Distance Spiritual Egg Cleansing Ceremony

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Hello Mystical Seekers… Have Questions?

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The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: The Broom Charm

Traditionally the broom or besom was used as a tool of spiritual cleansing and protection in folk magic. The broom has become an icon of the witch, as well as the symbol of cleansing itself.

People would fasten springs of angelica to the staff of a rounded broom and hang it in the main room of their home as a charm against negativity. 

Another powerful form of protection was to lay the broom across the threshold of your home when you were away, as it created a barrier, which unwanted harm could not cross.

To cleanse a room of negative energy sweep from west to east. This moves negativity from the space leaving it spiritually sound. As you sweep visualize dark, sludgy energy being brushed away with the dirt. Seal the working by seeing the room filled with white light.

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