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Tarotscopes: November 2015 with The Tarot of a Moon Garden

Monthly Theme

6 of Swords

It is time, time to go inward, time to go on a journey. There is a chill in the air, it pushes and pulls at your heart, and beckons you to go deeper. Tap into the subtle powers of your inner world, tap into the subtle powers of the season. Profound discoveries are waiting for you on the other end. From here on into the coming year you will be falling curious, and finding treasures in the most unlikely places. Look away from the distractions, and contemplate the mysteries that live in the palms of your hands, and the champers of your spirit.

Aries March 21-April 19

The Tower

You will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, the slow collapsing of your foundation. The truth, the lies, the walls are all tumbling down. And as all this comes to an end, the kingdom will be yours. Let it rage, let it storm, let it collapse before your eyes. Do not mourn the loss in the rubble, pick up the pieces that remain… take in your hands only what you can carry and move on. Another dream needs you attention.

Taurus April 20-May 20

The Devil

You are lost in the confusion. You may even be trapped in your thoughts, your own preoccupations. Finding your way is never easy if you’re chained to something limiting. Let the frustration and confusion go… let the unknown pull you into her warm arms, and cradle you in the gestation of new beginnings. The coming of winter heralds a time of discovery. Seek new colors, new avenues of self-exploration. Art, yoga, maybe even a reading.

Gemini May 21-June 21

The Wheel of Fortune

Life can sometimes seem like a wild merry-go-round. Sometimes it is soothing, sometimes exhilarating, and other times frightening. But fear is often the mark of getting closer to something better. Go big my friend! Divine forces guide you, and your own light will light the way. Sometimes swirling, spinning and spiraling out of control is medicine for the soul. The answer to the sphinx riddle is to say nothing at all.

Cancer June 21-July 22

The Moon

Open your bright eyes, baby. There is nothing to fear. Let it out. Let out the pain, and tears. Give it to the moon. Go out beneath the night’s sky, dark or light… she is always watching. Speak all your worries, speak your pain and let it become another star in the sky! And wish upon her face something profound, something your soul longs for. Plant seeds of intention. They will grow by the glow of the moon. And in the growing there is discovery, and in the discovery there is empowering.

Leo July 23-August 22

9 of Cups

Bask in the glory of your wishes and desires. You are on the pathway to something brilliant. The dark paths are all behind, and the trails of light are ahead of you. Hard work, and determination have brought you to the front of your dreams. Have you celebrated your victories? Have you given yourself a pat on the back for your strength? Follow the lines of the great web of the Universe; these are pathways of power. Choose your next venture.

Virgo August 23-September 22

2 of Swords

Stillness is a form of determination. Choices aren’t always made by fast action. Waiting and listening are powerful affirmations. What does the hushed whispers of your spirit say? Take the time to sit in the dark velvet of the night, being moved by the night sounds, and whatever may befriend you there. Before you know it the map will be clear, and you will find your rhythm.

Libra September 23-October 22

The Magician

Libra, you have a shaman’s soul. Connected by the gossamer threads of the Universe, you feel the pulse, the ebb and flow. Let this cosmic current wash through your veins to heal your heart. Accumulating in your very core is a tenacious force that will bend, shape and mold everything you dream. Love does not have to be hard, and neither does work… all of these are outward expressions of an inner story. Find your narrative, and retell it.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

The Hierophant

Never bow at the knees of the things that steel your joy. Never praise what doesn’t make you feel expansive. Make a list of what bleeds your spirit. Who, or what seems to deplete you lately? Is there something in your life that feels outlived, dead-end and downright painful? Push it out. Stand up and say no more! Be your own master. Take ownership of your own “stuff”.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

King of Staffs

Sagittarius, you have the fire to ignite your desires. Hold out your hands, and sense the sparks of power that emanates from your fingertips. Feel this energy circulating through your body, deep down. Now focus upon something your desire. Speak it out loud, sense it in your spirit, and visualize it on the canvas of your mind. When you breathe deeply into what you desire you imbue it with life, the essence it needs to be real.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

The Temperance

Find balance in the simple things. Nourish you body with good foods, and good thoughts. Feed your spirit daily with inspiration, and fulfilling activities. Focus on what brings you grace. Try doing a chakra mediation brightening the colors of your personal rainbow. Your energy bodies may be muddy, and riddled with unintentional energies. See golden light flowing from your crown, down the serpent of your spine, and deep into your roots, and down through the earth. Meditate on each color of the rainbow for a few moments, and feel your vitality return.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

4 of Cups

Aquarius the answers are all around you. When you fixate upon one path, you miss the many doors that remain behind you. Behind each door is a blessed opportunity. You have magic all around you, the moon lives in the lining of your skin, and the Universe is waiting to sing you lullabies. Close your eyes, twirl madly, and dance into another mystery.

