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Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.46.14 PMShaheen is an Intuitive Consultant, Energy Worker, Artist, Writer, and Spiritual Nomad. Through Intuitive guidance, and spiritual cleansing techniques Shaheen helps people transform their lives, concisely manifest their reality, and connect with their spirit. Everyone has a purpose, and a creative path to follow all it takes is a step in the right direction.

Shaheen offers inspired writing, and services to help people connect with the magic that is alive in the Universe. Life isn’t always easy, but we can learn to find our rhythm, and move in tandem with Spirit. As a spiritual nomad, Shaheen gathers together techniques, and teachings from many spiritual traditions to give you a powerful, and transformative perspective that can empower your life, and help mend your points of pain.

If you find that you need help along the way, no matter where you are, contact Shaheen for an Intuitive Consultation, or Spiritual Cleansing/Energy session. Join one of the many insightful talks, workshops, or conversations that Shaheen is hosting. Or confide in a one-on-one session of sacred transformation. Wherever you are in the world, Shaheen can work with you via phone, email, Skype, or in-person.

If you have found yourself at this place, then you have been guided here by your inner knowing, and the creative forces of the Universe. Trust in this process, and fall curious to the many morsels of wisdom and insight presented here. This is a sacred space meant for sharing, connecting, expressing and collaborating. Ask questions, comment on ideas, and connect with your gypsy soul.


42 thoughts on “About Shaheen

  1. Hey there, it’s been a while since we’ve spoken. When i read you were in London, i was so happy to hear that you were seeing the world, and that you’ll be going to NY next year. That’s so awesome!! Was the london time through your school?

    Do you only do phone readings nights and weekends now? Having a 2 yr old makes that impossible for me but I’m in no rush…just wondering for the future. I’m doing well now and feel like I’ve returned to normal life again, thank god. Every time i try to go to your website through your email, i get an error page. Is that because you use flash? I’m always on my ipad or iphone, which don’t support flash.

    Those tarot cards you show on your blog are so great…like little pieces of art. Where did you get them?
    Hope you are well:)

    • Nicole,

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. So good to hear from you. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and that life is starting to get back to normal. I know your son is keeping you on your toes, but make sure you are taking good care of yourself. As for readings, my schedule just depends on the week and what is going on in it. I can do readings as early as about 3:30 my time which would be around 12:30 your time…. or Fridays I am open to any time if nothing else happens to be scheduled that day. Let me know when you are interested.

      As for me I am enjoying life, though at times I really need a break from school. I was in London for 3 months working with a small, independent designer basically being an assistant designer to her company… I learned a ton and really had my hand in every part of her operation. Now I will be going to NYC for 3 months to work at another company designing. This is all part of the program I am in, we spend part of our year in school and the other part we spend working in a field related “co-op”. Can’t wait for NYC 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon… All the best… Shaheen

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. I always appreciate it when someone does this as, like today, it leads me to fine new blogs to read.
    All the best, Sharyn from Quirkeries

    • Thank you for your kind comment. It’s wonderful to connect with like minded people to inspire new thoughts and ideas. I look forward to reading more of your work…


  3. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow me. I read your Ace of diamonds story, and it sounds like we both love the magic of “random” numbers. Intuition is where it’s at. 🙂 Sending blessings your way and a Light for your path.

    In the Son’s name,


    • Dear Naomi,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Intuition is such a powerful, yet simple tool for us to use. As a designer/artist I think intuition is essential for tapping into creativity and filling in the blanks.

      Keep making fantastic designs!!

      All the best!


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  5. Hi Shaheen,
    Just discovered your blog thanks to Brigit of Biddy Tarot and what a relief it is to find such f…, sorry, I stutter sometimes, I mean fine, wonderful blog as yours. I’m sure gonna be following it. (No doubt Rosie and AstroCop would love it too if they weren’t locked in the kitchen for God knows how long but hopefully long enough).

    • Hell Feralbulb,

      Thanks so much for you kind words! I’m glad you came to visit me here… I love a new face 😉 Biddy Tarot is such a great resource and I was happy to be asked to guest blog there. Do you blog as well?

      All the best!


  6. I just send you a request for an intuitive consultation! My name is Ginette and I just want to mention that I have 2 boys and I would like you to tell me about them too. One friend at work thalk to me about you yesterday’ I just can’t resist to contact you 🙂

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  13. Hello shaheen I’m involved with a transexual woman he drains my energy I wake up every morning to go to work I hate feeling drained how can I get a cleansing and protect myself

    • Hello Rosemary. There are a few things to consider. First pinpointing what you are giving your energy away to… a relationship, work, etc. That is draining you, and the only sure way to cleanse, and protect yourself is to detach from it. I can also suggest that you do some of the techniques presented here, and schedule an appointment for a cleansing session. This can be with me, or someone local. That outside help will give you more
      clarity and focus!

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  16. Hello Shaheen, I am thrilled at your website, this is really genuine reading, very few people understand the value of your insight and will like to know what is in store for me on the 16.November(my birthday) and how can I change my life, I want to be successful in my life… please share, Celeste

    • Hello Celeste, Thank you for your kindness. I am so happy that these words are touching someone out there in the Universe. That is my intent. I want to urge you to face your fears, and actually follow your bliss. What is your intuition urging you to do? there is a creative project you are wanting to complete… go for it!! If you want to set up a session please contact me!

      • Hello Isaac, You can find florida water online at Amazon, ebay, even easy, and other online stores. You can also find it at many hispanic markets. I am not sure where you are located, but that should help. I even sell a kit with a sacred sage bundle, and a bottle of florida water in it.

  17. I love your site! I just stumbled upon it tonight it’s really awesome all of your articles..I would really like to schedule a reading with you soon I really need one!

      • Hi Shaheen I definitely will message you soon for the reading!…you know I did the egg cleaning you suggested and I also put an extra egg in a cup under the bed that was yesterday and now when I went to dispose it I found it cracked in the cup!! I was shocked wow! And I’ve been having really bad headaches lately…do you know what it means to find the egg cracked like that? Is it because I had something really bad on me?.. I’m still astonished about all this I replaced it with a new egg for the next couple days to see if it happens again

      • Hello Ruby, I look forward to doing a session with you. So glad you used the egg cleansing. I hesitate to say that something bad/negative is upon you… Since I haven’t been able to look at your situation first hand. But I would say that something of that nature means a lot of heavy energy has been pulled, or is being pulled from your aura. So I would definetly repeat the process. I hope that helps.

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