Spiritual Message / Update February 22, 2011

Hello Friends,

I hope all of you are doing well. The weather seems to be improving and as it improves spirits are being lifted… lets continue to invite warm, positive and loving energies into our lives.

Here are a few things I would like to share with you:

  • From February 22 to March 31 I will be offering a discounted price for phone readings only, when you by 3 gift certificates. If you purchase 3 gift certificates you will get a discount of $5 off of each session that is a phone reading. Please email for more information.
  • I am available for in-person and phone readings most Saturdays and Sunday. If the drive is a little long consider coming with a few friends, it makes for a wonderful day.
  • Two people were picked for my drawing: Maria N. and Bettie M. They will be receiving mini-email readings. Look for future giveaways!
  • Please go and checkout my website ShaheenMiroInsights.com and if you would like to leave a comment you can do so on the “Testimonials” page.
  • I now have a blog that I would love for you to follow, https://shaheenmiroinsights.wordpress.com, check it out I’m sure you will find something of interest there.
  • There is a section of my blog titled “Metaphysical Answers”, in which I answer questions that people may have regarding readings, psychic phenomena, divinity, spirituality, energy healing, etc. So if you have a question please email me so that I may answer it and include it on the website.


I hope to hear from all of you soon. Please keep in contact and share this information with friends.


Spiritual Message:

Right now is a time of tension and pressure. People are feeling tested, overwhelmed and on edge. If you are starting to feel more stressed than usual, then take a day, an hour or at least a few minutes to be with yourself. You need time to renew and refresh.

The energy cycle we are in right now is one of preparation for what lies ahead in the next few months. As we move into spring intense manifestation will be taking place. You will start to see yourself in a different light, finding the ability and potential within yourself to attain your desires.

This period right now is instilling within you the knowledge that you are able to achieve whatever you wish to give your energy to.  As challenges begin to strip away old and worn-out thoughts, beliefs and feelings you will begin to have a stronger magnetism about you. So be strong because soon many of your goals and dreams will come to be.

Best Wishes,


© Shaheen Miro 2/22/2011


Metaphysical Answers: Spiritual Map

Here is a wonderful question that a client sent to me that I believe many of you can relate to:

I would like to understand or grasp the following concept: If I have free will and I am the creator of my destiny, what happens to the contracts I agreed upon before being incarnated? Does this mean that I will experience what I agreed upon, but during my incarnation I will have free-will on how to get there? Does this also mean that I can accelerate or slow down the learning of those lessons? I hope I make sense. Blessings!

Dear friend,

This is a wonderful question, one that I have been asked before and one that I have contemplated myself. This can be a very confusing concept, but it can be explained by understanding the map or contract we created for our journey.

Before incarnating we create a contract that is laid out like a map. This map highlights the key concepts that we wish to learn in our incarnation that will lead us to “enlightenment”. We detail different experiences that we want and need to learn for our spiritual growth.

In my personal experience I have found that we detail first our soul groups. These are the people that we will be working with in our lifetime; starting with key figure, such as our family (parents, spouses and children). Often times we choose these people because their souls evolution links up with our own. For example: Your husband or wife may wish to learn to be more conscious of others needs, while you may be seeking more patience.

After deciding on whom you will be learning with, you set out the actual obstacles or courses. This covers many things from what career path you will be working in, to possible health issues, to the major life shaking events. What you must remember is that like a real map, you set out a “destination”, which has may routes.

Think of this visually. If you are setting out on a road trip and your goal is to get to a specific park, park X, in a specific town, in a specific state, you can map this out. You may choose to take the scenic route, you may choose the highway, or you may choose a very obscure bumpy path. Each path will be very different, but they will all lead you to your destination, park X.

So in this life you will have mapped out many things. Some of the lessons you have mapped out will be physical obstacles, dealing with health, security and safety. Others will be mental/emotional dealing with relationships, addictions, beliefs and fears. And also, spiritual obstacles dealing with faith, religion, beliefs and issues of your own divinity.

On your map you will have strategically placed the right people, the right places and the right events to help you to achieve your goals of spiritual growth. And just like a real geographic map, you will have created alternate routes in order to achieve this.

Now, Understanding the concept of free will is very simple, we are divine beings.  We are facets of the all, of Spirit. We are nothing more than extensions of the divine experiencing our own divinity. As they say you can read a how to book about something, but unless you actually do it, the knowledge is useless. That’s why we are here… to do! You choose how fast or slow you get to your mapped out goals, like I said before you decided which road to travel down.

The pace that you learn at is completely up to you. It may not seem that way when you are in the process of living your map, but on a spiritual level your soul is constantly being guided by this.

Often times people will ask me questions in a reading that I do not know the answer to, simply because the future is only a possibility. Depending on the next path you choose that outcome may change too. Sometimes I will even tell people that I can feel something in the works, but I am unsure of how its going to play out, simply because they haven’t decided.

Being more conscious of this concept can help you learn, evolve and grow much faster. But really the quickest way to get to point X is to trust in your intuition. Your intuition is your spiritual navigation system. It is constantly trying to link you up to the quickest, smoothest and easiest path to your pre-determined destination.

Best wishes,



© Shaheen Miro 2/12/2011


Valentines Day Promotion February 2011

In honor of Valentines Day I will be doing readings for a discounted price. Phone readings will be $40 and in-person readings will be $30, for a half hour session.  This offer is only good for readings scheduled next week and you must schedule your reading before the 14th of February.  You can have a regular reading session or we can do a reading focusing on love and relationships. If you are interested please email me through my website ShaheenMiroInsights.com or leave a comment.