Pisces February 19-March 20

The Lovers

Stop trying to make sense of everything. Roots and wings are all you need to thrive. Thriving is a natural state, not something you have to work hard for. Everything is coming together; everything is being woven into Divine light, and purpose. Touch the hand of those you love, and touch the heart of whatever brings you meaning. This month is going to be a time of blessings.

© Shaheen Miro 2015

7 Power Thoughts for Living More Intently


Do you want more joy?

Do you want to feel empowered, inspired, authentic and whole?

I know I do! Many of us are looking for more ways to find true north, to find are true place and purpose in the world. But more importantly many of us are looking for ways to actually feel in the flow of living.

I have a few power thoughts for you to contemplate. A few little seeds of truth that can help you activate your innate goodness. When you begin to use these action steps you will fall into the flow, live on purpose, and make daily steps to living intently.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… we are all telling an energetic story! Our energetic story is our views of the world, and how we play in it. The idea of being authentic seems to come up a lot in the “new age”, self-help and metaphysical world… for some of us it may sound like fluff! But what we are actually talking about is being conscious and aware of what our intention is!

Okay so here we go!

  1. Are you focused on your health and wellbeing?

Your body is always talking to you! Isn’t that a fun idea? Whatever you are dealing with physically is the accumulated history of your energetic story, your perspective of the world. When you live life completely cut off from your inner voice, your intuition, you being to give up ownership of your body.

Have you been dealing with any physical issues?

Any illness, pain or discomfort?

Your disease is a message waiting to be heard. So listen. Just stop for a moment and listen.

Ask yourself: If my disease is a metaphor what does it represent?

Feed yourself good foods. Exercise. Get plenty of sleep. Drink water. Do not feel guilty when you fall off track. Believe me I love potato chips and cookies. When we look at food like the enemy then our intention becomes: Whatever I eat is going to deplete me. Bless your cookie baby!

  1. How are you taking action?

Inaction is passive living. When you live passively you are telling the Universe, and all the other things you are linked into… do what you want with me because I’m not in control. Be clear about what you are doing, and what you are not doing.

If it’s not yes, then it’s no! Wow. Now you can take action. Stop struggling with maybe. Stop struggling with indecisiveness. When you are indecisive you are leaking out your power everywhere.

Ask yourself: Why am I afraid to take action? What do I have to lose? How can I take ownership of my life now?

Guilt is not welcomed here. Don’t do it for a second. So what… you haven’t been taking the reins for a while. Now you can. The present moment is your place of power. Look at your past inaction is a gathering period. You were in fear of something before, but remind yourself: Fear usually tells us we are getting closer to something good.

  1. Do you choose positive thoughts?

Negative self-talk is a pandemic. Thinking negatively seems to be in vogue, everyone just accepts it as the way it is. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Really! You do not have to tell yourself negative things. In fact you’ve probably been telling yourself negative things without even knowing it.

So what happens if you change your inner dialogue to something positive?

Have you ever tried it?

What does it feel like when you say something negative to yourself?

How does it feel in your body?

What happens to your mood?

What happens to your energy?

What happens to your digestive system?

Now say something positive.

How does that feel? What changed?

You don’t have to believe it right away. Talk nicely to yourself. Think of your mind, your spirit, and your empowered self, like a little, feisty black cat. You have to lure it in, talk sweetly to it, and give it a treat and a good rubdown. If you yell it at, it’s going to scratch you and run away.

I find my negative self-talk comes in and goes out in a flash. I usually catch my negative thoughts right at the end. And then I think… Wow, Shaheen you really are doing a number on yourself now. But I turn it back around when I can. For every negative thing I say, I replace it with two positive things. It feels so good.

Try it!

  1. Are you organized?

Your home is an out picturing of your inner world. Your stuff represents your thoughts, and where you are placing your mental energy.

