Dancing In the Storm

The rain has been falling for days as a reminder to me and to the world that it is time to wash away the hurt and the pain… its time to wash away the shell that we have built around us to make us numb to our feelings. It’s okay sometimes to be stormy and to totally lose composure. Sometimes you have to dance with the fire in order heal the burn.

I have watched so many people push their feelings and emotions away. Locking them tightly inside like Pandora and her cursed box. It’s within that they build and become insidious, finally finding a way to bubble to the surface… they peak their heads out eventually, saying, “hey remember me the nasty little creature you locked away long ago?”

Its time to face our fears, dance in the dark, pull off the mask and break it. Its time to live a little because until you learn to let loose and actually be with the wind, the rain and the water, you are only going to drawn under the pressure. Eventually something has to be done, some form of spiritual house cleaning.

I keep hearing the famous line from Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, “When the rain washes you clean you’ll know” and I think I am beginning to understand the process of cleansing. There are still so many layers to break through, to wash away and to really come face to face with. One thing I know is now its time, time to get back to basics and time to get back to spirit.

I want to stand outside and spin until all the colors of blue, black and purple swirl into gray, until the ground and the sky rumble as one. I want to spin until I become the eye of the storm. I want to spin until there is nothing left but the rotation of change. I want to spin until I am one with the great wheel of the universe. The truth of dancing with the chaos is finally settling into my bones.

The only way to the light is through the dark. I think that having a beautiful, peaceful and spiritual life is all about learning to move and bend. Spiritually we must be like a tree in a great storm… if we are rigid and unwilling to move, then parts of use begin to crack and break and eventually our foundation will be pulled away. Movement is key in all of this. Movement is among the most important spiritual keys to follow.

I ask you to stand in the rain and rage with the thunder and be cleansed by the water and then as all the layers of fear, pain and negativity fall away declare, “This is MY life and MY truth. I will move with spirit and dance with destiny.”

Take from this rain the truth that there are signs everywhere speaking to us, asking us to pay a little closer attention. Signs come from everywhere and they may be global or personal, just look for the essence of everything and allow yourself to connect with the essence of everything rather than the shell.

So much love,


6 thoughts on “Dancing In the Storm

  1. An interesting post, Shaheen. I can very much relate to it. Many years ago, I held back my feelings. I was in a relationship that I no longer wanted to be in and I just couldn’t face the storm – the storm which would errupt if I ended it. I held it in until I eventually burst, having a kind of break down as a result. It’s never good to hide from your feelings. Thanks for reminding me of that today.

    Kind Regards, PL

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  3. I’m amazed how timely your repost is! Just went through a bad relationship breakup last evening. On hindsight, it was long overdue, but it seemed easier to ignore the issues and just go on. But it was eating away at me and the dam burst. I feel equal parts pain and relief – it was the healthy thing to do for my own sense of self. Thank you, Shaheen, for once again bringing me exactly what I needed to hear when I most needed it! 🙂

    • Marcia,

      It’s so good to hear that this spoke to you and offered some comfort in your time of change. It seems as if a lot of changes are taking place in people’s lives right now. It must be the retrograde. I hope you are growing and dancing and being beautiful as you follow your intuition 🙂

      Many blessings,

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