Fire Light

Owner, Dudva.

We came here faithful and wild eyed. Looking for answers as the smoke made rings around their heads. They were forgotten angels, forged in the heat and pressure of another storm. Beyond your memory is hidden a history far greater than can be told in words.

I lit a candle, burned it for 3 days to heal the pain. The color was liquid red and hot like the sweat that ran down your face as I was leaving. You were begging for change, and yet I had changed long before you knew. Why do they forsake the ones they love?

So they sing. They sing as the dark falls around them. A gentle cloak of raven black. There you can hear the words being whispered to silhouettes of strangers. Faces of marionettes suspended from memories. Make me up how you want to. Make them believe I was nothing and you were everything.

He wanted badly to touch the heart of the mystery. A dangerous soul who would rage against the gods. Fire could rain down. Prayers couldn’t protect him. There’s not map to guide you as you slip away into your own misery. Mock them as you run. They will taunt you. We can still pray… even though prayers are useless now.

If I can wake up and breathe again. Does that mean none of it was real? I might just be another memory. She said the white doves are calling to us now. We can walk on the edge of what was, and what will be. We can dance with the dead to feel alive again. There’s no shame in burning a candle… even if it can’t drown out the night.

I whisper one more time before its over. I touch my lips gently to the flame. Kissing the fire. Another form of passing. Wind catches light and pushes it into oblivion. A fragile soul is lost to the dark again. Snuffed out. No more light. No more life. I hope the prayers still burn brightly on the other side.

© Shaheen Miro

Finding Sanctuary

The space you live in is part of your spirit…. the dust and clutter, the random knickknacks and nostalgia. It holds meaning and symbolism. Your space is a reflection of you, of your inner workings. I thrive off spaces… atmosphere, texture and color are so instrumental in my creativity. I look around my house and I see myself in living color.

It fascinates me how certain objects speak to me. It’s not a materialistic perspective… I can live without these things, but they give me a reference point to what is happening inside. I find myself rearranging my space as I rearrange my thoughts. I throw things away when I am getting rid of the old. I only want what speaks to me.

We are all seeking some form of sanctuary. You may not be able to make your entire house a warm and cozy place for meditation and inspiration… but you should at least have a corner or wall or room dedicated to your inner world. When you see the things you love, you bring in more of that. Claiming your space is an affirmation that you are taking ownership of your life.

People who know me well… know two things: One, being that I am a neat freak and two, being that I have a scarf on every surface. I love to cleaning my space because it makes me feel like I am organizing my energy, my thoughts and my feelings. I pick and choose what pictures, statues and scarves adorn my space because they all radiate something powerful and passionate.

My best friend told me once that I have a knack for putting things where they are meant to go. I thought that was interesting. I don’t know If ever really think about it. I sort of let the room tell me how it wants to look. I like to let the space speak to me. It’s a powerful process, but once I am settled in a space I feel empowered. It’s a sacred energy point to me… where I thrive and grow and live. Magic happens in these walls.

I want you to remember that you need a sanctuary. You will feel more alive. I promise, you will feel more in control. Whenever I travel I throw a few extra scarves in my suitcase so that I can drape them around my hotel room or temporary residence. It is my way of connecting with the space.

When you have extra time declutter. Look around and ask yourself, “Do I need this? Have I really been using this? Does this reflect me anymore?“. Get rid of the things you no longer need. Or pack it away. This is all about gathering and directing energy. If you are conscious of your space you will become more conscious of what you’re manifesting in your life.

There is a powerful and sacred energy that permeates the walls of a person who is conscious of what they bring in and out of their homes. You will notice that when a person is feeling frazzled or scattered their home is a direct reflection of that. Your space is an extension of you. If you want to make changes in your life… start with the interior of your home and as you clean and declutter and redecorate you will be doing the same on the inside. It’s a psychological and energetic process like no other.

Take it a step further and begin spiritual cleaning your space by burning a sage smudge, sprinkling blessed water and/or lighting white candles. Daily spiritual and creative acts within a space, will add to the aura of “good-vibes”. Find ways to fall in love with where you live… it will change many other areas of your life!!

To the gypsies,


© Shaheen Miro 5/4/2012