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3 Secrets for Weaving a Magical Life of Abundance and Possibility

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A State of Communion with the Sacred Light and Shadow for New Years Magic

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Curious to Dream

Here I am falling curious again. I’ve been pulling at a tiny thread to my dreams… and now it’s unraveling fast. I’ve always known that my dreams would sail if I practiced patience and positive thinking (which is f-ing difficult!). Starshine is elusive; you have to carry a certain feeling in your heart to catch it.

Waiting is deafening. The anticipation entangles you. You become fixed on the feeling of wanting… instead of placing your heart on the feeling of having. If you want to live that dream, you must carry the surreal feeling with you in everyday life.

This really is a matter of fact verses fiction. Many of us have convinced ourselves that dreams are ephemeral. That’s something you hear about in fairy stories… it will never happen to me. Talk about the antithesis to getting what you want! Dreams fall on those who are willing. You can’t catch raindrops, if you wont stick your tongue out.

Try living the dream before it’s even made an appearance.

There is this painful dichotomy that exist between what we want and what we need. We tell ourselves lies that we have to live in the real world, and relegate what we love to the realm of hobbies. Bullshit! You can do whatever you want. You can have your cake and eat it too… if you dare to do so!

Why not make your art your life, isn’t that the most trustworthy way to live?

So many of us believe that you have to be good little boys and girls… give your 40 hours a week to the cubicle gods, and then have fun on the weekends. We have to do what’s right… get college educations, wear suites and ties, carry brief cases. If not, then we’ll just be a bunch of starving artists… living on moonbeams and air!

This whole mindset just makes my skin crawl. We have to banish this nonsense. You have to rage against the “norms”. Fight your negative upbringing. Burn the hell out of those “tapes” that bog you down. If you want to make a change, live your dreams, and really be happy…do it!

Wake up everyday and just know that you are/will do what you love!

Try it out. See where it takes you. The magic is there, just waiting to be called on!

© Shaheen 2013

Understanding Intuition: Insight Twelve

You will question your intuition. You will worry that it’s all in your head, that you’re imagining things. Stay focused, keep your breathing steady, and always remain objective. Your intuition and your imagination are sister experiences. They work hand in hand to bring you insights. Just because something is imaginative, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. Imagination is symbolic language put into motion. Look at your impressions objectively. Read between the lines… that’s where wisdom lives.

©Shaheen Miro 2013 

Fire Light

Owner, Dudva.

We came here faithful and wild eyed. Looking for answers as the smoke made rings around their heads. They were forgotten angels, forged in the heat and pressure of another storm. Beyond your memory is hidden a history far greater than can be told in words.

I lit a candle, burned it for 3 days to heal the pain. The color was liquid red and hot like the sweat that ran down your face as I was leaving. You were begging for change, and yet I had changed long before you knew. Why do they forsake the ones they love?

So they sing. They sing as the dark falls around them. A gentle cloak of raven black. There you can hear the words being whispered to silhouettes of strangers. Faces of marionettes suspended from memories. Make me up how you want to. Make them believe I was nothing and you were everything.

He wanted badly to touch the heart of the mystery. A dangerous soul who would rage against the gods. Fire could rain down. Prayers couldn’t protect him. There’s not map to guide you as you slip away into your own misery. Mock them as you run. They will taunt you. We can still pray… even though prayers are useless now.

If I can wake up and breathe again. Does that mean none of it was real? I might just be another memory. She said the white doves are calling to us now. We can walk on the edge of what was, and what will be. We can dance with the dead to feel alive again. There’s no shame in burning a candle… even if it can’t drown out the night.

I whisper one more time before its over. I touch my lips gently to the flame. Kissing the fire. Another form of passing. Wind catches light and pushes it into oblivion. A fragile soul is lost to the dark again. Snuffed out. No more light. No more life. I hope the prayers still burn brightly on the other side.

© Shaheen Miro

Slipping into Darkness

Shadow is the means by which bodies display their form. The forms of bodies could not be understood in detail but for shadow.

-Leonardo da Vinci

Everyone has a subtle darkness that wraps around them like a soft, velvet cloak. This is your shadow, the part of you that is dark, rich and fertile. It is the place where we lock our fears and insecurities, your monsters and demons. You may fear the darkness, when really you should learn to touch it.

You feel strong when you keep your composure during hard times. You sigh with relief when you push through anger, fists and jaw clenched, as if you are bracing your self through an earthquake. It’s easy to avoid what feels terrifying, to avoid the unknown. But why do you fear your darkness? When did feeling become bad?

Did someone tell you that the dark is bad? Where you spooked as a child by the things that went bump in the night? The boogieman that lived under the bed? Sometime I think back to those times and wonder if maybe the boogieman was really a cool guy. He might be one of those types that carry a boom-box on his shoulder, blasting a good beat for anyone who’s brave enough to boogie! But you’ll never know. 

We spend so much time trying to avoid the difficult. I once had a writing professor tell me that, the best writing is when you write what you’re afraid of. I loved that concept. If you write what really challenges you, then you touch something more believable. A lot of characters come out when you are uncomfortable. You begin to slip into the in-between.

Sometimes I think it’s our need to control. You may fear that if you touch the darkness, you will fade like a drop in the ocean, into a strange land of eternal night… never to return again. But, why do you care? Maybe there’s really a great carnival ragging somewhere in the darkness, waiting for you to step through your shadow. But you’ll never know.

