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The Gypsy’s Aura Elixir is a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing, and protection. It is draws on the power of botanicals, lunar energy, and Reiki to create a high vibration that eliminates negative vibrations, and influence leaving the aura feeling lighter, brighter and sealed from negativity.


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  3. Introverts
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  5. Anyone needing a moment of serenity, and spiritual clearing

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How to Reclaim Your Power

In this hectic, crazy world there is need for spiritual self-care. We are all doing our best to get through life, to really live, and cultivate our true purpose. This can be an elusive task for many people, especially since we live a culture that pushes us to work harder, to swallow our feelings, and to actually neglect our wellbeing. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Dare I say that this is counter intuitive. Your true nature, your right is to be happy, and whole. There is a misconception that if you take time for your own needs you are either being selfish, or irresponsible. The hell with that… you are a beautiful being of light and you need to make your wellbeing the number one goal!

When you revel in your light, when you light yourself shine, when you are amble and whole… you shine that light on the world. You are the best you that you can be for everyone, and every situation you are involved with. That is the real goal, right?

So how can we achieve this fabulous way of being? Well there are a million ways… but to start you can be honest with yourself. Be honest with where you are, and where you want to be. This allows you to set intentions. From there you can consciously manifest the life that you want.

Pinpointing where you are, and if that is in alignment with what you want to manifest is what I do. In an Intuitive Consultation we are looking at a snapshot of your energy. From there we see where you are losing energy, and where you are gaining it. Of course we don’t want to lose any energy… we want positive energetic investments.

Once we know where you are, we can make a plan, a path to work on. This can be done in a number of ways. My favorite being the act of reclaiming energy. Reclaim your energy through grounding and centering, meditation, and spiritual/psychic cleansing.

Much of my work, and practice is based on the idea of spiritual cleansing, and balancing your energy body. Why is that? Because your energy is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, and experiences and beliefs about the world, and how you fit into it. This energetic story as I like to call it, dictates everything that is happening in your life.

If you are blindly sending energy out into the world… with no direction, or no conscious effort then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Are you feeling fatigued? Stressed? Even depressed? Are you feeling unhealthy? Lost? Well this is the result of not being aware of your energy. Don’t let this make you feel guilty, or bad about what you are doing… or what you’ve done. No, this is a point of power, right here, right now. We are recognizing there is room to grow, and now we are going to tap into the potential, and make magic happen!

As an intuitive consultation I want nothing more than to build you up! I want to give you the tools, and the understating to make your life one badass place to live. If you aren’t happy, then stop right now… and make a change.

So you want to know were to begin?

Well start with all this beautiful information I have presented on my website. There is so much here that I know will help you. You can take that time of yourself. You deserve it.

If you need a guide, and a friend contact me. We will do an intuitive consultation. We will look at your life as a whole, answer the big questions, and shedding light on the big holes. The act of setting up a consultation is a call to reclaiming your power. I want that for you!

As I said before, spiritual cleansing is a huge part of my practice, personal and professional. Spiritual cleansing is the act of clearing the slate. Revealing, honing in on and releasing the things that live in your energy body, and your life. The trick to successful spiritual cleansing is clearing away the ick, and then replacing it with something good. This is where most people falter.

If you remove something energetically… good or bad, something must take it’s place This is where “negative” energy comes into place. But this negative energy is usually nothing more than unpurposeful, or unintentional energy. If we remove that, and then replace it with an intention your energy body will return to a state of wellbeing… and like magic your life will come back!

Now, this isn’t a quick fix. I don’t promote miracles. I promote self-empowerment. We make the decisions… and we have to stick to them. Getting into he habit of taking care of yourself and can be difficult, we all falter, that’s why it’s good to have a friend, a guide, a teacher to help us on the path. We are in this together.

One of the most rewarding things for me is working with a client through spiritual cleansing, and energy work. I do this long distance or in person. This is the reason I created the Gypsy’s Aura Elixir… it’s a call to action, a way to give you the tools, and the power to take care of yourself in daily life.

When I work with a client to release negative energy, and bring them back to an ample, expansive place I feel like I am sharing a spiritual moment. This is rewarding for everyone involved. I like to do this long-distance, or in person… either way we are creating a cosmic place for us to work on bettering our lives.

I love to offer tools to help you. In a personal cleansing, and blessing ceremony we set an intention. What do you want to release from your life? What do you want to bring into your life? Then we move through the energy bodies, using crystal vibrations, sage smudging, and sacred botanical waters. This is a way to release the unnecessary, and bring back the light energy that belongs to you.