What are you surrounding yourself with?

How many piles of things are you leaving unattended?

What responsibilities are falling by the wayside?

Clutter, and stuff are distractions. They are pockets of unintentional energy. We want to be on purpose, we want to align with an intention. Look at your piles of stuff and rather than be brought down by them, view them as found currency. Work through it, release it and free it up for a better energetic investment.

Everything you own has a piece of your energy in it. Chew on that for a bit. Then spit it out.

  1. Do you honor the imperfect?

Perfect is never really perfected, plain and simple. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese view of honoring the imperfect. When things are imperfect they have character. They feel personal and filled with life.

Bless the imperfect. Find beauty in the things that just seem to be a little off. Look at the bark of a tree. It is not perfect. It has knots, bumps and discolorations. But it feels on purpose. It is intentional. It is guided by the deeper pulse of the Universe. Imperfect is art in action.

What are you trying to make perfect?

How is perfection holding you back?

Usually ideas of perfection are really fear in disguise. The fear to move forward. The fear to fail. The fear to be right. The fear to actually have to do something!

  1. Are you forming your own opinions?

Opinions are swirling through the air like dirt particles. Opinions aren’t necessarily bad, they’re is just an overabundance of them. Really we use opinions as a way to make things relative so that we can comprehend them. But you can have your own opinion.

Our heads are filled with the voices of so many other people. And even more insane is that we try to listen to all of those other voices, ignoring our own. Your voice, your idea, your voice of the world is valid.

Ask yourself:

What do I really think?

What do I really feel?

How does this go against the grain of the other thinkers in my life?

Why am I listening to them, and not myself?

When you free your spirit from the opinions of others you begin to float. Life is more vibrant. You may find yourself more colorful, and a bit eccentric. Gosh, the way we would live if we didn’t think anyone was watching.

  1. Do you love what you are doing?

Are you in a job, relationship, situation, or pattern of thinking that makes you unhappy?

Why are you doing it?

Maybe look at the other power thoughts above to answer that question.

Relationships and jobs are the two biggest pain points in people’s lives. We tend to bleed out our power into things that make us feel completely unhappy. But you are meant to be happy. That is your right that is the law of the Universe.

Remember, if it isn’t a yes, then it is a no! Say no when you really mean no. Don’t say yes out of fear, or guilt, or responsibility. You do not have to justify yourself.

Just ask yourself: Does this feed my spirit? If not, move along!

Do you want help on your journey to live more intently?

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© Shaheen Miro 2015

A Time of Parting: A Halloween Message

securedownloadThe night is a gentle fog falling around me, enveloping me, wrapping me in velvet darkness. A cool, inky feeling has settled upon me. My soul is coming out in layers and colors, symbolic gestures that have come before in some ancient life. The autumn is alive and well… the reining queen of the harvest has come to claim her glory.

This is the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Our ancestors are among us, cloaked and smiling. Bright shinning stars are lighting up the in-between. Trust your feelings, the shivers, the inspirations, and the insights that have been gifted to you in crystal perfect. This is the time of remembrance. This is the time of parting.

Hold your fears in your hand like little pebbles. Name them, breathe life into them, and then cast them into the fire. Let the cleansing light renew you; relieve you of your worries and concerns. The leaves fall knowing that they will be reborn in the spring. Trust in the process of nature.

I’ve begun pulling cards to tell stories. There are messages in pictures and images. The Universe is speaking to us… imparting wisdom if you hush for a second and bend your ear to listen.

I pulled three cards from the whimsical, Halloween Tarot:

The King of Bats (Swords)

The King of Imps (Wands)

The Four of Pumpkins (coins).

A curious mix of characters have come out to play; the stately kings sitting on their thrones and the benevolent pumpkin creature working diligently in his garden.

The King of Bats

The King of Bats is a reminder to let your thoughts be clear, and in doing so cast away doubt and worry. Your thoughts are powerful charms warding and drawing things to you. Learn to be conscious of what you’re thinking.

The King of Imps

The King of Imps urges get out of your head; channel your thoughts into action. Release the old and begin sewing the new. You have pure energy and potential waiting to be utilized. All you want is within your grasp if you push forward.

