Tarotscopes: January 2015

Tarotscopes: January 2015 with the Motherpeace Round Tarot

The start of the New Year brings with it new projects and adventures. Many things have been brewing in my world, and I am so excited to share these things with you as 2015 unfolds. My New Years gift to you is a monthly Tarotscope!

The Monthly Tarotscope will bring you an insightful message based on your zodiac sign, and a card that I pull for each sign specifically. Much like a traditional horoscope, your Tarotscope will give you guidance, and direction for the month ahead, and offer you some intuitive prompting as you set your intentions for the month.

To add another level of insight to your Monthly Tarotscope read your Sun sign, Moon sign, and your Rising sign. This will give you more information, and further flesh out your reading.

With your Tarotscope you may find added information such as crystals to use, ceremonies to perform, prompts to use, and affirmations.

I hope you enjoy!

Aries March 21-April 19

3 of Discs

Settle into the New Year with focus and intention. This is a powerful time of manifestation, and your energy is called to more industrious efforts. Focus on self-propelled ideas such as creative projects, or business. Especially if you’ve had an idea on your mind throughout the past few months, or even the last year… now is the time to give that idea life! Do not stop creating the things you want, be tenacious, set goals and work toward them. Tap into your resources, especially friends, and specialized groups.


Taurus April 20-May 20

8 of Discs

Now is the time to hone your abilities, and skills. What has caught your interest? What are you craving to learn? Begin there. Buy yourself a book. Take a class. Meet with an expert. This is the perfect time to move to the next level with your interest. You have the opportunity to take this to the next level; it no longer has to be a hobby. It all begins with you, and your willingness to believe in yourself.


Gemini May 21-June 21


Gemini, this is a very powerful time for you! Be prepared for this period of metamorphosis. You are shedding layers, releasing and purging the old. Allow yourself to let go of the worn-out ideas, and faces of yourself. A new you is beginning to emerge. Stand strong, as change brings about chaos. Things may feel in flux for some time, but know this is a true blessing that brings you closer to what feeds your spirit. Things will settle as we move into February.


Cancer June 21-July 22

Son of Swords

As January settles in you will find yourself over thinking your next steps. This can be a difficult place for you, as your emotions tend to get very involved in your thoughts. Remain objective with yourself, as this will lessen the feelings of anxiety. Feel secure in your ability to make major decisions, but do not rush yourself into anything. There is no need to feel time urgency. Big decisions can wait, and if opportunities “pass you up”, then they were not meant to be!


Leo July 23-August 22

Ace of Swords

Gather your energy, and strength, and forge ahead. The sharp, and focused energy of the Swords is at your disposal. Tap into inner fire and channel that into something special. As this time doors will open. Unexpected opportunities will be presented to you. The right people will wander into your path. Your task is to pay attention, and use this potential for your highest good!


Virgo August 23-September 22

5 of Discs

Virgo take pleasure in the simple things. Now is the time to enjoy the small, mundane tasks. As you go through your daily routine, washing your face, making your cup of coffee, and doing your dishes… look at it from a different perspective. These aren’t idle moments; these are special glimpses into your inner world. Let them become meditations allowing you to access the wisdom that lives inside of you. This simplicity will keep your grounded and centered for the coming months.


Libra September 23-October 22

Ace of Wands

You are blooming, unfolding, cracking open into life! January brings with it a new outlook and perspective. You have felt disinterested the last half of the year, but with 2015 comes a fire that novitiates you to wrap up loose ends, and move into new arenas. Especially trust in your ideas right now, and share them with others. You will be recognized for your growing magnetism.


Scorpio October 23-November 21

5 of Cups

We seldom see the softer side of Scorpio, but here it is. Your emotions are clinging toward the past, and you find yourself very nostalgic, and unable to let something go. Be with this feeling until it begins to subside. Don’t dwell, but befriend. When something weighs heavy on our hearts and minds it is meant to teach us something. Ask this feeling… what wisdom do you have for me? And listen. You actually have to listen now!