From there we spend some time talking about where you want to go next. And what other actions steps you can take to move forward. This can be helpful suggestions of creating a vision board, or setting intentions. Maybe a few spiritual practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Any good reading will bring things to light… from there it is your job to make it work. But with a cleansing/energy session, or a personal blessing ceremony we create the space, and the action steps for you to do that. You aren’t alone!

I want you to find your light, your center, your authentic expression of you in every moment. Take from here what works for you, what doesn’t just leave behind. But if you take away one thing… let it be this…

You are beautiful. You have a right to be whole. Life doesn’t have to be heard. You can live your dreams.

Visit, here to book an appointment for an Intuitive Consultation, or an Energy/Spiritual Cleansing Session.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tarotscopes: August 2015 with The Medicine Woman Tarot

Monthly Theme

4 of Bowls (Cups)

As we begin to move into the latter half of the year, prepare yourself for big changes. Cosmic energy is swelling doors, and will soon bust through all the hurdles and barriers that have been created throughout the year. Ready yourself for this immense magnetism. Use this to your advantage. Set your intentions. Ask for what you want, and be very clear in doing so. This is a good time to do a candle ceremony, or create a vision board.

Aries March 21-April 19

8 of Pipes (Wands)

Make time for stillness. As you go inward you find ways to attract and attain your goals. You will be far more productive if you ground yourself, rather than charging forcefully into the future. End your days with some silent reflection; meditate on your journey through the year. Cool your fiery energy with a cleansing bath of rose, and citrus. Before bed contemplate your intentions, and see what is revealed in sleep. This is a good time to suspend any unsettled relationships.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Apprentice of Arrows (Page of Swords)

Taurus this is a good time to define your space. What do you stand for? What is important to you? Make yourself crystal clear, and do not waiver from this vision. You will stumble to clarify what you want, vs. what others seem to want for you. Take some time to contemplate this point of power in your life. The fall and winter will reveal a lot about who you are. This will have its ups and downs… stay strong!

Gemini May 21-June 21

7 of Bowls (7 of Cups)

You will find yourself caught in a tide of great energy. This energy is passionate, and powerful. It will pull you in many directions. Find your footing throughout the next few months so that you can remain composed, and in control. Relationships, especially romantic will be in full bloom. Ask yourself in each situation: does this feel good to my spirit?

Cancer June 21-July 22

The Emperor

Looking for answers? Needing clarity? Ask for help! You have a resource of people who love and care about you, and your wellbeing. These people are waiting at the door, to guide you, support you and walking with you on the path ahead. Do not be silent about what you want and need, as you will get swept away in your own storm.

Leo July 23-August 22

The Chariot

You are gaining momentum, Leo. Powerful energy is propelling you forward into your dreams, goals and desires. Tap into your sensitivity, and remain fluid at this time. As a fire sign it is easy for you to burn brightly with passion, but if you burn too bring, to fast, you are sure to burn out. Connect with the grounding forces in your life.

Virgo August 23-September 22

2 of Pipes (2 of Wands)

Virgo, you have gathered your breathe, and centered your intentions. Now set them free into the Universe. Let your every dream, and desire fly forward. Give them life, and belief. Use your voice as form of action. Speak, write, connect, and communicate. If you’ve felt the call to send an email, write a letter, or reach out to someone… then do it now!

Libra September 23-October 22

6 of Pipes (6 of wands)

Wrap yourself in the gentle energy that is around you. Find solitude in moments alone. Find peace in not uncertainty. Move into a spirit of gratitude, and now that the blessings you are seeking will begin to rain all around you. Open your arms side, close your eyes, and accept all the good that is coming your way. Charge your aura with good vibrations. Try working with rose or clear quartz, and spritzing yourself with a bit of rose water.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

Totem of Pipes (Knight of Wands)

Liberate your mind. Let out, release, and purge the troublesome thoughts and worries. Anxiety does not have to be a part of your daily life. When you ground yourself, you actually find your wings. Move your body, dance, exercise, run, jump or try some yoga stretches. This will activate the cleansing qualities of the element of air.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

Lodge of Stones (Queen of Coins)

You have everything you need. Sit down; partake in the feast laid out before you. Don’t be shy, and don’t be picky… enjoy, experience, and try something new. A new perspective only comes from trying new things. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude is an energy of multiplicity. A sense of calm, and good fortune will fall around when you look at life with thanks, and wonder.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

The Devil

Capricorn, do not fall into the trap of self-limiting beliefs. The shackles you are feeling is nothing more than the weight of your own fears. Question whether these things are true or not. Has experience taught you that things never workout for you? Has the recent past shown you a series of pitfalls? Throw that out the window. Turn around and take another path. Don’t work yourself into a state of depletion when you have an oasis waiting for you in the other direction.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

Exemplar of Arrows (King of Swords)

Share your knowledge and experience. You have a powerful perspective, and an equally moving story. Find ways to express yourself in daily life. In fact, find your expression of you in each situation you encounter. Leave your fingerprint on each thing that you touch. Feel the alchemical qualities of moving into your own spirit. You are closer to your goals than you think!