The Four of Pumpkins

The Four of Pumpkins whispers…what you begin to sew will bloom and grow into something beautiful and spectacular. You may not see it now, but it will come! Your thoughts are seeds waiting for life, all you need to is meet the Universe half way by pushing your dreams.

Now light a candle to honor your ancestors. Call on the ones you love, and your Spirit Circle to guide, and guard you through the cold, and dark times of Winter.

To Book a Reading with Shaheen click, HERE. 

Happy Halloween!

How to Conduct a Séance with Tarot

girl-using-ouija-boardJust beyond the tip of your senses in a vibrant world, swirling, and illuminated. If you shut your physical eyes, and open you mystical ones you will see the Spirit World, a place that dances with a menagerie of wonders. To some it may seem far, distant and forgotten… but really those who have passed are all around us.

Since I was a child I could see, and sense things that thrive beyond the veil. I would experience the fragments of forgotten memories, the whispers of the past, and those who’ve passed on. When we are children we are awake to these things, they are just as real as anything you can touch with you hands. And for some of us the sight never fades.

Time has gifted me with the ability understand these things. I can go deeper into the mysteries, or throw up my protection to keep unwanted things at bay. But the whispers of the Other Side are always there. Even you can sense it if you open yourself.

As someone who travels the invisible realms with my senses, with Tarot and tea leaves I see messages everywhere. The unfolding of intuition, the blooming of signs and symbols. The sacred dreamtime is always calling to our senses… from the chills up your spine, to the clouds in the sky, the riddles of your dreams, and the songs on the radio.

But have you ever wondered how to talk to the Invisible world?

Maybe you’ve called out to a passed loved one for a message. Or consulted the spirit board to see if some invisible hand could spell out a message. People are curious to what lies just beyond the veil.

The invisible world is always looking for a way to communicate with you. Whether it is your angels, your higher self, the Universe, or your deceased relatives. You just have to find your unique language for communicating, your telephone line!

Conduct a séance with Tarot. Find your favorite deck, the one that works best for you. Look for images that really speak to you. Find a safe, and private place. Set the mood by lighting a candle, and sipping a cup of warm tea.

Burn sage or incense to cleanse the air, and open the door. Ask for the light of protection to surround you, and say a prayer of protection. Call out: I am here to speak beyond the veil. I call on my Spirit Circle to communicate with me.  

Take yourself into a meditative state. Breathe deeply finding the rhythm of your breath. Inhale and exhale counting and falling deeper into you’re the velvety darkness of your inner wisdom. When you feel grounded and open begin to shuffle.

Concentrate on the task at hand. If you want to speak to someone specific then politely ask them to join you in the circle. Maybe place a photograph of whomever you want to speak with on your reading table. And speak their name aloud. If you would like to speak with whoever wants to join you then just be open. Ask that only good join you in the circle.

Now lay the cards out. One by one. Maybe making little fans in front of you. Search for clues in the cards. Look at the colors, the scenes, the images and anything that stands out to you.
What catches you attention?

What seems to stand out the most?

Who appears in the cards?

Look for people in the images. Look for the court cards specifically to identify people. Pay attention to their status, their age, the color of their hair and their sex. See if you can pinpoint a scene that clarifies who they are, and what they did in life.

If you want to use a spread lay out a card for:

  1. The Past of the visitor.
  2. A clue about their life, or passing.
  3. What message they may have for you.
  4. A parting piece of wisdom.

Remember the cards are a language. Ask questions; lay out a card to get the answer. Let the words be the voice of the spirit. Explore, play and see what happens. You may find the séance unfolds all around you… beyond the cards!

Or pick a few people you wish to speak with, and assign them cards. Shuffle the deck (remembering who is who), and lay the cards out. If that those card appear you know they are there, and wish to speak. If they do not, then another person may be working to speak with you.

Sometimes picking a card to represent the person you wish to speak with will help you identify them. You can choose the card before the reading, laying it to the side, and building the cards around it.

Often times when I am reading for someone and using Tarot I will pick up on people in the persons life. When a card distinctly stands out as an individual in my clients life I will meditate on that card… going deeper into its essence to see if it is someone alive, or in spirit.

Learn more about Spirit Guides by reading my Article:

Your Spirit Circle: 6 Ways to Befriend Your Spirit Guides

For those of you who wish to have a friend on our journey into the Invisible World book a session with me!

