Happy Friday the 13th and Full Moon

Today is Friday the 13th, and it’s also a Full Moon! So powerful. The energy in the air is powerful and transformative. Take the time to bring wishes into your life. Light a black candle and focus your intentions into the flame.

Know that this mystical energy is alive, and crackling in the atmosphere.


© Shaheen Miro 2014

The Gypsy Talks: Energy June 21

Do you realize you’re always telling an energetic story?

That energetic story is narrated by your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and fears. It dictates the atmosphere of your life. The things you are bring in and pushing out. The energetic story you are telling may not be the one you want to tell.

This could be the cause of unhappiness, failed ventures, and lack of motivation, or love… or whatever else you keep reaching for, but never get your hands on.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to manifest the life you want?

When you know your energetic story, you can consciously create the things you desire.

The Gypsy Talks: Energy will cover 3 areas

  1. What energetic story are you telling?
  2. How can you clear blocks of energy?
  3. How can you direct energy to get what you want?

We will discuss how your thinking is adding or taking away from your awesome life! How to perform spiritual cleansing and protection to clear the slate of negative energy. And, we will talk about techniques such as a vision board for manifestation, and a few other morsels of magical stuff!

We will discuss these key areas as a group, and allow space for questions to be asked!


June 21 2014 1:00-3:00


Bohemian Café 340 Ludlow Ave. Cincinnati Ohio 45220


$15 to cover the space and tea! You can bring a snack if you would like, or something to share.

Bring yourself, and a notebook… and an eagerness to hangout and learn something new.

Please RSVP by June 16 at Shaheen@shaheenmiroinsights.com

ShaheenMiroInsights.com | @ShaheenMiro


The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Rose Water

Rose water has become one of my all time favorite spiritual cleansing tools. Sometimes you just need a gentle lift in the atmosphere. I’ve found that using authentic rose water in an atomizer can bring about so many wonderful changes in the energy and texture of a persons aura, or the environment… not to mention it smells amazing!

There is something so soothing about the way rose water works. It envelops the energy in the area, and transmutes it into a lovely, delicate vibration that is conducive to peace and positive thinking. I like to mist my space before a reading. I also mist myself in the morning before my day begins to “lift my spirit” and at key times throughout the day.

I’ve found rose water to be a wonderful tool for creating a magnetic aura. When you mist yourself you raise your vibration and surround yourself in a beautiful glowing light that pulls positive people toward you. It helps you to communicate affectively, and eloquently.

Authentic rose water is the hydrosol by-product from distilled rose petals in the process of creating rose essential oil. It has such a lovely smell and it is great for your skin. It can be added to foods and drinks to infuse a delicious floral flavor!

Rose water has become such an essential part of my spiritual practice. I use it to bless objects, such as crystals, candles or things that I’ve thrifted. This is a great way to clear the object, and to give it a nice spark of magic!

© Shaheen Miro 2013

Dream Gypsy Boy… Dream

Photo on 2012-03-29 at 21.31 #4There is magic in trying, but not knowing. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and go along for the ride. I have danced in the dark many times… and some how I have always came out unscathed. My scars are badges that mark the successes of my journey. You may not see the strength in your beauty as you go through life… because it’s not always easy to see the road you’ve traveled unless you learn to fly overhead.

It’s not worth trying to rationalize the dreams we have. I’m finished with reason and sensibility… it’s not what seems logical, it’s what feels wonderful. I am living my life for me, for all the things I love, for what makes me vital. If it feeds my spirit then it’s right. Regardless of how insane that may seem.

There should be no regret in heeding the call. It may be misunderstood, but then again that is in the eyes of onlookers… and you should never do it for them anyway. I’ve traveled the edge of dreamland and stood astounded by the glory and mystery. Those moments live in my heart, delicious seeds germinating in silence. The dream hasn’t ended because the dream has just begun.

Here I stand in the threshold of what was, what is, what will be… what has always been, and yet hasn’t had a chance to begin. And here I will jump of the ledge and the embrace of angel wings will lift me up beyond the pain. I will soar, you can soar, there is room enough for us all to fill the skies… there can never be too many stars shinning in the night.

Reach out your hand, close your eyes, and dive. Don’t play the game, just jump in and dance. You can’t change their actions, or reactions, you can only grind to your own rhythm. And remember… if you do it in love, if you do it in trust, if you do it because it feels right to your heart… then it will touch everyone around you in a positive way, either now or someday, and magic will bloom until it fills the room, the eyes and the spirits of everyone.