Pisces February 19-March 20

5 of Stones (5 of Coins)

Release your beautify into the world. Bestow upon the people around you, friends, family, strangers… the fruits of your labor. Share your art, share your vision, share your voice… share your spirit with everyone. If you have been working diligently on a project in the secret hours of your life, then this is the time to release that into the world. Let it fly, let it live! When you give away, it comes back in kind.

Spiritual Cleansing Mini Workshop Friday August 7, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.57.36 PMDo you ever feel uninspired, heavy or just dull? Do you ever feel “cursed” or caught in a streak of bad luck? Many clients describe having a heavy cloud hanging over their head, causing them loss pain and heartache.

It’s true that you may be stuck in a string of karmic lessons. Or caught in a loop of negative energy. Often times this “curse” or “steak of bad luck” is an unconscious creation of your own mind and energy. You are allowing something into your life that is causing you to suffer.

Are you helpless?

No, you can actually change this…

Join me for an afternoon of spiritual cleansing tips and tricks! We will discuss a handful of practical, and powerful spiritual cleansing techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Take ownership of your energetic story… manifest the life you want!

Where: Cincinnati

When: August 7, 2015 4:00-5:30 pm

Cost: $30 per person

Minimum: 5 people

Maximum: 8 People

This will be an intimate setting. The cost will include printouts, and other materials provided in the workshop.

To sign up please email:

Natural Foods, Empathic Child Challenges, and Picky Psychic Kids, by Melissa Leath

Being a young empathic, your child could be sensitive to many external things, besides other people’s energy. Examples could be loud noises or extreme light, clothing that rubs their skin in an irritating manner, pollen and other outside irritants such as weeds and flowers. Carpeting and flooring glue can cause problems too.

Being physically grounded and fully “in the body” are essential tools in dealing with these situations.

So what can help your child stay physically grounded? Food

More specifically, the best food for your child helps your child stay grounded to deal with these outside sensitivities. Since each child is different from their siblings and parents, there are no steadfast rules about what foods are better and what are worse. Each child has special needs. So it is important to learn more about the different types of natural foods, synthetic foods, and junk foods. This may take some experimentation.

Keeping life and health in simplistic balance is a natural way to prepare a child with special requirements. Monitor what your child is eating, by only having natural and organic foods at home. Let them be active in the planning and preparation of meals.

There has been so much research dealing with attention problems and hyperactive children. Do some of your own research and find out what works best for your child’s balance in energy. Some of their stress could be coming from food allergies such as food dyes, preservatives, and additives, as well as pesticides.

Consider some of these options:

  1. Some kids do better with all fresh vegetables and fruits instead of canned.
  2. Others do well with only raw foods
  3. Gluten free eating may be a way of clearing toxins from the body.
  4. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to get the nourishment needed and could be right for your child.
  5. The natural color of food may play a big role in what your child will or will not eat
  6. Meats and meat products (milk, cheeses, yogurts, etc.) can slow down the body’s metabolism. This may make your child sluggish, sleepy, or cranky.
  7. Proper food combining can keep the mind sharp and the body lively.

Picky Eater?

You may have a picky eater on your hands. I can relate to this, since I was a picky eater when I was young (still am to a certain degree even now as an adult). I always had trouble eating meat and certain vegetables. They always made me gag. I believe that the body speaks to us in wise ways that are sometimes misunderstood, especially with the young. And children who cannot or will not eat certain foods could be doing so because their bodies cannot handle them properly.

At the age of seven, I remember sitting at the dinner table for many hours after everyone else left me there. The rest of the family had eaten all their food, so they went outside for the evening. But I had not eaten the beef on my plate. (I usually could eat a few bites, by my father believed I should consume the whole portion.) So, I had to sit there until I ate it all.

After I thought my dad had gone outside, I stuck the piece of offending beef under the bone that was on my plate. I thought I had hidden it pretty well. But Dad came strolling into the kitchen, and pulled the meat out from under the bone, and said to me: “Now, there. Eat all of it.” Needless to say, tears and gagging followed. To this day, I have difficulty eating more than a few bites of meat.

