daily card: the hanged man

Have you ever felt as if you were being held in suspended animation, like something was keeping you from going forward and no matter how hard you try it never changes? Sometimes it feels like punishment, constantly answering to other people’s expectations. I think we often feel this way when we are stuck in a position that we don’t want to be in, but for some reason or another we think we have to be.

I’m tired of life demanding things out of me that don’t set with my soul. What is good and right and ideal isn’t always what speaks to this little nomad. I want to go where I feel colorful and alive. I want to go where the lights shine and the music play and everyone is swirling around with nothing on but love and spirit. I know you’ve felt this way too.

One principle I have held tightly to is respect. Often people expect to be respected for no real reason at all. People throw that word around far too much. Respect your elders, respect the system, respect your spouse. But what we should be respecting is our souls…and the souls of each other. I don’t think it matters who you are… Trusting in your spirit and you journey is far more important than respecting someone else’s wishes just for respecting sake.

I have this rant often because I feel like things are constantly holding people back and it’s sad. I don’t want to feel that way in my life. I want to see it all, feel it all and let my wild heart just dance. We should all be living not enduring. Stepping out of line isn’t always bad. Be spiritually rebellious!

I pulled the hanged man today. A major arcana card is a big energy to pull and represents more spiritual matters. When I looked at this card he whispered, “see life in reverse.” and I thought about how profound that is. It’s exactly what I’ve been talking about…looking at life sideways. Why not do a whole summersault?

The hanged man is a magical character because though he looks inactive, suspended and trapped he is completely content and very busy. I see him as a spiritual guru connecting with the universe allowing the old and worn out, the ego to slip from the crown of his head. Or he is Thor allowing the knowledge to run from his mind to create the runes. Either way he is active, in motion and creating. He sees life from a vantage point that far to many of us fail to see.

Seeing the hanged man makes me rethink my bound up feelings. I want to see it upside down, I want to head bang with the universe! I’m respecting my spiritual call. I’m going to see the unacknowledged opportunities around me. I think it’s best that I step away from what conflicts with me. It’s not worth my time.

Sometimes I think hanging upside down may be exhilarating. Maybe visions would come, maybe your third eye would open more. I believe the hanged man is a nomad as well…he is the hermit meditating on divinity. This card makes me want to wonder the desert, wrapped in exotic textiles…nothing but sand, time and mystery.

I wish you all well on finding your new vision

Much love,


(c) Shaheen Miro 7/31/2011


daily card: the three of wands

Today is such a beautiful day. I woke up this morning feeling really great. Something about the day feels grounded and at ease. I hope to keep that feeling with me.

Two of my friends are staying with me for a few days and I am so excited to see them. It’s great to have familiar faces around. I really missed both of them and we always have a blast together. People tend to be so much more adventurous together.

Last night we decided to go out. We visited a little pub close to my flat, which we’ve been to before. It’s the best little place… filled with tons of people, everyone dancing and best of all theres karaoke. You know that this little gypsy loves to sing.

So we dance and had a few drinks. Took in the crowed and really pulled in the lively spirit. Watching karaoke is always this mixture between humor and awe. Everyone there really put there heart into it.

So when it was my turn to sing I took to the stage and naturally rocked out. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a bit of a rock and roll..gypsy! The crowed was moving. I was singing, channeling a little Janis and really just have fun. I think it’s in moments like those that you let down your guard and just take in life. It was a blast!

On the ride home my friends and I rode in the back of the crowded double-decker bus. We sat there facing eachother, each of us tired eyed, yet some how life and dreams came up. We carried on together about how we are ready to love and take take our dreams and run with them.

Its surreal for three friends from Ohio to be here in this big city of London for no other reason than we wanted to be. It made me realize how fearless we are sometimes. I think it’s in those moments of uncertainty the most magic happens. You have to live life knowing that each thing you do is another story, another facet and another part of you.

My best friend and I have this conversation all the time. Sometimes it feels like university is holding us back. We are young, beautiful and ready to live our dreams. We are ready to make love and art. But it’s all in good time.

This morning I pulled the three of wands and I instantly saw the three of us taking chances and going after opportunities. There is something freeing about looking at your life and feeling like you are giving yourself to something you love, it’s not always possible as a career, but even in your free time (make it if need be) you should find something that you are passionate about.