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ONE Question Intuitive Reading Halloween Special


ShaheenMiro1Happy Halloween Everyone!

Did you know that Halloween is considered the Old New Year?

This was the ideal time to do look into the future, or the past, and see what is happening and what you can look forward to in the coming months.

I would like to offer One Question Intuitive Readings via email.

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Example of clear questions:

How do I approach my boss concerning our disconnect on our current project?

Will I be finically sound if I move forward with my current creative endeavor?

If I approach my spouse about our recent miscommunication will he/she be receptive?

Examples of un-clear, non applicable questions:

What is my future?

When will Mr. Right come into my life?

Should I change jobs?

These kind of questions can lead to more questions, and would be much more insightful in a full session.

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For those of you who love my deck Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle I just want to say thank you! This has been a wonderful thing to share with the world, and probably one of my favorite projects I have worked on. People seem to really resonate with this deck. The Oracle has been a doorway for many people to really tap into their little world of intuition and imagination.

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ONE Question Intuitive Reading

cropped-fullsizerender-51.jpgDo you have a burning question? Something clear, and direct that you need a little intuitive guidance on? Is there something weighing heavy on your heart that you need some clarity about?

Book a ONE Question Intuitive Reading with Shaheen via email.

When you book a ONE question reading have a clear and concise question in mind. We want to get to the heart of the matter. The more clear you are, the more information we can get. Questions that are very open-ended, or over arching cannot be answered in a snapshot reading such as this.

Example of clear questions:

How do I approach my boss concerning our disconnect on our current project?

Will I be finically sound if I move forward with my current creative endeavor?

If I approach my spouse about our recent miscommunication will he/she be receptive?

Examples of un-clear, non applicable questions:

What is my future?

When will Mr. Right come into my life?

Should I change jobs?

These kind of questions can lead to more questions, and would be much more insightful in a full session.

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October: Ghosts, Spirits, Haunting and the Unexplained

Albert_Joseph_Pénot_-_Départ_pour_le_Sabbat_(1910)Happy October!!

This is my favorite time of the year…the warm drinks, spooky happenings, and good energy in the air. What a wonderful time to tap into the mystical energy all around us. Join me on October 10, 2015 for Ghost, Spirits, Haunting and the Unexplained. I will be speaking from 10-11:15 am. I will address all the mysterious happenings at this time of year, and taking questions from the audience.

After the talk I will do 10-minute Mini Readings! This is a great opportunity to get a snapshot of where you are as we wrap up the year. I would love, love, love to see you here… in my hometown… sharing all the good vibes!

Mini readings will start at noon and must be scheduled in advance at the Ripley Library. You can either call 937-392-4871 or stop by. The Ripley Library is located at the corner of US52 and Main Street in Ripley, Ohio. Updates and other programs can be found on the Ripley Library Facebook at Ripleyohiolibrary.

Note: Mini readings need to be booked in advance, and there is a fee. Reserve your space. They fill up quickly!

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All the best,

Tarotscopes: October 2015 with The Collective Tarot

Monthly Theme

Oppression (The Devil)

Isn’t it fascinating how we make things harder on ourselves than they really need to be? I want you to stop for a moment, breathe in the cool autumn air, and take notice of where you feel resistance in your body and life. Ask yourself: How am I being oppressed? How am I contributing to my own oppression? Shine the light on this pain. Cast it to the wind and watch it scatter into the bones of trees and leaves. This is your time to rise, thrive and grow. Your past pain is nothing more than steps toward your infinity.

Aries March 21-April 19

Change (The Wheel)

A powerful wind of change is blowing into your life. Will you open your arms and take to the sky? Will you let yourself move and bend with the ancient trees, and the memories of the year? Put your troubles into the leaves, and let them be swept up into the night. Release all your resistance. This could be a bumpy ride… unless you let yourself slow grind with the Wheel of the year.

Taurus April 20-May 20

6 of Bones (6 of coins)

Taurus you are entering a new phase of your life. You have fought the good fight, and you have struggled long enough. Stand-back and revel in the riches you have manifested. The seed has been planted, and the gifts are beginning to bloom. You are empowered. Can you stay in this state of grace? Be mindful of your creeping suspicions, your doubts and your worries. Remember, you have done it! Rest, relax and ease into this flow. Don’t question your power… just smile at it.

