Intuitive Forecast Video 2/8-2/14


Glimpse the week ahead. Discover where to best focus your efforts, and conserve your energy. Shaheen will pull 3 cards to show the overall energetic Atmosphere between 2/8-2/14 Plus, a few new things in the shop, and a thank you! Questions and … Continue reading

Intuitive Guidance Session Offerings


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Intuitive Forecast Video 2/1-2/7 2016


Glimpse the week ahead. Discover where to best focus your efforts, and conserve your energy. Shaheen will pull 3 cards to show the overall energetic Atmosphere between 2/1-2/7. Questions and positive comments welcomed below. Be sure to follow the channel, and sign … Continue reading

Tarotscopes: February 2016 with The Ancestral Path Tarot


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Intuitive Forecast Video 1/25-1/31 2016


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Intuitive Forecast Video 1/18-1/24


Glimpse the week ahead. Discover where to best focus your efforts, and conserve your energy. Shaheen will pull 3 cards to show the overall energetic Atmosphere between 1/18-1/24. Plus, a few new things in the shop, and a thank you! Questions and … Continue reading

Intuitive Forecast January 11, 2016


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How to Pray with Tarot Cards


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Tarotscopes: January 2016 with The Tarot of the Holy Light


Monthly Theme 10 of Cups Bravely move into the New Year. Lay to rest the pain and the heartache of the past year. Now is the time to go into your glory, connect with your magic and ride the waves … Continue reading

Tarotscopes: December 2015 with The Universal Waite Tarot Deck


Monthly Theme

7 of Swords

As the year wraps up be mindful of your energy levels. It is easy to become consumed by the hustle, and bustle of the holiday life. Bleeding away your energy in the name of good cheer does nothing for anyone, mostly yourself. Take opportunities for sacred stillness, and uninterrupted R&R.

Affirm: I am here, grounded in this moment, feeding my spirit and honoring my highest good.

Aries March 21-April 19

3 of Pentacles

Make big plans by setting intentions. Your intentions are the stones along the path to the New Year. Activate your creative ingenuity and be amazed by what manifest in your life. Set aside worries about resources, and helping hands, the idea must come first… the rest will appear!

Affirm: I heed the call of my creative expression. I set intentions knowing that the rest will come in time.

Taurus April 20-May 20

King of Cups

Be present and receive big ideas. Magic is bubbling all around you, so put out your hands, squeeze your fingers together and catch all the good vibes and ideas that are raining around you. Mastery comes through discovery. Ask for inspiration and watch it sail in.

Affirm: I actively participate in discovery. Ideas and inspiration sail in on the tides of the Universe.

Gemini May 21-June 21

2 of Pentacles

Focus on creating balance in your life, Gemini! What a powerful, and sometimes cumbersome task for the twins. As you find your rhythm, which comes through movement, you will discover new and inspired ways to work through the rough spots, straight into liberation. You would be surprised at what came be made when two distinctly different ideas are mixed together.

Affirm: I am in rhythm with my highest good, and the flow of the Universe.

Cancer June 21-July 22

Knight of Pentacles

Big opportunities concerning your work, career, and projects are riding into your life. Look for the friendly bringer of new energy, and watch as a new chapter in your life is called into existence.

Affirm: I herald in new energy, and opportunities to fulfill my creative projects.

Leo July 23-August 22

8 of Wands

A gale of change is blowing into your life. Pathways of action, seeds of inspiration, all of which are valuable and viable. Pull at the threads and see where they go. Entertain your ideas, your thoughts, and you intuitions. Do not fear going into the unknown as mighty forces guide you.

Affirm: I fearlessly step into the unknown, the eye of the storm, to discover the gifts of the Universe.

Virgo August 23-September 22

8 of Pentacles

Virgo, your hard work is paying off. Keep your momentum. Continue channeling your efforts into whatever vision lives in your head and heart. Before you know it you will see great things rooting, sprouting and blooming all around you. Patience is the virtue by which the flowers live.

Affirm: I am deeply rooted in all my endeavors peacefully nursing my seeds of intention.

Libra September 23-October 22

3 of Pentacles

Hell yeah! Celebrate everything! Pop bottles of champagne, throw streamers, and buy yourself something sparkly. Gratitude, and celebration is the guiding force that sees everything into fruition. If you cannot see your victories, then celebrate your glorious failures… its all the same!

Affirm: I live my life in a state of celebration.

Scorpio October 23-November 21


You are being called back to life, and back to action. Get in the game. Live it up, and do big things. Magic doesn’t come from static living. Let your metamorphosis begin. New life is being quickened into old ideas.

Affirm: I am transforming into my most radiant self.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

6 of Swords

The journey in is often the pathway out. Time alone, and time in solitude is in order. When you make time to disengage from the outside world, you give your psyche time and space to unwind, and unfold from the chaos and clutter. If you want answers go inward.

Affirm: I journey inward to find clear channels.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

The Magician

Creative energy and potential is at your fingertips. Dip your toes in the paint, and move them to the beat of a new song. Do your sexy dance, and really find your glow. Don’t look for adventures, make them! Shape your reality in whatever way feels expansive.

Affirm: I use my innate powers to give shape and form to my wildest dreams.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

The Hierophant

Tell your inner critic to shut the hell up! You have no time or space for criticism. Gracefully bow out of the masses, the machine, and all the other things draining your energy. Now is the time to free-style and make your own doctrines to live by.

Affirm: I listen to my highest wisdom, and hush my haters.

Pisces February 19-March 20

10 of Swords

Now is the end, let it go in peace. Sometimes you have to freak-out, get dark and cast it away. Trust the cycle and the flow of ending. There is so much wisdom in gracefully saying goodbye. As something old dies away something new can grow in its place.

Affirm: I trust in the process of ending, lovingly saying goodbye.

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