It’s never a good idea to force your child to eat things when they are not feeling like it. Be sure to question your child to see if they feel compelled to eat because of emotions, or not to eat because they have an upset stomach (which might be empathic anxiety). It could be that your child just doesn’t need much food at this stage in growth. The best thing is to keep plenty of nourishing foods that they do like, so they can have the best available when they do feel like eating.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is always important for the body to function properly. Look into sugary soda drinks and decide what you will allow in your home. Many children become hyperactive and uncontrollable with too such sugar in their drinks.

Ideas to interest your child in participating in their own nourishment:

Grocery Shopping. If your child is older they may like to help with making the grocery list, and helping with the shopping. Be sure they consider the nutrition of the food item in question, and the way it could be combined with others for a meal.

Meal Ideas: Magnets for the fridge, blocks of felt on cloth board, or good old fashioned chalk and blackboard for meal ideas. They could cut out magazine photos or grocery ads with meal ideas.

Meal Planning: Older children, especially pre-teens and high school will feel involved as they plan one or two meals each week. And their desires are addressed.

Cooking: Help in cooking/preparing according to age and skill.

Tables: Set the dinner table with themes, color schemes, etc., that includes your child’s likes.

Growing Food: Planning and planting outside gardens and indoor containers of herbs, etc. This always helps a child accept foods that are good for them. And the gardening experience is the best way of “Earthing”, a form of grounding by working with the soil.

Family Meals: Eating together at least once a day will give your child a feeling of belonging. They will share in conversations of daily activities, and tend to eat better.

Make sure the whole family supports and participates in these healthy eating decisions. And always check in with your family medical professional before you make any changes.

After your intuitive child grows older, changes may need to be made to their nutrition list and the schedule of eating. Take your time and flow with it. This certainly is the journey that your family can lovingly address as time goes on. And your child will let you know when it is time to shift the food by the way he acts.

2015 Copyright, Melissa Leath

About Melissa Leath:

Melissa Leath, owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program™, works with empathic kids and young adults in private mentoring programs. She has many online workshops and classes. Author of Psychic Integrity and Does Your Child See Sparkles?

Readings at Ottoman Imports Saturday, July 25th

I will be doing readings at Ottoman Imports on Saturday July 25th 2015.

11 am to 7 pm. EST.

Call to book an appointment 859.291.9555


Cant make it out to see me? Set up a private session with me in-person, or long distance!!

photo 4

Tarotscopes: July 2015

Tarotscopes: July 2015 with The Fountain Tarot

Monthly Theme

9 of Swords

Anguish and despair hang heavy in the atmosphere. These dark, and moody feelings are present in all areas of your life, but rest assured that this is a mater of perspective. Shift your focus, and the nightmare will begin to follow. The creeping feelings of guilt, pain and disappointment are manifestations of leaving your goals, and dreams unchecked. Tap back into your spirit, your desires, and the life you wish to lead. Move from wishing, to manifesting. July may take you to your darkest place, but at the bottom of the well is a staircase to something bright, and inspiring.

Aries March 21-April 19

Page of Swords

Aries, tap into your keen ability to pinpoint, and focus on what is necessary for your personal wellbeing. Your may find yourself coming up against pitfalls, and even criticism, but your determination will carry you through to the end goal. Remember, people tend to criticize and judge what they don’t understand, or what challenges their own views of the world. This has nothing to do with you, and your perspective. You’ve gathered the facts, and figures… now use them!

Taurus April 20-May 20

10 of Wands

Caught between what you expect from yourself, and what others expect from you, you are beginning to feel the strain of every step forward. As an earth sign you tend to be stubborn, and unwilling to reform your vision of what will be, needs to be, or what you desire to be. Don’t limit your personal, and interpersonal growth. Listen to, and consider the perspective of others because they are seeing the possible pitfalls, and disconnects that you are completely blind to!

Gemini May 21-June 21

Page of Cups

Sitting before you are a whole world of possibilities, routes and avenues that will lead to personal discovery, and extreme creative growth. The reality of things may seem heavy, and overbearing, but you must look to your other side for confirmation that there is still magic in the world. Begin to tap into that creative potential. Charge forward with the subtle power of the waves. The tides are turning, and the wave will begin to wash you into a world of insight, and spiritual reflection.

Cancer June 21-July 22

4 of Coins

Release the need to control, and hoard possessions, belongings, and even ideas. There is nothing to gain from miserly living, and approaching life with rigidity to change. You can collect beautiful things, and ideas, but once they become only possessions for the sake of possessing then you’ve lost all attachment to the spirit that lives deep inside. If you want to get back to fluid living, let things go. What are you holding on to right now that has outlived its purpose?