He said… dream gypsy boy… dream


© Shaheen Miro 2013

The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Rosemary

Spiritually cleanse the air by burning a smudge of rosemary springs (like a sage smudge). Make an strong tea from springs, and add to your mop water for an effective spiritual cleansing and energy lift in the home or business. You can strong springs of rosemary together with red silk thread to create charms of protection. Hang them in doorways, windows and corners to help strengthen the aura of the space. Adding of few drops of rosemary essential oil to your wrist will bring about a lightening effect, and is great before business meetings (CAUTION: if pregnant or allergic. You are responsible for your health).


Book Review: Cunnigham’s Magical Sampler

Cunningham’s Magical Sampler is a stellar collection of magical writings from one of the most respected Wiccan Authors of our time. Scott Cunningham became a pivotal force in the Wiccan community as an Author and teacher. He was one of the key figures in pushing Wicca and Witchcraft into the mainstream.

As you read through the Magical Sampler you are reading through Cunningham’s personal collection of articles and notes. This collection of information is filled with diverse ideas and topics, from history, to folklore, to herbology and spells. The information is both practical and intermediate, giving everyone something to muse on.

Cunningham always writes in a way that makes you feel like he is right there, gently instructing you with each step. Nothing about this text is hard to follow, but on every page is a new layer and facet of magical information. This is truly a treasure for anyone interested in Wicca and Witchcraft.

This isn’t a book that you have to read from start to finish, it is a flexible treasury of information that you can thumb through, as you need. As you read through you get the impression that nothing within is hard-fast rule, but rather suggestions to add to your personal practice.

One thing that I found very fascinating about the text is how it acts almost as a historical account of Cunningham’s life and the time that he was living in. He explores spellcraft and technology and he talks extensively on the mystical identity of Hawaii. So much of his personality comes through, making the text much more relatable.

The book is laid out in five distinct sections: Personal Power and Growth, Instruction and Applied Magic, Herbs and Food, Nature and Earth Power, and Ancient Cultures and Lore. My favorite section is on herbs and foods because of the interesting exploration of “Shakespeare’s Herbal Code”.

The closing section called, “The Magic of Scott Cunningham”, by Donald Michael Kraig is extraordinary! Kraig gives wonderful accounts of Cunningham’s life and glimpses into his distinct personality.

Cunningham’s Magical Sampler is an incredible addition to any magical library and it is sure to be another Llewellyn classic! The book is scheduled for release on November 8th, you can order here and here.

© Shaheen Miro 2012

the story begins at the end

There has been a gap in my daily writing since I returned from London and I have missed it greatly, but I needed time to get settled back into my life here. This summer has been like the constant turning of a wheel, moving faster than ever and I have just given into the change.

Now I live in a huge old apartment where memories and ghost roam, amongst collections of trinkets and exotic fabrics. I sing songs to myself as I drink tea near my window that over looks the eclectic mix of shops lining the street below. I take it all in… feeling a surge of something strange and exquisite. In 15 days I have greeted more new faces and said more goodbyes than ever before and in this gentle dance with the new and uncharted. I have found parts of myself that were either hidden or missing.

Sometimes I close my eyes and try to imagine my time in London because it seems so surreal. It feels like yesterday and yet it still feels like it was ages ago. This has been a twilight period for me, a wonderful set of events have been unfolding, but the meaning of it all is still unclear. The life I returned to here is much different than before, which is what I needed… but I am just beginning to feel grounded.

A calm that I have never felt before has come over me. I feel more grounded, though constantly in motion. I have been blessed with second chances with many people in my life. Looking at things with new eyes has given me the chance to appreciate people more, to see them as more mature and enlightened or maybe I have just grown. I have begun to realize that the magic lies in the experience that you have, the people you pull into your story.

London will always be a part of my spirit. I learned how to be free, how to be alone, I learned how to raise my voice and how to let my spirit go. I also learned what I don’t want in my life and what I do… what’s truly important. I realized that having friends is about quality not quantity… I only want the people who will move me, change me, and enlighten me. I met some amazing people in London who I will never forget.

Working as an intern in Fashion Design was different than anything I have ever done before and it opened me up to a whole new set of experiences. It was hard for me at times to conform to this spoon fed idea of what work is, of what success is, of what the world expects of me. I’m always going against the grain a bit I guess… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Someone told me recently that you have to be careful not to burn bridges and I responded with, “If I burn a bridge then it was a bridge I wasn’t meant to cross.” I truly believe that. I think you should treat people with love and respect and you should take each experience with an open heart, but you teach people how to treat you and you cannot deny your feelings and push something on your soul because it’s what’s expected. Just live life and listen to your spirit and you will go far.

