London the Dreary

outside my window


outside my window

me in the glow of a candle

five of hearts/cups: The card that the weather invokes right now.

Music and candle light create a moody atmosphere in my room tonight. There are so many things to think about and being here really allows me to take a look at my life and who I am. Its been some time since I’ve kind of allowed the night to carry me gently to inspiration… so here I am writing and reflecting. I willing take in the rains baptismal powers. And the five of hearts comes to mind. The five of hearts/cups represents moving on, letting go and release. It can be a card of tragedy. But i’ve always believed that you find love in tragedy. So here is to releasing. To walking fearless. To casting off the old!

6 thoughts on “London the Dreary

  1. Nice photos Shaheen. I like the shadowy and moody self-portrait.

    Also, that deck is lovely. Do you actually own a copy?


  2. It really is. Some of the images actually remind me of the style of Pamela Coleman Smith’s other artworks. It’s very delicate. I like it a lot. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he one day publishes.

    It was really stormy here yesteday. Did you get the thunderstorm in London? We had a real heatwave, which eventually turned to pouring rain.


    • I know they are very delicate and I can see the pcs comparison not just in the style of drawing but also the coloring. Would love to have these in a deck… Maybe we should send him an email asking about it

      Yes yesterday it rained a lot. It was sort of off and on but it was def stormy. Someone told me that it doesn’t storm here the way it does in the us… Is that true? Though it was gray it it was still pretty. I like that sort of shadowy somber vibe every once in awhile

  3. Me too. I was working from home yesterday and the sky just went black. We heard the first rumbles of thunder and then when I went into the garden for a cigarette, the lightning began to flash and light everywhere up. We got back in just as it started to rain. The heavens really opened and it really poured. I love being in here when it is like that – the smell of the rain, the sound of it. it’s so refreshing.

    Yes, maybe we should get in touch with the artist and see if he has any plans to publish.

  4. Ah London. Hope the weather’s been much nicer for you this week – it’s been gorgeous up north!
    I agree that this deck is stunning…as is Felix’s other work. Thanks so much for sharing🙂

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