Leo July 23-August 22

10 of Swords

You have been torn down, defeated and broken by circumstance, and more importantly, perspective. Give up the ghost, the need to carry on down this path of thorns. There is no glory in martyrdom, and no need to prove your competence. Each step forward with these limited thoughts, and worn-out beliefs, twist the knife deeper into this already painful wound. Your savoir comes in the form of yourself, and your willingness to surrender.

Virgo August 23-September 22

3 of Wands

Breathe deeply into your center, and feel the wellspring of power that follows inside. You are standing in the center of great possibility; all you have to do is reach your hand into the unknown and pull out whatever gifts the Universe is handing you. Remember that this is the intersection of force and faith, patience and presence. Stay in vibration with your vision, and soon everything will become solid.

Libra September 23-October 22

7 of Swords

Stop reaching for things that limit your perspective, and cripple your ability to dream, and create. You may feel as if misfortune and pain trump all the goodness in your life, but look at what you are attaching yourself to, and accepting as okay. Nothing good comes from risking your wellbeing. Bring all the dark, and painful things to light, give them back to whomever they belong to, and reaffirm your focus.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

The Empress

Scorpio, it will be hard for you to do, but you must let down your guard, put away your stinger, and let yourself feel a bit vulnerable. Wrap yourself gently in feelings of love, and compassion. Hang up your criticism, and your need to compete. Cast away the desire to prove yourself. Feed your spirit, listen to the rhythm of your heart, and know that a great deal of healing, and growth will take place.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

4 of Wands

Stand firm in all your accomplishments, bless these moments with gratitude, and affirm to yourself that things are finally taking shape. Your handwork and determination have bestowed upon you many blessings, and now things will feel stable. However, there is always a new challenge on the horizon, but you have learned through this past phase that challenges are often met by personal discoveries, and gifts of all variety. This feeling will carry you through to the upcoming autumn.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

2 of Cups

Fall into the brilliance, and splendor of your dreaming. A galaxy of ideas, and inspiration is within your reach. As you explore the uncharted corners of your personal Universe, you will find many kind faces, and gentle hands. Love and companionship are on the horizon; greet them with wonder and appreciation. This marks the shift of some major energy in your life.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

Ace of Wands

Open your arms wide, stand tall, and be ignited by this surge of brilliance in your life. Moments of pain, and frustration have pushed you to your greatest potential, and as the fog begins to part, and the lights come back, you realize that nothing has been lost, and nothing was in vain. The soul knows exactly where it needs to go to fulfill it’s highest good, if we only take it by the hand, and listen to its subtle song. With this surge of energy come the parting of veils, the opening of doors, and the actualization of goals. Trust the crystal visions!

Pisces February 19-March 20

4 of Cups

Reality is an ambiguous creature, which often eludes us. You see it one-way, and those around you see it another. Your disillusionment has gotten the best of you, and you’ve turned your back on the blessings in your life. Though the goodness is still there, steady, strong, and supportive… your tunnel vision has you hyper focused on what isn’t good. If you look at the cracks long enough, they will grow into cliffs, before you jump into oblivion turn around and see what still lies behind you. I promise, in the background you will find all the things you’ve come to believe have forsaken you.

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© Shaheen Miro 2015

Tarotscopes: June 2015

Tarotscopes: June 2015 with the Wild Unknown Tarot

Monthly Theme

5 of Swords

There is primal energy writhing through the either. Our nature is to teeter on the edge of destruction and evolution. As one facet of the old self is destroyed, a new self can be born. Do not hide from your true nature. Go into your darkness, and see what you can pull into the light. Never hide your shadow, because your shadow is your most fluent teacher.

Aries March 21-April 19

The 3 of Pentacles

You are building and forming a foundation! Stone, by little stone you are laying a foundation… that can grow and form a fortress, or mountain. Stand strong and secure in the little things you are building. You cannot always measure your progress moment by moment. Ground yourself in knowing that your tenacity and grace will yield results.

Taurus April 20-May 20

The Lovers

Taurus, there is a freedom that comes from closing your eyes, and opening your arms. With roots, also come wings. Let that be your heart song, your most sincere affirmation. Goals and desires will be made real when you let go of the need to control them. Have the intention of planting the seed, but let the flower intuitively bloom into it’s own individuality.

Gemini May 21-June 21

The 7 of Cups

This is a time to reevaluate your perspective of yourself, and how you fit in the world. Take all your goals, you attachments, and your adornments and lay them before you… make a mandala of your personality, your spirit. Meditate on its center; let it be the eye to your soul. Find a sense of balance between illusion and reality. Things aren’t as they seem, and that in-between space is where the magic lives.