I hope everyone is doing well and I will be writing more. I have to get myself in the habit of honoring my voice and my spirit. Writing is so soothing to me. Take time to do something that truly soothes your spirit and allows the weight that you have been carrying to lighten a little.

To the gypsies… with love



© Shaheen Miro 9/15/2011

For What Its Worth

I have been a fan of Stevie Nicks for as long as I can remember… my mom use to sing Landslide in the car to me and Rhiannon. Her words and image have inspired me in more ways that I can count… and I think its a blessing to have someone so sincere, beautiful and talented in our world. She invites you in and gives you a little love and sends you back out into the world to make your dreams come true!

This is the second single from her new album “In Your Dreams”… it is called “For What Its Worth” and it’s amazing…its one of my favorites and this is the new video. Came out today… stunning!

Even if you aren’t a fan… watch it… just give it a chance :)

May I have this dance?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with the light of the sun gently grazing my face, and I wish I could lay there forever. The jolt of my alarm clock for the 5th time always breaks the spell quickly. Then I stumble out of bed, half tangled in covers and my computer cord and I head for the shower. I need the fresh spay of a shower to at least half wake me up.

I won’t go through the details of how I get dressed, as it’s too painful for even me to bear. But once I finally feel confident enough to walk out the door, I have to once again mentally prepare myself to walk to the bus, and then ride it. Some how I manage.

This morning as I sat waiting for the bus, running through my daily mental conversation of, “Omg when is it coming?.. Is it coming? Did I miss it? Oh now I’m late… blah blah blah”, I had this realization that I needed to let go o fit all and just be in the moment. I have this theory that I’ve been trying to convince myself of for a while… My life is mine and so is my time! I’m not living on anyone else’s clock.

One of my new friends.

So once that big, red double decker pulled up, I stepped on and took my seat on the second floor and I listened to my iPod and I told myself that I was going to enjoy every moment of it! Its my morning, its my ride, its my time and its my means that got me there…. Why not enjoy it.

I took in the music, the sounds, the people, the colors, and the buildings. I enjoyed the morning for what it was. I didn’t worry about the clock ticking away or whether I was going to make it right on time. I let it go. Guess what… I was there on time. And I started out the day so much more peaceful.

I made myself a cup of tea and went over my daily tasks and I set out to do what I had to do. I can honestly say that today was a great day as well. The second in a row… dare I say the third times the charm. I think I am finally settling into my job, into London… and into life!

I am learning how unimportant so many things are that I give my energy to. It’s not worth the time it takes to think about it honestly. So what if someone isn’t happy with your punctuality, or your attire, or your ton of voice, or your topic of conversation. If people can’t accept you for who you are and respect your right to fully live… then send them away… with love of course.

There I was again in the bathroom of that dirty, old building at 9 am… seeing another mystery. 3 cats this time wandered the rooftops. They made me think of the movie Ally Cats. Like little gypsy beggars, all ragged and wild…. No care in the world… on an adventure. I am fond of those little explorers. For a second I wished I could climb out on the rooftop with them, nestled into the little ledges of the chimneys looking out over the foggy London morning.

I love my morning meetings with the little, furry baby Buddhas. They inspire me so much. Lets be free. Lets climb rooftops. Lets go to places we’ve never seen before. Who cares if we aren’t supposed to be there…. Who cares if its unsafe or out of the ordinary. Life is about adventure and freedom. Life is about color… staying in the lines only leaves you with a dull picture that may as well be gray.

So here I am up way too late. I should sleep. But instead I am burning candles and singing loud enough for strangers to hear me. Do I care… a little… should I? NO! You technically only live once… so why not just do it now? What is holding you back?


I feel so blessed to be here in London, doing this internship. I really like my job and my boss. At first I was filled with so many worries. I wanted to be the best, I wanted to prove myself worthy, I wanted to show how good I am. And then I said the hell with it! I am Shaheen and I am here to do what Shaheen does… I am here to live and explore and make love and art… I put my all into every moment of everything I do in life. That’s all that matters to me.

Sometimes I close my eyes and I realize how amazing life really is. How epic this adventure is that I am on… that you are on… that we are on. We are on an adventure to love, learn, grow and change. Instead of worrying about others we should just be mindful of ourselves.

Before I leave this city I am challenging myself to do something unexpected. I am challenging myself to live a little. To step outside of the velvet lined vardo that I live in… and walk the dark and dirty roads… at least for a second. I think we learn the most about who we are when we dance with whatever scares the hell out of us!