Best wishes,


Monthly Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune February 7, 2011

The Wheel of Fortune is a card about movement and change. It represents cycles and seasons in our lives. This card is the archetype of change and transformation. Whether it is change of circumstance, expectations or attitude this card teachers us to move with the cycles of life.

Manifestation is about movement and action. You cannot have the life you want by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and giving away your power. You must learn to stand up and be secure in your strengths and your abilities. The Wheel turns by not only the invisible hands of Spirit, but also by your own hands.

The Wheel reminds us that we are not victims to circumstance. You create your reality. The Universe can only give you what you ask for. There are things in your life that are beyond your control, but your reaction to those experiences is what you must be aware of. That is the true key to manifestation and spiritual mastery.

Mystical beast, creatures and gods often accompany the image of the Wheel. These beings represent the many forces that are at your disposal. They also represent the different energies that you encounter on your life path. They are a reminder that we have a whole army of celestial helpers: Angels, Spirit Guides, Passed loved ones and Spiritual Masters.

The other aspect of the Wheel of Fortune you must understand is that your life is filled with many different lessons. These are the spokes on the wheel of perfection. Each obstacle you encounter in life leads you one step closer to unraveling the mystery of your own divinity.

We are here as spiritual beings seeking to grow. The lesson that we are here to learn is that we are truly divine creatures, and with our divinity we have the power to create. The key is to learn to move in sync with the cycles of experience. Once you live from your highest self, your intentions become in sync with the intentions of Spirit.

Ask yourself now, “Do my desires serve my highest good? Am I creating what I want in my life? What facet of change and growth am I resisting? What is calling to my spirit now that I am refusing to listen to?” If something negative or unfavorable is recurrent in your life, then there is some part of it you haven’t learned from and embraced. Keep this in mind while asking these questions.

Take time to truly answer these questions, be honest with yourself. Write the answers out. Read over them. Make changes accordingly. Remember that your angels and celestial helpers are always here guiding and helping you, but you must ask for their aid.

Affirm daily: “I am living, creating and establishing a life that serves my highest good and the good of all. I am mindful of my experiences and I allow myself to grow and evolve.”

© Shaheen Miro 2/7/2011

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is a highly creative, intuitive and introspective form of reading. I really connect with the practice because its relies strongly on the imagination, which I believe is the pathway to intuition. Unlike other forms of divination, tealeaf reading is easily accessible to those who are willing to trust in their creative and intuitive side.

Tea leaf reading, also called Tasseography, is little known to most people, yet it is a very practical form of divination because it can be done right at the kitchen table with nothing more than a teacup, saucer and some tea. Tough there are many traditions that accompany the art of reading tea leaves, its nothing more than seeing and interpreting symbols… along side of listening to the intuitive/psychic self.

Historically it is said to have originate in China, as part of the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a meditative practice that allows the practitioner to enjoy every aspect of having a cup of tea. From their it may have spread to Europe with the Gypsies or as international trade started becoming more common place and the export of tea.

Every so often I will do a reading for myself and my method of choice is to have a nice cup of tea and then read my leaves. To me it is a very magical and atmospheric experience.  The cup reveals the inner workings of the psyche, as well as showing the path a person is on; past, present and future.

If you are interested in a different experience then book a tea leaf reading with me. Also, you can have a (psychic) tea party and everyone can see what his or her cup has to say. Tealeaf reading is about having fun and learning something new!

Please watch my video to learn more about the process of a tea leaf reading.

© Shaheen Miro 2/6/2011

Spiritual Message/ Update February 6, 2011

Dear Friends,

It’s wonderful to be writing to you now, I have a few exciting things to share with you that I hope you will enjoy. I really love sitting down to write these letters to you and I really appreciate all of the wonderful support and feedback many of you have given me. I hope to continue doing this and more!

I mentioned in previous letters that my website was in the process of getting a facelift and that I would begin doing some new things such as blogging. I am very happy to tell you that the website has been updated and it is beautiful. And I am now blogging!

To checkout my blog go to the “contact” page of my website (shaheenmiroinsights.com), you will find a small blue icon with the letter “W” in it. That is the link to my blog. There you will find the weekly spiritual message, other daily insights, random snippets of inspiration that I collect, reviews and other tools for spiritual growth and creativity.

I ask all of you to please checkout the blog and the website. When you visit the website you can leave a comment for me under the “testimonials” page. I am making a list of all the people who leave comments during the month of February. I will be places those names in a drawing.

For those of you interested in a session please contact me. I am doing readings in person, over the phone and through skype or email. You can also contact me if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate.

I am trying to put together a class on developing intuition. I would like to have this class in the spring. If you are interested in a class on learning to develop and use your intuition then please shoot me an email.

Thanks so much everyone for you positive energy. I hope you enjoy the new site and blog and I look forward to your feedback.

Spiritual Message:

Connecting with other people in friendship and romance is essential for our spiritual, mental and emotional health. Some people intentionally isolate themselves for fear of rejection and hurt and others feel as if they cannot find anyone to fill that “void” that has grown over time.

I want to remind you that you are never truly alone; Spirit wants you to be happy, healthy and loved. When we start to ask ourselves what it is that we want out of a relationship many doors begin to open.

If you find yourself feeling isolated or alone then please take a few moments to ground and center and call out to your angels and to Spirit, asking for assistance in making more spiritual connections with others. Ask yourself, “What do I want from a personal relationship?” Then follow up with the question, “What of these desires can I fulfill on my own?”

The key to having a life filled with love and working relationships is to have self-love and to be completely honest with yourself. If you think loving thoughts about yourself everyday then more people will be able to do the same.

Best wishes,


© Shaheen Miro