Reflecting on the New Moon in Aries: Radical Gestures, Creative Potential and Stepping into the Dream Circle

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Can Tea Change Your Life?

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Long-Distance Readings

“You do readings over the phone?!”

“Yep, I sure do! And email!”

“How on earth does that work?”

It amuses me that people are baffled by phone and email readings! But at least they believe a reading can be done. That is a good first step. But why is it more believable that a reading can be done in person, but not long-distance?

I think people are quick to believe in an in-person reading because they can see it. They can see the cards, they can see your face, and they can touch something. They can respond and react with more than just their voice.

The disconnect is most people still don’t understand energy!

A reading is an energetic evaluation! When someone reads you, they are tapping into the energies that surround you. They are recounting your energetic story… the one that you are creating in your personal universe… which links up with the big Universe and makes things happen!

Even if a reader is using Tarot cards, or tealeaves, or palms, or runes… they are only tools. The tools are creating patterns based on energy, and the reader is interpreting those patterns.

And… energy has NO limitations. It isn’t bound by time and space. It doesn’t have to conform to gravity. Energy is anywhere and everywhere. A thought can be sent to the other side of the world instantly. A dream can bring two people together who have never met before. That is the magic of the unseen world!

So when you have a long distance reading… you may not be right there. But your energy is!

…so if you want a reading via phone or email… it will be just as magical as if you were sitting across from me 🙂


Understanding Intuition: Insight One

Everyone is intuitive. You were born that way. It is one of the most natural things you can do. We are spiritually based creatures, which means that it is essential for us to tap into our intuitive self. Everyone is capable of using intuition, are you willing to?

© Shaheen Miro 10/16/2012 

Understanding Intuition: Introduction

There is a paradigm shift happening throughout the world. As the old ideals dissolve and new ones begin to take there place, people seem to be looking inward more. More and more people are focusing on their own spirituality and their connection to divinity. With that comes questions about intuition.

I will begin posting a segment called, “Understanding Intuition”. Each insight will be a small morsel of information to help you better understand intuition, what it is, how it works, and how you can utilize it! I hope you keep in-touch and be sure to ask questions, make comments and share stories.

All the best!


© Shaheen Miro 10/16/2012