All of us are on an epic adventure, whether you know it or not. Some of us will quietly sit on the train and watch life pass by only seeing the magnificent things through a window and others will take the time to stop and really be active on the journey… I want to be one of those people.

The three of wands reminds you to live life, not endure it and in the unfolding of it all you must find something to enjoy. Never look back and wish you would have…look back and remember that you did!

Life starts by dreaming because it’s in dreaming that we tell the universe what we want and need. Wands ask us to communicate and the the three of wands reminds you that there is more to life than what you see. Take advantage of every opportunity.

“she stepped out on the stage filled with fear and wonder. The crowed roared and the lights flashed. As she stepped to the microphone, looking out at the sea of people she thought, ‘i’m living my dream!’ and together they made love and art… They shared it all.”

Never stop… With love


(C) Shaheen Miro 7/30/2011


daily card: the ace of pentacles

In my life things are constantly moving. I never know what’s coming next and I work to stay grounded even in the storm. My mother taught me that spirit never gives you more than you can bear and I speak from experience… She is correct.

Sometimes you feel worn out and weak. You just want to step away from it all and head home. The road can be dark and the task of it all exhausting, but the magic comes in those silent moments when you think back on what you’ve seen.

I have seen many devastating things in my life and I have seen the most beautiful sights. I wrap them all in gold and hold them in my heart because they have brought me here. Sometimes life feels like it’s tearing you down so that you can see how strong you really are.

Let’s send love to the ones who burn with pain, who feel that here is no where left to go. I ask for their souls to be set free. Let’s give them our blessing and take to the road in their honor. You have the power if you just find the will… Look to someone who inspires you to pull you through.

This morning I pulled the ace of pentacles. This card is so appropriate in so many ways. It speaks of new beginnings, foundations and hard work paying off.

My best friend just arrived in London this morning and she is one of those people who build me up. She is my partner in crime and together we can do anything. Her being here makes this trip seem that much more important.

I know that this card is also telling me that something great is on it’s way, I’ve put in the work and now the rewards will follow. I needed get back to my center, to my foundation for this to be.

Being in London has been a stepping stone on my journey. I’ve asserted my independence and I’ve stepped away from things that I didn’t need in my life. A little healing was needed and I am finding it. I’ve learned what I want and what I don’t want and I’ve seen myself grow. There are illusions I had that have been shattered and my new thought suit who I am now much better.

The ace of pentacles reminds you that what you need is on it’s way. A sense of security and foundation is finding you. I believe we have all had our share of uncertainty with the economy and the government and everything else that bombards us daily, but remember to ground and center… It’s the best medicine. If you’ve been putting in the hard work and feeling like you should be seeing results now, the ace is here to tell that you will. Things are coming into fruition. You are about to begin a new journey, with new people and new lessons.

I find myself closing my eyes more and taking in the sounds and the darkness behind my lids. I ask to step gently into the mystery of the universe. I welcome this new beginning with open heart and wings. I hope you do the same.

Find the little moments of magic left in this big, bad and very misunderstood world. There is beauty all around please see it, embrace it and then add to it ten fold.

Love you gypsies,


(c) Shaheen Miro 7/29/2011


daily card: the knight of wands

I woke p this morning with a different view of my room, having slept at the other end of the bed. It was refreshing to see the sunlight come through the white lace. I laid there for a moment taking in the warmth of all the creamy colors. I then checked my emails and other online accounts and I found videos of Stevie Nicks’ performances last night on America’s got talent. It was wonderful to see her rock out. She sang For What Its Worth from her new album In Your Dreams and then she sang Edge of Seventeen the classic from her first solo album Belladonna. Very appropriate since yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Belladonna.

All the cards I received (May post more later).

It was great watching her this morning. It made me feel calm and at peace. It also made me realize how much love people put into their dreams. She at 63, is beyond gorgeous and she puts her heart and soul into her work and performances… And it has to be for no reason other than it makes her happy. That’s an admirable quality.

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams and destiny. I spent time in the park again last evening. I wrote in my journal and played with my faerie cards and I took in the wonderful energy around me. The trees really ground me there and I love the yarrow that grows wild.