Cancer June 21-July 22

The 6 of Swords

You tend to live in your own little world… and that can be a beautiful, and dark place. Stand tall in your body, in your spirit, and in your perspective of the world. You have a unique view, a vantage point if you will. There is no failure in your sensitivity, or your exploration. You win the game when you forget the “rules”.

Leo July 23-August 22

The 6 of Pentacles

Leo, all around you things are coming to life. Your spirit is alive, on fire with visions of what can and will be. Root yourself in this fertile space, and go deeper. Experience is your meditation, and will bring you the answers you seek. Many things that make no sense now, will ripen with time. Be fluid in your approach over the coming month. You do not need to understand everything, just experience it!

Virgo August 23-September 22

The 10 of Swords

Make love to your darkness, Virgo. Go deep into your pain, and your lack of understanding for the endings that are happening around you. You will feel as though you have no real stable ground. But remember in the falling, you often learn to fly. You are shedding the old layers, and from the ash and dust of the past will come something vibrant and new. Close your eyes and dance!

Libra September 23-October 22

Daughter of Pentacles

Slip into the gentle spaces of your heart chakra. The heart is the bridge between the two worlds. The world of the spirit, and the world of the earth. When you find comfort in the in-between, you will heal all the wounds… being uncomfortable is a way to measure your awareness, and your growth. June is a time to be okay being alone, and introverted.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

The 5 of Cups

Do not feel responsible for explaining yourself to those who are misunderstanding you, and your intentions. Take time to explore the things that are causing you pain, these heavy feelings are manifestations of your attachment to people, the past and things that didn’t pan out as you hoped. Let your disappointment be a canvas for you to paint a new scene. The wasteland is the playground of the dreamer.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

The 10 of Cups

Everything is coming together. Each experience, each victory, and set back is a strand in this great web you are weaving. Let the whole tapestry of experience move you, let it prompt you as you move forward… to create, to experience, and to grow. Love, and security are returning to your life. There is no need to look for it, the goodness will find you.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

The 2 of Pentacles

Bend with the wind, feel your limbs sway. Feel the strength in your instability. Your fluidity will be your strength if you let it. Change is the product of movement. Jump, stomp, dance, and scream. Emit something from you body, as this is the expression of your soul. You will find that doors open, and balance returns if you move bravely, fearlessly, and unapologetically.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

The 8 of Cups

Moving on… is your present mantra. Release, purge, and repeat. You have no reason to hold tightly to anything… what you need, what you want, what you are are dreaming will not elude you when it serves your highest good. You have tentacles wrapped tightly around the past, tightly around what you think you know. The hell with that. Throw it al out the wind. Twirl like you’ve never twirled before… and grace will find you!

Pisces February 19-March 20

The 8 of Wands

You are being lit from the inside out. Information is flooding your body, mind and spirit. Go into the feelings. Be moved by the shock of awareness. Life is being breathed back into you. Don’t look for answers to this riddle. Find rhythm in your breath. Everything will unfold as it is meant to. Tumble, fall, and be moved. You are Alice… and life just keeps getting curiouser, and curiouser.

What Do Sparkles (and Orbs, and Spirit Lights) Look Like? By Melissa Leath

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.15.24 PM

Source Unknown

Kids Growing Up Psychic Series

Some smaller children see them during the daylight, even outside in the Sun. Others see them swirling in patterns, sometimes in different colors. Yet others see them only at night.

Spirits, angels, and guides show themselves to us all the time. But we don’t always recognize their presence. Adults especially have a difficult time seeing spirit energies. But the New Kids are so wide open that they see these energies easily.

Parents usually report confusion and fear concerning their young children seeing such things. The kids are usually seeing “sparkles” and orbs at the age of three or four, and it lasts at least several years. They view the experience as normal, and may not say anything special about it, thinking that everyone sees them.

The phenomenon gets stronger, and by the time they are eleven or so, it is very common to them. Older children, can be ridiculed, accused of making up the whole thing, and shy away from sharing the experiences. I have known some children that run and jump to try and catch the sparkles.

It may seem like a strange anomaly. But seeing Sparkles, Orbs, and other Spirit Lights is as normal as can be. But I imagine having your child describe something to you that you have never seen would be difficult to understand – and believe. Let me assure you, that if your child is seeing something very special – and natural.

What Does This Energy Look Like?

Sparkles can be seen by people as small flecks of dust, iridescent particles, flashes of light, blinking clear lights and something called “static,” such as the static or fuzz you might see on the television when the station has gone off the air.

Many have said they see them better at night, in the dark. While others (especially, smaller children), see them during the daylight, even outside in the Sun. Others see them swirling in patterns, sometimes in different colors. These people occasionally see black or dark sparkles, but not very often. Sometimes they spin around and blend together. Usually, it is seen with eyes closed as well as open.

