Intuitive Coaching Series


One-on-one coaching is a sacred partnership where you and I collaborate together to create change in your life. By stepping into sacred space during our time together you make a commitment to yourself.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Who I Work With

Committing to personal transformation means honoring your shadow… the unloved, unacknowledged, disowned facets of yourself that create pain and resistance. It also means growing your light by seeing, acknowledging and empowering your deepest desires, your intentions and the whispers of your soul.

I work with people who are ready and willing…

  • To go deep… even when it is uncomfortable.
  • To make peace with pain and fear.
  • To say good-bye to the worn-out parts.
  • To get clear about what they want and need.
  • To be intentional.
  • To commit radical gestures of self expression.
  • To own their place and power.
  • To tell their story.
  • To fall curious.
  • To discover their power.
  • To thrive in the big, wild world!

What We Will Do Together

Together you and I will create a sacred space where you are safe to be open, vulnerable and completely transparent. We will clarify your intention for doing this work by beginning where you are right now!

We begin right where you are in your life, your mind, body and spirit. You get the chance to tell your story as it stands right now. This is a brave chance to express what hangs over your head and heart.

From here we travel the line of your life to pinpoint where you are in resistance and where you are in flow. This means working backwards to acknowledge, mend and release the pain woven into your present narrative. And, work forward to sew new seeds of intention that consciously reflects the life you desire to create.

How I Approach this Work

Each session is a sacred environment to nourish and support you on your path. As we partner together to create change, and find clarity, you are invited to ask questions and share your personal stories. Your Illuminated Session is a sacred time for magic, and transformation.

With your permission and commitment to self-care and transformation I look into you, and your energetic story. Just hearing you tell your story allows me to tap into the undercurrent of your life where profound wisdom is found. I see, hear and feel psychic impressions that allow us to unpack your places of pain and resistance, so that you can move deeper into flow and ignite your magic.

  • I will share my psychic-intuitive impressions with you in a loving and supportive way.
  • I will walk you through guided visualizations and exercises that put you in-touch with your personal power and deepest wisdom.
  • I will work with you to move and clear blocked energy and set new intentions into motion.
  • I will help you write affirmations that directly connect to the transformation and empowerment you are working toward.
  • I will offer heart-centered insight and guidance around any questions or obstacles you are dealing with.
  • I will help you set goals that marry your intentions with supportive actions to create change. Intention + Action = CHANGE!
  • I will help you create a personal practice with exercise, supportive measures, and ceremony that furthers your transformation.
  • I will direct you to information that supports you between our sessions together.

How Will You Benefit from Personal Intuitive Coaching?

  • Gain Clarity about your life path. What is working and what isn’t.
  • Have loving support and guidance from an empathetic person in your life.
  • Gain accountability by showing up, and doing the big work!
  • Find ways to be present in your body, life and spirit.
  • Be heard and validated.
  • Hear what is in your head and heart in a way that benefits you.
  • Explore your spirit!!
  • Feel better. Feel alive. Feel magical. Make things happen!

Are You Ready to Commit to Your Personal Empowerment?

Our time together begins with a minimum 3-month commitment where we will meet for 1 Hour every Two weeks. You are committing to your personal growth and empowerment, which takes time, energy and action!

Remember: Intention + Action = CHANGE!

  • We will meet for 1 hour via phone or in-person if location allows.
  • For our first session you will receive a prompt page to clarify where you are, where you would like to be, and what is happening now!
  • Between each session you are welcomed to send updates on your journey.
  • You bring your full self to the table for us to partner together in this sacred space where inner transformation can begin, and trickle outward into all the areas of your life!
  • Our time together is safe, private and only between you and me.

Ready to begin?

Your 3-month commitment and investment: $800

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