Some people get lost in their shadow. You can be consumed by your own darkness. Depression can clutch you like the fatal talons of a hawk and never let you go. Anger can burn you from the inside out. All of these lower emotions can eat away at you if you let them. People become prisoners of their darkness because they give all their power to their fears

Befriend the night. Marry your own darkness. Learn to dance with the chaos and the uncertainty. Learn to be with the unlovable parts of you. You can’t heal a wound if you are too afraid to look at it. If there is really a monster in the corner of your room, he isn’t leaving if you close your eyes. But you may find if you step out of the bed, walk right up to him and shake his hand… he could be a really good friend. You must be with your emotions, but not consumed by them.

We learn through opposition the strength of our character. You cant live in a vacuum. You have to take in the light and the dark, so that you can really see who you are. We are all the interplay of light and shadow… without one you can’t have the other; that’s balance.

There is an art to taking good photographs. A good photographer understands the play of light and darkness, and how to use both to their advantage to capture a spectacular photo. And as all good artist know, if you learn the rules you can break them.

Be bold, be brave and step out there and walk the middle ground. Let your darkness show you something you never knew before, or never wanted to know. If you let it consume you, you become numb, you lose passion, and without passion nothing can live.

Passion is the lifeblood of everything. Passion is the sun to the plants. Passion is the fire in the hearth. Passion is the love in the heart. Passion is an invisible force that lives inside of each thing and when you active that energy, like a spark, it springs to life and creates beauty. You cannot have passion if you cant feel. And you can’t feel if you are afraid to step into the unknown.

You may say, “Well how do I befriend my shadow?”  It’s simple, what are you afraid of? Go there. If you fear talking to strangers, take that feeling deeper and explore why. Maybe that’s why you’ve been unable to meet a partner. Maybe at your core you fear rejection. So take the power back, muster the strength and go talk to someone.

So you don’t know how to get past that anxiety. Leap before you think. In that in-between space is where passion lives. That is the instinctual part of you, devoid of ego and preconceived notions. You act from your center, where light and shadow come together like two great streams flowing into a river.

When I was in foundations drawing my freshman year, my professor made the class do a very interesting drawing exercise. He had all of us take out a sheet of paper, and a piece of charcoal. We covered the white paper in charcoal, until there was nothing but a thick darkness. And then he projected on the screen in front of us, abstract images, of black with small slices of white throughout.

We were instructed to copy the images exactly as it appeared, by erasing the charcoal from our page to allow slivers of white to peek through the black. The entire time we had no clue what we were doing, we just had to trust. It all looked like abstract shapes of black and white, of light and shadow, woven together.

Once we got to the last slide, sculpting away at our page, as instructed, he asked us to stop and look at the page before us for a few seconds. I felt defeated because all I saw before me was a jumbled mess. Then he asked us to rotate the page, until finally he said stop. The orientation was changed, and so was the image before me.

We held the pages back and looked at them with new eyes, and on the page was an entire drawing of a man crouched over, holding a skull in his hand. I didn’t even see the figure before, and I was the person who drew it. It went from an abstract, collection of shapes and shadows, to a cohesive drawing in a few flips.

My mind was blown. I felt enlightened. I proceeded with a little trepidation, but mustered the bravery to see it through to the end. It paid off. I trusted the unknown, wrestled my fears of not being able to create something that made sense and I let the dark instruct me.

Live your life this way. Learn to look at things upside down and right side up, sideways and backwards. Shake the hand of your fears. Keep your composure, but don’t grow numb to the feelings. Remain passionate! The dark is a fertile, limitless place; it is the womb of creation. There are thoughts, ideas and inspirations that live there, if you are brave enough to open the door and step in.

My shadow is layers of stain glass fragments, the play of light and darkness, casting rainbows of color into my soul.

-Shaheen Miro

© Shaheen Miro 6/25/2012 (Images are not mine.)

Dance to the Finish Line

You see it, beautiful, shinning and vibrant. It glows in the distance, that thing you want, that dream, that goal. It can be anything. A person, maybe, a job, or a certain opportunity. Whatever that glowing diamond may be… you want it. You chase it. It’s all you can see.

We build our lives around ideas about what we want. The outcome becomes the prize and you stop at nothing to get there. You speed through everything, just trying to get to that thing that calls to you. But do you realize what you are missing along the way.

I am extremely impatient at times. I want something and I want it now. I have learned that things happen in their own time, we just need to show up and be aware when that time comes. But still there is a desire to push and push and try to force things to happen.

This tunnel vision can make you miss all the beautiful things you experience along the way. It’s more about the journey, than it is the goal. You have to take it all in, you may end up somewhere different than you had planned, but that may be even better. It’s about learning to dance with life.

I’ve felt this way before, and I’m sure I will feel it again, but I have to remind myself that as all these goals and dreams surround me… I have to be patient… work toward them and remain aware of ever step of the way.

This summer I am working on developing my own collection, which is extremely exciting for me and gives me the chance to really channel some of my ideas into life. On top of that I am running some other ideas through my head and trying to set things into motion.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated because I don’t know what the first step I should take is. Whenever I feel like that I know I am resisting the journey and trying to skip to the end. I have to stop myself, ground and center and open my eyes.

I think the first step is acknowledging the desire, tipping off the Universe about what you want to attain. Then I think you must meet the Universe half way… linking into the rhythm. That’s where the magic happens. When you are really grooving to a song, you don’t worry about the middle or the end. You just dance! You feel the beat and you move with the changes… by the end of the song you’ve taken it all in… sexier than ever before!

I am learning to dance with my ideas. I am learning to be patient and really see every nuance of beauty in what I’m doing. This awareness leads you to new markers on the map of your goal, which in turn leads you to another, until you’ve arrived at the end… and then the process begins again.

To the Gypsies,


© Shaheen Miro