Sagittarius November 22-December 21

9 of Cups

Congratulations my friend… this is the wishes come true card. You have basically won the lottery. You are pulling into your life all the things you wish and desire. The secret is to put your thoughts and desires into things that make you happy. Remember your thoughts dictate your circumstance. Treat yourself, give yourself a spa day, relax and unwind. The more fluid you are, the easier blessings can flow into your life!


Capricorn December 22-January 19

6 of Swords

Your vision and perspective are becoming clear. Keep yourself in a space of openness, acceptance and gratitude. Your worries and concerns will begin to dissipate, and with this shift brings a keen sense of focus. Find what speaks to you, and link yourself into it. This is the perfect time to reach out to a group, or organization that supports your interest.


Aquarius January 20-February 18

Priestess of Wands

Aquarius, you are always beautiful and mysterious. Embrace your mystical energy, and use it to your benefit. You may find yourself feeling a bit shadowy, and confused, but let me assure you that the answers you seek are right in front of you. You have the power to make things happen. Set your mind to it, speak it into life, and let it be so. And don’t be afraid to treat your self!


Pisces February 19-March 20

The Temperance

Embrace yourself in your present state because you are finding equilibrium. Movement will bring you balance. Be open to your intuition, and listen as it gently guides you. Dance, and yoga are two wonderful ways for you stay grounded and centered. Make time for movement, and before you begin your practice set an intention and ask for clarity. Your ability to be flexible hints at your openness to life.

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© Shaheen Miro 2015

Touching the Divine: Praying With Tarot

Prayer is touching the Divine with reverence…giving your hopes, fears and dreams to the Divine, and then listening. Most people pray daily, whether or not it’s a sacred solemn hour of prayer or quick “note to God” in the car… most people pray! But what they don’t do is listen.

When you pray you must listen, and not only listen but also find the heart of your prayer! Most prayers are superficial, not to say they come from a superficial place, but most prayers only touch the surface of what is really stifling a person. You must explore the depth of what you are asking for.

Have you ever thought about praying with Tarot? The cards are a language for you to communicate with the Universe. So why not touch the Divine by praying with the Tarot? The beauty here is that you create a dialogue with the Universe. You pray and the Universe speaks.

Passivity in prayer is a downfall. The Universe asks you to be a co-creator in your reality. You aren’t a helpless puppet falling prey to the whim sand fancy of some person in the sky! You are a vibrant, energetic being, casting beautiful rays into the world! You are DIVINE! You must pray like you are divine!

Prayer is a partnership! Pray as a creator. Pray and listen. Pray and communicate! Don’t pray like you are entitled… or helpless! There are those moments when you feel you are breaking, when in desperation you have to call out to the creator and beg for salvation. It’s human nature to reach out in our darkest hour… when we see nothing before us. Even in those moments of despair your must learn to listen. To ask for the answers and listen.

When I pray with Tarot I come to the moment as if I am meeting an old, wise friend. I open my heart and mind. I allow myself to be moved by wonder. I hold my cards in my hand. I call out to the Divine with prayer. Then, I let the Divine speak back through the cards. I ask and listen. I question. Moving closer to the heart of my need.

Do not just open the door with prayer; use Tarot to invite the wisdom of the Universe and your guides in. Tarot is a bridge for you to communicate with the Universe… and your soul.

Take an active approach. Instead of asking to receive something, pray by asking questions.

You may call out to the Divine begging for a romantic partner, “I am lonely, please, bring me someone I can love!” Take a different approach, instead of making a request; probe deeper, 

Say, “Help me to see the source of my loneliness.”

Now pull 3 cards. What do you see? What clarity did the cards bring? Did your perspective change? Is it a romantic partner that you need to ease your loneliness? Or is there something else? What block has stifled you?

Respond back. Pull a card that represents your response. This is a symbolic gesture that you’ve heard the Universe. Reiterate to the Universe what you’ve discovered by asking!