So to my fears I ask, “May I have this dance?” Lets see where it takes me….

© Shaheen Miro 7/21/2011

Mazes and Mysteries

Yesterday was a wonderful day. My task was to go to the Convent Garden area and explore the streets of Seven Dials. The woman I am interning with Laura Dawson is looking for a retail space and wanted me to scope things out. So instead of heading to the studio yesterday morning I took the tube to that area of the city.

I arrive very early, much to early for the stores to be open and since my task was to locate retail space to let and get a feel for foot traffic and consumer profiles I needed to wait for a bit. I wasn’t sure what I would do to kill time, I thought maybe have a coffee or just sit on a bench… but as I wondered down another side street I saw a sign that read in bold letters, “FREE MENS HAIR CUTS”. Instantly they had my interest, as I have needed a haircut for some time.

I mulled it over in my head and thought to myself, I have needed to get my haircut since I left home…. But I didn’t want to spend the money. So I went inside to ask about it. The woman at the desk informed me that it was a beauty school and salon and that the students do free male hair cuts for practice. So I agreed to have my hair done.

I had a wonderful little British girl, about 17 who wanted to be a barber and specialize in hair coloring.  She was delightful, slightly rebellious and a very interested in conversation. We talked about how I wanted my hair cut initially, but soon our conversations went to the US and the UK and the similarities and difference and then to life goals. She was very sweet and I started to realize how timid she was with the scissors. You could tell she really wanted to do well but was still searching for her niche.

It was nice to actually have my hair cut and not worry about cost. And I think it was great experience for her because she got to do another cut and she seemed really eager to chat with someone from America. I really learned a lot from talking to her and I felt so much better having a new haircut… I’m very happy with her work.

I then wondered down more streets. Like an endless maze, I would wind down one street and magically get back to where I began without ever crossing the same path twice. London’s like that though, an endless maze of nonsensical paths.

At one point I turned a corner and there in front of me was a store called Mysteries. Instantly intrigued by its withering, hippy-esque exterior and Zen like energy radiating from the front door… I decided I had to go in. The slightly off kilter, retro punk dressed boys sitting on the bench furthered my fascination with this little den of “Mystery”. I just had to see what waited inside.

Once I stepped in I was greeted with warm smiles and a million new things to look at. Crystals, candles, cards, posters, jewelry, anything and everything you could think of! Literally there was rooms of new age, fluffy stuff … and the little sage burning, black hat wearing pre-teen “witch” in me wanted to touch everything! But I contained myself and reverently inspected each room.

There were two rooms that called to my spirit. First was the room that wasn’t really a room, but more of a sanctuary. Off of the crystal room there was a small conservatory like space that had been made into somewhat of a shrine filled with a fountain, and tons of Buddhas and other spiritual statues, crystals, idols and spiritual paraphernalia. It exuded a high vibrating energy that resonated deep inside of me; a sort of deep rooted, tranquil, almost lulling quality.

Then I made my way to my Second favorite room and that was the area that was filled with hundreds of decks of tarot cards! So many decks to see, and touch and pick through and of course I wanted every one of them. It gave me the chance to see a lot of decks in person that I have pinned after for years!

The most exciting part of this little adventure to Mysteries was the “coincidence” of me finding it. A fellow blogger and talented writer Prince Le Normand, from http://princelenormand.blogspot.com/ referred me to the store and I had plans to visit later on during my trip, but as fate would have it… I found it before!

My adventure ended with lunch at, of all places, Pizza Hut. It was a very nice, peaceful and solitary lunch. I ate in alone because I felt it would be nice to just sit and relax and I had a wonderful salad and some pasta… not to mention a very attractive waiter. All the while I people watched out the large window that faced the street (a new hobby of mine since I ride the bus, etc… daily). Saw a beautiful vintage double decker bus too.

Afterwards I made my way back to work. I had a lot of cutting to do. But I felt amazing. Fresh hair, fresh perspective and I was ready to go. Sometimes you need a day out to clear your head. I was happy to see yet another part of the city. I will defiantly be going back to maybe do some shopping… who knows maybe I’ll get another hair cut!

Oh and did I mention that I stopped into Dr. Martens to look at their boots… and now I cant stop thinking about their 1914 black leather boots that I want so bad. I tried them on so that I could imagine myself in them in the mirror and it felt so right. Someday :)

Well I hope everyone is doing well… enjoy the photos… and enjoy life

Much Love,


© Shaheen Miro 7/1/2011