Oracle Deck Review: Le Petit Lenormand Eclectique

The independent artist movement has sent a surge of energy through the cartomancy community, igniting people’s creativity. We are seeing far more independently published decks than ever before, in part because of technology, but at the heart of this movement are people filling the gap in what’s being offered and what’s wanted!

One such deck is Le Petit Lenormand Eclectique. Yet another vision from Edmund Zebrowski, creator of the Day of the Dead Lenormand. This was a collaborative effort between 32 artists to create a new kind of deck.

Each person was entrusted with the task of creating their vision of the card assigned to them. What resulted is a strangely exciting, and refreshing deck… composed of collages, original drawings, paintings, photographs and ephemera. Each card comes together to make a cohesive deck that reads with ease.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Eclectique project. I was assigned the interesting and controversial Whip card. My vision began with images of old Gibson girls, with their sexual undertones and subtle dominance. I wanted to create something that paid homage to traditional Lenormand images, with an infusion of new life!

I’m proud of the results, though it didn’t win everyone over easily!  You will find in the Lenormand community very die-hard traditionalist, and I respect that! Though, I tend to rock the boat a bit and encourage people to challenge their views and think outside the box. In Le Petit Lenormand Eclectique, the Whip seems to sit nicely among the other characters… and convey it’s intended meaning clearly. 

Honestly, as a whole this deck is very convincing. Some of the images are unexpected, and not what I would have picked, but the end result is beautiful, insightful and cohesive. Plus, the guidebook written by Helen Riding is a tiny wealth of information.

The whole package is on point. With vibrant colors, decent cardstock and a precious muslin bag for housing the deck, you can’t go wrong. These cards are priced affordably for beginners to easily purchase a deck and begin their Lenormand journey!

Buy a deck, support the movement of indie artist/authors, begin your Lenormand studies and drink in the beauty. 

Poets, Legends, Priest of Nothing

I think everyone needs someone or thing that keeps them inspired and really motivates them to follow their dreams. That person for me is Stevie Nicks. She is one of the many magical, fairy Godmothers that I look up to in my life and she has been for a very long time.

Her timeless, mystical and emotive persona has become something very familiar to me over the years. As a little kid I can remember being totally enthralled by her songs and thinking how she so eloquently put into words the things that live in my imagination and spirit.

The many songs that she has penned and performed solo and as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac have become staples on my ipod and they have been the energy behind so many journal entries, projects and writing of my own.

I’ve known my entire life that I came here to be a storyteller. I tell stories with my cards, I tell stories with my garments, I tell stories with my poems and songs. Ms. Nicks has given me the courage to embrace my place as a storyteller.

So let me ask, “What story are you telling? “


Stevie Nicks has been pulling us into her little world since the 70s and decade after decade she has given us wonderful music.

Here is my favorite version of Edge of Seventeen… such a dark and moody song that really energizes me.

And here is a wonderful song from her MUST HAVE new album IN YOUR DREAMS! Its called Annabel Lee, from the poem by Edgar Allen Poe.