The Wisdom of Our Dwelling Space

Our spaces are a reflection of the workings of our inner world. If your house is chaotic and disorganized it is a manifestation of something that is going on in your inner worlds. You may want to take notice of this. Often times this can be a very helpful way to pinpoint what is blocking you from successfully manifesting and feeling energized and whole.

Reflect on this. Take notice of the physical state of each room. What is that rooms purpose? Is your bedroom chaotic….is that a reflection of problems in your personal relationship? Is your kitchen very disorganized and in need for some cleaning…how are you feeling as a family unit?

You can move this to an even grander scale. Think of your house as a reflection of your life as a whole. The outside may reflect how you appear to the world…the inside reflecting your inner workings. Is your home in need of a paint job? Then maybe you should be thinking about your weight, your physical appearance, your self image as it pertains to the world.  Do you have major problems that you have been slapping temporary fixes on for far to long…how does that apply to your life and the way you treat yourself?

This is not meant to be a criticism, this is meant to be a way of spiritually and psychologically evaluating yourself so that you may clear away the worn out and debilitating and manifest with intention.

Spend time contemplating these questions. Go deep into each room and map out what is working in each space and what isn’t working. The wonderful thing about this method is that each step you take to physically improve the space, will also help to create a positive change mentally and spiritually.

Don’t forget to call on your spiritual guides for help with this because they are masters of bring us what we need when we need it. And be prepared because when you consciously work for change, change you will get. Sometimes change happens in ways we may not expect.

Shaheen Miro © 3/2/2011

2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Our Dwelling Space

  1. Thanks for this, I REALLY needed to read and embrace this today! I stumbled on it through Ana Cortez’s FB page. Something I knew in my heart but needed to see someone else spell out for me I guess. Just going through a really tough emotional time….thanks for helping me : )

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that I could help bring a little light to you. Sometimes the most profound wisdom is the things we already know… just needed to hear it from the mouth of a stranger. I am wishing you all the best and sending you light. Thank you… hope to speak to you again 🙂 …much love Shaheen

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