How to Pray with Tarot Cards

Prayer is touching the Divine with reverence…handing over your hopes, fears and dreams and then listening for a response. Most people pray daily, whether or not it’s a sacred solemn hour of prayer or quick “note to God” in the car… … Continue reading

The Evolution of Oracles

The evolution of symbols, omens and oracles can be seen in the Tarot. Ancient people interpreted natural occurrences, building symbols upon them and creating layers of meaning. It began with watching the habits of animals, and their patterns, changes in weather, images found in clouds, or formed on reflective surface of water. These symbols evolved into inscribed bones, and stones, and lots… portable oracles. Which have become printed pieces of card stock.

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Fortunate Leaves: Fifth Study

securedownloadMy dear friend Karine from Touched By An Angel Massage Therapy wants to know what she needs to do to move her business forward successfully. So while enjoying a warm cup of tea I focused on Karine, and asked the Universe to give her some insight about what step to take next.

TEA LEAF READING TIP: A tea leaf reading that ask a specific question only addresses the area of time that helps to best answer the question. So in this case the question is dealing with the present and future, so the past will not be address in the cup! 

The most prominent image in Karine’s cup is a fairy woman sitting with her wings spreads, holding her knees. A very powerful and significant image. Karine, this is you. You are contemplating the next move, wondering which path to take. This as a sign that a vision you’ve had, or a dream, is a key facet to what you should do next. This fairy is telling you to meditate, which will bring clarity.

The next symbol is a butterfly. Butterflies are beautiful symbols of freedom and transformation. You are now in a process of metamorphosis and the changes you are undergoing now will absolutely lead you in the right direction. The butterfly is telling you to reinvent your image. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What do I look like now?” You want to show your spirit to the world, not just a 2 dimensional view… show yourself from all sides in vibrant color.

Are you working on a new logo? The butterfly hints at visual representation. So look at logos, letterheads, business cards, web layouts and posters. Again, show how you look now!

The next symbol that appears is a boat. The boat is about staying afloat, and continuing on. Don’t waver on any area of your business, stay true to the dream. Even in the dream evolves; keep the spirit of the original dream alive! The boat also speaks about location. You may find yourself working in a space that is near water, or has a strong connection to water. Is this something that’s already taken place?

The last symbol is the dove. The dove is about love, and faith. Keep your thoughts positive and continue to manifest the life you want. Don’t be afraid to write down your goals and dreams, and to hold yourself to them. Use your vision board practice as a foundation for creating these business shifts you are seeking.

The dove also seems like a literal sign. The dove may appear to you in some form as a “Yes” or “Go Ahead” from the Universe. Keep your eyes open for this as you move forward.

I hope this offers some insight and clarity to your situation. You are on the right path. The energy feels good. I also see a strong male energy that will be significant in the next few months with your changes. Keep on, keep’in on!

Do you have anything to add, readers? Let’s hear what you have to say. Do you see something different in the cup? Or do you have some insight to add based on the symbols I saw?

Don’t be afraid to participate in the learning process! Share your insight. Ask your questions. You can even perform your own tea leaf reading and post a picture of your cup to the FaceBook page, here. We will see what we can see!!

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Fortunate Leaves: Tea Leaf Reading Basics

Tealeaf reading is a magical and ancient art. Tapping into the deep, rich world of the psyche giving insight, guidance and creative prompts. Tealeaf reading has its roots in Asia and the Middle East and has been practiced by everyone from Royalty to housewives. It was even considered an insightful pass-time by the Victorian ladies during afternoon tea.

Loose tea leaves form symbols in the bottom of your teacup to tell a story. While enjoying a cup of tea you infuse it with your essence, creating a catalyst that allows the leaves to paint pictures. Once you learn the language of intuition you can string together symbols to comprehend spiritual messages and insights.

Imagination is the pathway to intuition and if you are willing to trust in your creativity you can easily gain insight through tealeaf reading. Once your imagination and intuition intertwine you begin connecting with the Universe.

To Begin: Preparing the cup and drinking the tea

Begin with a bowl shaped teacup, free of interior decoration. The handle and saucer are a must. Always use loose-leaf tea (English breakfast). Enjoy your cup of tea leaving a teaspoon of liquid in the finished cup! Then the cup is swirled, flipped and left to rest.

Exploring the Interior: seeing symbols and the map

The cup is flipped over to explore the interior. The cup is divided into 3 distinct sections, like a map. The bottom=past, the middle=present, and the top to the rim=future. The handle always represents the person being read. Make note of the most prominent symbols

Story telling: What do you see? What stands out?

Largest symbols are the most important. Begin naming what you see. First impression=correct impression. Don’t filter, just make up a story and begin interpreting. Is the cup littered with symbols? Does it have one prominent symbol? Does it have well-developed symbols in each area?

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Understanding Intuition: Insight Seven

The Rule of 3: Seeing something at least 3 times is confirmation that what you are perceiving is meaningful. As your perception becomes more keen, you will start to see patterns weaving in and out of each other. Micro and Macrocosm.

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seeing symbols

People are always wanting insight into what is going on in their life and what they can expect to happen next. I think that is the reason so many people come to get readings, which is perfectly understandable. I always tell people that a reading is designed so you can understand the past and the present, which allows you to make the future what you want it to be. A reading allows you to “consciously” manifest, once you have understanding of the energies which are being intricately woven into your life.

When you receive a reading, the reader is drawing from your personal energy field bits and pieces of information which they then pass along to you. Your ease, focus and willingness to cooperate all factor into the amount of information that the reader can receive and how clear their “signal” is. The job of the reader isn’t an easy one because they must interpret the fragments of information they receive. It may actually be more appropriate to call them a translator because thats exactly what they are doing, translating the symbolic information that exist in your energy field.

If you begin to take notice of daily occurrences in your life you will start to see the symbolic meanings in everything. Take note of the things that really catch your attention and start to ask yourself what their common theme is? What could they mean? Could it be a warning? Allow the symbols to form a map by which you read into what lies under the surface or in the future. I think the rule of three applies here, if something happens three times in close order then you need to take note of it. For example, if you have misplaced your keys for the fourth time while visiting a friends house… then you need to ask yourself what it could mean. Could it mean that while driving home you should be more cautious? Could it mean that you need to spend more time with your friend? Or maybe it is a warning that your friend may be leaving your life unexpectedly. The key to this process is trusting your intuition when interpreting these symbols.

When you start to connect the symbols in your life and use your own intuition to interpret them you will begin feeling much more empowered and at ease. It will allow you to manifest more intently and to be more prepared for whats to come. I always tell people when I read for them to trust their initial feeling when I say something because it’s often the right interpretation… we are making a joint effort to piece together the puzzle, to map out the symbols.

I think it is helpful to keep a journal of things that are happening in your life, so that you have  a place to reference. This is the same approach you should take if your are personally trying to learn a method of divination, such as the tarot cards. Look for common occurrences, make note of the details that stand out and ask yourself what the symbolic meaning could be. Try this for a week at least and see what you discover.

All the best.


© Shaheen Miro 11/18/2011