Gemini May 21-June 21

Intermission (The Hanged Man)

Step outside of your two selves, Gemini. Step right here into the in-between place that lives behind your head, heart and spirit. Project on the big, black screen of awareness everything that you are feeling. Where are you stuck? Where you are struggling? Where are you being rigid? Where are you in pain? I urge you to take these moments of reflection daily. The energy of October seduces you into stillness, and begs you to gestate.

Cancer June 21-July 22

The Sun

Can you feel the warm embrace of the Universe on your checks? Let all the good mojo swirling through the atmosphere kiss your lips, and ease your heart. You are in the warm glow of creation, of divine providence. Remember, there is power in rest, and acknowledgment of your good and accomplishments. Sunday is the traditional day of rest. Make a weekly ritual of feeling this warm embrace for at least a few minutes. This will multiply in no time.

Leo July 23-August 22

Ace of Bones (Ace of Coins)

There is light in the cracks of your doubt. Gaze into the glow. Look deeply into yourself, your motives, and your intentions. Are you in alignment with your highest good? The outer world usually reflects our inner state. What story are you telling? You may be trying too hard to find your footing, believing that you are falling, swirling, spiraling out of bounds… when really you have solid earth beneath you. Let the cracks crumble to reveal the power behind your eyes.

Virgo August 23-September 22

6 of Keys (6 of Wands)

What have you been battling, Virgo? Do you know when the battle is won? Have you been clear about what you are really working toward? Do not get caught in the details. The details usually confuse our feelings, and our feelings express to the Universe where we are, and what we want. Give up the ghost, stop raging against the storm. Look your opponents in the eyes, smile, and say… we are both winners. Can you give up control and let the battle become a dance?

Libra September 23-October 22

8 of Feathers (8 of Swords)

Thoughts and feelings are falling around you like acid rain. You are feeling bound up, and blindfolded. You are shadowed by your own fears, your desires, and your relentless need to be in control. Has that worked thus far? Do you feel the knot around your wrist? Tug gently and the ropes will fall free. You are not a prisoner. Rather than fear the darkness of unknowing, step into it and marry the night. Marry the wind, the rain, the water, and all the pain. You cannot go around the door you can only step through.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

Artist of Feathers (Queen of Swords)

Scorpio, there is a longing at lives in the root of your throat. This is your immanent need to express yourself, to share your truth, to live your art. You may not feel comfortable in the ephemeral world of feelings, and self-expression, but you have been asking for the key to liberation. Close your eyes sing yourself a little lullaby. Rage a little, rock a little, and live a little. Sometimes all it takes to raise the wind are the subtlest acts of radical self-expression.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

10 of Feathers (10 of Swords)

You have flown to high, and now you are falling from the sun. Sagittarius, we must put all your feathers back into place, and give you your wings. The birds never migrate by calculating with logic, they operate from instinct. Tap into your primordial self and ask the simple question: which way is up? You can never truly lose your way, rather you forget which way is yours, and which way is “theirs”.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

10 of Keys (10 of Wands)

Somewhere in the corridors of your soul is a forgotten room, a lock with a missing key. Here is the shrine of your broken dreams, your longings and your desperation. Maybe you locked them away because you forgot your beauty. Maybe you locked them away because you didn’t feel good enough, strong enough, brave enough, or worthy. The ghost of your longing will eventually slip through the cracks, down the hall, and from the shadows. Fear not their presence rather befriend them. Sit with them. Dine with the ghost. Give them tea. And let them show you how beautiful, and talented you really are.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

The Lovers

There are always two paths to go down, Aquarius. The path that leads to your heart, and the path that leads to your shadow. Will you hold the ancient talisman of love in your hand, cradling it with all the reverence and love you can muster? The love is never far behind, no the love never lays outside of you; rather the love burns with in. Touch the flames of love, ignite the fodder, and blaze into your exulted glory.

Pisces February 19-March 20

10 of Bottles (10 of Cups)

Dance tiny dancer, dance long and hard into your dreaming. Dance like the mermaid in her kingdom of fluid mysteries. Let the warm waters of the Universe seduce you, let them move around you and through you. You are experiencing an act of spiritual cleansing, and infusion of love, and connection. Expect good things, and good things will come. And know that you will share this with many beautiful mermaids.

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