what you want to be manifesting in your life, and how you are meeting those goals.

It is important that you understand that the future is fluid, constantly changing and fluctuating with each thought, idea, feeling and experience. Through a reading I hope to empower you to become conscious of what you are manifesting in your life, so that you may make your goals and dreams come true. The very act of getting a reading can become a catalyst for change and transformation on your part.

Remember that during a session, the more open you are the more information can come through. We are accessing your energy and you alone hold the key to that area… it is only with your permission that I can access that information. During a reading we are creating a partnership, and essentially piecing a puzzle together. The information I receive has no meaning to me… as it is yours.

Keep in mind:

  • A consultation is NOT a substitute for medical, psychological, or financial advice, seek out a doctor or an appropriate professional if you have a concern about something.
  • This is a spiritual and creative meeting, so each reading will be unique to the person being read. With that said, I am not reliable for any actions you take after your reading. A session is only a stepping off point for you.
  • Legally.. A reading is for “Entertainment Purposes only”. I am not responsible for what you do with the information or how you act upon it.
  • You are responsible for payment of a reading and all payments must be paid prior to the session. Phone readings must be paid through PayPal.
  • You must inquire about a reading at least 24 hours in advance (48 is more reasonable) and agree upon a day and time for us to speak. DO NOT assume that I will read for you within a few hours of contacting me. If I am able to that is wonderful, but be mindful of my time and schedule an appointment like you would with any other professional. 
  • Punctuality is of the utmost importance with a session, as I have many clients. You are responsible for the time allotted. If you are late to a session then we will have to shorten your time to accommodate the next clients session (but you are still responsible for the full payment of the time scheduled). If you need to cancel or reschedule, please respect my time, and do it 24 hours in advance (Unless it is an emergency).
  • A good rule of thumb for time between sessions is 3 months, unless something major happens and you want to check in.
  • I have the right to deny a reading to anyone.
Contact for a session either in person or via phone (skype or email).


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  2. I am ready for a reading whenever you have the time. Usually Tues between 9-12 am or Thurs 2-5 pm Ca time, works best.

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