How to Slip Out of Pain and into Healing to Show up Bolder and Brighter in the World

Imagine yourself sitting in the surrender of the vibrant wild of nature. Mother Earth kissing you with vitality. The Moon peeks over your shoulder through blackened skies filling you up with light. Rushing waters lull you deep into a trance. … Continue reading

How to Pray with Tarot Cards

Prayer is touching the Divine with reverence…handing over your hopes, fears and dreams and then listening for a response. Most people pray daily, whether or not it’s a sacred solemn hour of prayer or quick “note to God” in the car… … Continue reading

A Prayer to Touch the Divine

Universal spirit of love and light

Wrap your satin glow around me

In protection, power and grace

Give me the vision to see beyond

These walls that keep me bound

In this illusion of depletion and separation

Hush my ego self so that spirit may whisper to me

Working through my fragile shell to guide

Those who seek refuge in your light

Allow me to access with clarity

The wisdom, the healing and the knowledge

Of the all knowing, the I Am

So that our path in this earth-walk may be

A little easier, a little brighter

Let me bask in the love of the Universe

Grant me the courage and the power to see

The love and light within my spirit

Allow me to step beyond the veil

To the world where we have not forgotten our glory

Where time flows into one golden ring

And the answers I seek are found

And where the desires I have are made real

With the hand of celestial helpers guiding me

And the love of the guiding flames

Let me walk this path

In this moment, in each day

So shall it be

© Shaheen Miro 2009

Understanding Intuition: Insight One

Everyone is intuitive. You were born that way. It is one of the most natural things you can do. We are spiritually based creatures, which means that it is essential for us to tap into our intuitive self. Everyone is capable of using intuition, are you willing to?

© Shaheen Miro 10/16/2012 

Understanding Intuition: Introduction

There is a paradigm shift happening throughout the world. As the old ideals dissolve and new ones begin to take there place, people seem to be looking inward more. More and more people are focusing on their own spirituality and their connection to divinity. With that comes questions about intuition.

I will begin posting a segment called, “Understanding Intuition”. Each insight will be a small morsel of information to help you better understand intuition, what it is, how it works, and how you can utilize it! I hope you keep in-touch and be sure to ask questions, make comments and share stories.

All the best!


© Shaheen Miro 10/16/2012