Maybe you choose the 3 of Cups because you realize now that you need to celebrate your life, appreciate your circle of friends, and enjoy being spontaneous.

Continue your dialogue. Poke and prod. Go deeper. Ask more questions. There is no limit to what you can ask. There are no stupid questions. The more you ask, the more you understand. Clarity is the essence of prayer.

Next you could ask, “What can I do to ease my loneliness?” or “How can I move forward now that I understand the source of my loneliness?”

As with a reading, the better the question, the more specific the question, the clearer the answer.

Dig to the roots of your prayer. Change = Shifting energy. You must understand the source of the “problem” before you can change it. I’m reminded of Rumpelstiltskin… if you know the true name of a thing you have power over it!

So what cards come up? What is your next step? Your situation should be clearer.

Next you can layout your path. This is the way you wish to move forward. The Universe does not require specific instructions. Layout your intended path with the cards… the Universe will workout the details. Ask yourself how you want the energy to flow? What feels good?

Place at least 3 cards down in a line. These are your stepping-stones. Lay them out, contemplating how they reflect the shift you are making. This is a visual representation of your shift. Take a photograph of these cards… refer back to them.

You can ask the Universe to respond to your “proposed” path. Asking, “Does this path align with my prayer?”

Trust yourself! Trust what feels good! You are having a Q&A with the Universe. You are engaging with your destiny! Own your destiny! Consciously manifest.

Do you feel empowered now? Does it feel different to be involved in your prayer? Do you enjoy this approach?

The Universe likes partnership. This approach helps you shift energy. No more dumping a load of request in the lap of the Divine. You are becoming active. Shifting energy is the key to affective prayer!!

You can utter a million beautiful words while knelling in the darkness at your bedside… but unless you know the heart of what you are asking… unless you are willing to make a change and take responsibility…  there isn’t much that can be done.


© Shaheen Miro 2013



Understanding Intuition: Insight Ten

Dial the Universe daily! Every few hours, especially upon waking and before bed, stop for a few moments and breathe. Start to feel yourself sinking into the ground, settling into your skin and bones. Let the rhythm of your breath and the beating of your heart lull you into a trance. In that sacred space of peace and clam begin listening. Your intuition will begin speaking to you. Here is where you meet the Universe for a two-way conversation!

© Shaheen Miro 2013

Fortunate Leaves: Fourth Study

securedownload-1Bundled-up at my desk this evening I enjoyed a delicious cup of Earl Gray tea from a local vendor. My cup was in honor of Reena who wanted to know if she would be a successful Tarot card reader.

I cleared my mind and began to breathe the scent of Earl Gray deeply. It tantalized my senses. I intently repeated Reena’s question, asking the Universe to give guidance on her path as a Tarot reader.

Peeping into her cup to gain glimpses of insight, I was met by some wildly fascinating characters. Starting from the bottom my vision spiraled around looking over what appeared in black inky blobs against the contrasting white. One symbol led to the next, creating strands of meanings.

securedownloadIn the very bottom appeared a small key, next to a roosting hen. Though I often suggest looking at the most prominent symbols that form in the cup because they are the most important, the smaller ones added to the overall story of Reen’s question.

The key next to the roosting hen is an indicator to me that her skill as a Tarot reader has been with her for a while. She was introduced to the cards, or at least to the psychic world sometime ago, possibly when she was younger. I get the impression that she may have even inherited some psychic abilities from her mother.

Moving to the next symbols in the progression was a Chinese lucky dragon. He was in the bottom (past) of the cup, with a tail that trailed into the middle (present). Lucky dragons are signs of protection, power and success. I believe that Reena took a break from Tarot for a bit of time. Maybe this was by choice. But the dragon indicates that she is being guided to do readings, and by listening her intuition she will find success.

The lucky dragon is also the sign of spiritual guidance. Reena, have you felt drawn to take specific steps toward your Tarot practice? This is a go ahead from your guides to do what feels right. This is also an indicator that her ancestors are communicating with her in spirit.