Have You Ever Seen Fuzz and Particles?

After going back into my own childhood, I realized I have always seen sparkles. However, I would not have called them that. To me it was more like hazy fuzz. If I could describe it now, I would say it was the substance that matter is made of. It looks like manifesting energy to me.

Just What Is This? Lifting of the Veils

Now that the veils are lifting from our awareness, and the energies are opening up to other dimensions; we are able to recognize things so much more. The separation between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm is beginning to open up and blend. The thing is that the Sparkles (or energy fields) have always been there: just as the aura around a person is always there, but many people cannot see it. Only after they have been instructed as to what it is, and how to see it, do they really recognize it.

The way I understand, the particles that present themselves like Sparkles, Orbs and Spirit Lights are very visible. But it is not distinguished by the brain. It seems to be part of another dimension and not something that we are accustomed to seeing, so it does not register in the brain as being real. Only after you understand that it could be a possibility can you begin to identify it.

Another way to think about it is the spirits of those who have passed away are always around us. But we might not be able to see them. Sometimes, you can see movement out of the corner of your eye. You turn your head, trying to see it physically and it disappears. It works the same way with Sparkles.

Some children believe the Sparkles are angel lights. That could be. Also, there is a new resurgence of a phenomenon called “orbs”. They are large, round balls (at least larger than the sparkles) that float around, usually at night. Quite often they show up in photographs. They seem to represent spirit energies or entities of one kind or another and like to be around nature.

So the thought that Sparkles could be angel lights makes sense. However, I am given the information that the Sparkles are an element of energy that is “arranged” by angels in a manner that we can appreciate, and possibly connect with. So they are not really the angels, but are sent by the angels.

We All Have the Ability to Experience Sparkles

If you close your eyes very tightly and rub them with your hands, then open them, you see sparks of light. This is a natural affect due to the pressure of pushing on the eyeball. But with energetic or spirited Sparkles it works the other way around. You must lose your focus, or not wanting to focus on anything.

It works better when you are in your bedroom at night after you turn off the light. I usually close my eyes as soon as the light goes out, because when I was a child, I could see these particles moving around, forming designs. It scared me so badly that I learned to close my eyes to keep from seeing it.

Here is a great experiment to try:

  • After you get in the bed at night, turn out your light.
  • Lay in your bed with your eyes open.
  • After your eyes get accustomed to the darkness, everything will have a haze, or film covering it.
  • You might even see it moving around.

Yes, you might even think you are going crazy! But believe me, you are not. The more you play with this concept, the more you will experience.

Yes, I see a beautiful pattern and they are sacred geometrical shapes. Very intricate and even the smallest pattern within the large pattern is geometrical. When looking at the design from a large viewpoint, I see bigger shapes made from the smaller shapes. – Eleven year old.

Here is a list of the way some kids see these energies:


Orbs or Bubbles

Spirit Lights

Dancing Lights

Fuzzy blobs


Flowing Colors

Floating Energy

What if you don’t want to see them?                                                                                                                                                                                                             

You and your child are always in control of the things you allow in your energy field. Ask your guardian angels and spiritual guides to help you with this. Tell them nicely that you don’t want to see the sparkles all the time. Then plan a special time that you could see them, only when you want to. Being empowered with this beautiful gift is important. After all, you are in charge of what you want to have around you. Also, if it just gets too much at a certain time (say, at bed time) ask the sparkle energies to stop showing themselves to you then. Be nice and polite, but firm.

In Conclusion

The purpose of this article is to give understanding that we all see things. Sometimes we don’t acknowledge them, or might ignore them. But our children are able to see many things and interact with them. It’s all fine. It is normal (not paranormal). Blessings.



** While explaining Sparkles and other spirit energies, it must be understood that I am referring to the spiritual concept of seeing an energetic substance – not a physical vision, or eye problem. And I encourage anyone who thinks their situation might be physical in nature to see a medical professional concerning it. **

© 2015, Melissa Leath. All rights reserved.

About Melissa Leath

Melissa is owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program, medium, mentor, and author of Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics and Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids.

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Tarotscopes: May 2015 with the Zerner Farber Tarot

Monthly Theme

7 of Pentacles

This is a time to get to the root, to the foundation of your intention. Every thing in life begins with a seed of intention… whether you know it or not. Don’t let yourself get caught in the hype of feeling unfulfilled, or frustrated because things just aren’t working out. Go back to basics. Look at where you are, and what you are putting into the Universe. Are you saying one thing and doing another? Before long things will begin to bloom!