Next we have the crayfish/lobster. He was tenaciously crawling from the past into the present further highlighting his message as a symbol of emergence. The lobster is a sure sign that there is a sense of awakening happening now. More psychic experiences are the result of meditation and contemplation.

The lobster is urging you, Reena, to stay spiritually protected. I sense a little fear about doing readings. Are you worried that by reading Tarot you will open up to something bigger, or dangerous? Keep putting up your white light. And, wear blue or burn blue candles while doing readings.

Lastly, we find a gong in the future portion of the cup. Next to the Gong appears a diamond (a symbols of success). The gong is a beautiful symbol because it represents success and power. But it also shows a strong connection to sound. I believe that Reena’s Tarot reading will benefit from her learning to trust her clairaudience (psychic hearing).

Many used the gong, as a way of spiritually cleansing people believed that the sound could expel demons. It was also believed the gong could help you communicate with ghost. I see this as a sign to spiritually cleanse yourself, and also to listen to your spirit guides and ancestors. You are clearly clairaudient, Reena! Especially seeing the gong plus the lucky dragon!

Reena, I think your cup definitely indicates the potential for you to be successful as a Tarot card reader. It also offers suggestions for how to gain the success you want! I think this year has a lot of exciting things in store for your practice :-)

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback! What do you see in her cup? What message do you perceive?


© Shaheen Miro 2013

spiritual message for the holiday weekend 12/24/2011

I know that this can be a difficult time of year and this weekend will be jam packed with people, events, stress and fun… so a here is a little insight and inspiration, a little present from the Universe. I hope all of you are well and Happy Holidays.

© Shaheen Miro 12/24/2011

I Want To Fly Through The World In A Golden Ball

It’s almost time for me to head to London for my 10-week stay and I am so excited! Part of me is a little nervous because it is such a new experience for me. This will be the first time in my life that I have been on such a freeing and independent trip, but that to me is the magical part of it.

I know that there is something mystical about this trip; it is going to be an alchemical experience. Something within me is going to come alive; the light is going to shine a little brighter. A powerful time of inspiration for me… I know there I will meet my muse.

I want to also show my appreciation for all of those who have helped make this trip happen. I continue to get people asking if they can make any kind of donation or something toward my London experience… such amazing people seem to fill my life. To answer a lot of people’s questions all at once, if you would like to contribute to my trip you can visit my website shaheenmiroinsights.com and hit the “Tip” button under the consultations page. There you can add whatever funds you would like. Again I am filled with gratitude… all of you have been so kind.

Every bit helps and I appreciate it… whether it is a kind word or a bit of advice, it touches my heart that you have taken the time to add something special to this experience that means so much to me.

I hope to hear from all of you soon… I want you to go on an adventure this summer too, live your spirit, tell your story and find something that makes you feel alive.

I love your Gypsy Souls,


Poets, Legends, Priest of Nothing

I think everyone needs someone or thing that keeps them inspired and really motivates them to follow their dreams. That person for me is Stevie Nicks. She is one of the many magical, fairy Godmothers that I look up to in my life and she has been for a very long time.

Her timeless, mystical and emotive persona has become something very familiar to me over the years. As a little kid I can remember being totally enthralled by her songs and thinking how she so eloquently put into words the things that live in my imagination and spirit.

The many songs that she has penned and performed solo and as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac have become staples on my ipod and they have been the energy behind so many journal entries, projects and writing of my own.

I’ve known my entire life that I came here to be a storyteller. I tell stories with my cards, I tell stories with my garments, I tell stories with my poems and songs. Ms. Nicks has given me the courage to embrace my place as a storyteller.

So let me ask, “What story are you telling? ”


Stevie Nicks has been pulling us into her little world since the 70s and decade after decade she has given us wonderful music.

Here is my favorite version of Edge of Seventeen… such a dark and moody song that really energizes me.

And here is a wonderful song from her MUST HAVE new album IN YOUR DREAMS! Its called Annabel Lee, from the poem by Edgar Allen Poe.