Aries March 21-April 19

The Lovers

You are standing at an intersection in your life. You have options. Many paths you can choose. Look at them, feel them, trust your heart. Logic cannot take you where you need to go. This is a time to trust what feels right. You may feel called down one path, pulled by desire… but is desire enough leverage? Be still, and listen!

Taurus April 20-May 20

10 of Wands

You feel like you are going to break under the weight of your life, and responsibilities. Taurus, remember… these things are what you wanted. It may not feel as though you are living the dream, but the thorns along the path are just reminders of where you’ve been. Don’t let the pressure break you; you can set down this burden at any moment. There is no shame in changing your mind. Dream a new dream. There’s beauty and grace in admitting that your past self no longer knows what is best for your present self.

Gemini May 21-June 21

The Emperor

Gemini, which you is in control right now? Stop the power struggle. Stop letting one side of you control the other. Learn to dance with all the facets. The yin and yang. The dark and light. Tap into the rhythm of your own beat. You may feel like you’re moving in circles, but circles are the rhythm of the Universe. Whether or not you see it… you are getting somewhere. May will finally give you answers.

Cancer June 21-July 22

5 of Pentacles

You are not defined by your mistakes, or shortcomings. Everyone makes mistakes. They are nothing but reminders to be mindful, to take time for yourself, and to reflect. Your lack of vitality is nothing more than you forgetting your own strength. Look inward, rather than outward. Don’t look back, and don’t look forward. Let the light inside of your illuminate your next steps. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those whom you feel a strain with. Love opens doors, as does compassion. When you can admit confusion, or defeat, you can begin to see a new path!

Leo July 23-August 22

The Empress

Leo, take some time to be in nature, and places that build your spirit. So many beautiful things are waiting to touch you, to inspire you. Wrap yourself in the arms of love, and stillness. Something is waiting to be born of inspiration. Your muses are whispering in your ear. Will you take the time to listen? Before you get caught up in the day to day, and responsibilities, ask yourself what you’ve been dedicating yourself to. It’s okay to be gentle… compassion is the most distinguished sign of bravery.

Virgo August 23-September 22

3 of Swords

There is a restlessness humming in your head. You are itching for change. You want a new view, a new lease on life. But you feel like all the pins are sticking straight in your heart. Don’t let pain weaken your spirit… you have been through enough to know that this too will pass. Befriend your darkness; make love to your heartache. Stop to listen to your soul… that is your ticket to freedom!

Libra September 23-October 22

Princess of Swords

A flood of ideas seems to be filling your waking moments, and maybe even your dreams. Strive to decipher the cryptic messages being sent your way. There is something profound in the either waiting to be unveiled. Create a dialogue with yourself. Pick up the pen, the brush, or the tools… and begin to create. Don’t limit yourself to logical thinking, and linear goals. Surrender to your confusion, and see where it takes you.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

10 of Swords

In the rubble of what you thought would be will rise a new, more inspired path. Mend your wounds. Refresh your mind. Replenish your spirit. Scorpio, you may struggle with being in the hear and now, but if you give into the cycle of life, and death you will touch the mystery of rebirth. Let the ashes of destruction anoint the path of the future. You aren’t alone, you aren’t broken… my dear you are just changing.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

The Wheel of Fortune

Sagittarius, move through the next month with mindfulness. Don’t pray for luck, rather affirm opportunity. You have everything you need before you… let your hands and heart be guided to use these tools in the appropriate manner. People and situations will begin to fall away. Mourn the loss if you must, but know that one thing must move in time and space for something to replace it. Be present, be aware, and look for the dots to connect.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

9 of Swords

Sleep on the things that make you anxious. Before you rage into battle with your shadow… let me remind you that you aren’t enemies. Your fear is a gauge giving your indicators of where you are, and where you are going. If you feed your fear, you are limiting you potential. Take healing moments of reflection, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of fluid. You are purging. Don’t fight this. You are purging feelings, people, and experiences…. DO NOT fight this.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

Prince of Hearts

You are a poet. A gypsy soul. What poetry lives inside of you? The walls of your soul are lined with stories to be told. Express yourself. Live life with grace and poetry. The next month will test your daringness with people, and love. Will you move forward unencumbered by the weight of longing? Don’t let wanton hearts take you away. If you look the future in the eyes, in all your glory… the things you seek will find you. Affirm: I wont fear love.

Pisces February 19-March 20

Death (A repeat from last month).

You are in a stage of metamorphosis. All your fragments, and parts are knitting together to create a more congruent self. This can be a painful process. The next few months will feel lonely, and isolated. There is no need to panic; you will see the light soon. If you slow down, and breathe things will be much easier. Ask for help. Pray for answers. Close your eyes and listen. Destruction is the mother of creation.