I kept getting from the faeries to keep going forward. I drew a few cards such as Bright Spark, which hinted at guidance coming in the darkness of the future. Even if I can’t see exactly where this path goes, the fae are reminding me to trust.

I pulled the prince (knight) of wands this morning. I love how the knights are coming out to play. Lots of court cards have shown up recently. A sign of planning I believe. And wands are about creativity and action. I saw the knight and thought, “what are you planning?” His appearance intrigues me because I am at a point now where the road head isn’t clear and though I am ready to meet the challenge, it is a little daunting.

The knight of wands is speaking to all of us. We get stuck in the mindset that nothing is going our way or nothing will change for the better or that those dreams and goals are too lofty. He is reminding us that it doesn’t have to be that way. We have the power to have whatever our heart desires. What’s the secret then? I’m not entirely sure, but the knight is about action. Maybe the secret is to stay in motion, to constantly stay involved with your goals… Have your hand in something you love. Dreams are meant to be intimate love affairs. I’ve said it before, we must live as if the dream is already here.

Let’s dedicate our lives to being happy. Let’s make love and art. Let there be no moment where you are giving your energy away to something that brings you down. It’s a difficult goal but its worth the effort. I want to remind you that it’s okay to be sad or down or discouraged. All of our emotions are important and they must be felt and respected. But remember to stay in motion… Feel the negative and move on.

Lately I have been learning that nothing but what makes me feel connected is worth my time. Someone asked me recently as we were heading to the tube, “why aren’t you running? It’s about to leave!” and I responded, “I don’t run. There will be another one.” It just doesn’t make sense to me to rush for things that don’t bring you joy. Take it one step at a time, be patient and keep dancing with life and destiny.

Today as I ride the bus the sun shines brightly and everyone looks beautiful. Something is glowing inside of people. Maybe it is the sun charging us… It’s a reminder to open your eyes and see things differently. Let the day inspire you and let the possibilities enter you… you never know what will happen!

Ride tall my friends… Into the unknown living for your goals and blazing the path to your destiny.

Much love,

(c) Shaheen Miro 7/28/2011


daily card: the knight of pentacles

I feel a little rushed this morning, almost anxious. I stopped for a moment and gently reminded myself that the day will be wonderful and there is no need to rush. I held my amethyst and rose quartz crystals in my hand and invited their spirits into my own.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I woke up much more refreshed than today… I guess because there was no expectations. I told myself the day would be dedicated to relaxing.

I completed a few chores and a couple online tasks for work and then a set out to connect to my spirit. I drew a few fairies… I guess they are really speaking to me now. I then had to decide whether I wanted to attend a business engagement with my boss or spend some time in the park.

At first I wanted to go to the party with my boss. It sound like a lively evening and there was the possibility that new opportunities could come from it. But I wasn’t inspired by the prospect. I felt she needed the time with her husband. And I needed the time in the park.

I made my way to the park confident in my decision and I found a nice tree to sit under. I spread out a scarf and my books and things and retrieved my iPod so I had some music to inspire me.

I sat there for almost three hours writing and playing with my new cards. I felt so at peace in the grass with the flowers and trees. It was grounding for me and it allowed me to be present in my emotions.

I’ve realized that I am in the process of letting go of old and worn out feelings and ideas. I’m becoming grounded in my dreaming as well. What I thought I wanted before is becoming different now. I’m finding that my dreams have evolved and I believe I am learning the true meaning of grace.

I pulled the knight of pentacles this morning. It’s interesting that pentacles keep showing up. Yesterday it was the 7 of pentacles. I have to ask myself then… What am I building my foundation on? What am I dedicating myself to?

When I see the knight of pentacles I see myself charging onto a new goal, a new idea or dream. He is a sign that I am heading in a different direction and that my change of heart should be welcomed on my walk with destiny.

Seeing him also reminds me to be mindful of small choices. He says, don’t be too impatient. There is a balance that you must achieve when pursuing a dream… You must stay in motion but remain patient.

Drawing him after the 7 of pentacles is a reminder that hard work will pay off. It my be tiresome and disheartening at times… But if it starts with a spark of inspiration it will lead you closer to the dream.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing. I think about my life and question if I am wandering aimlessly. But as gypsies always do… I take to the wind. In doubt I just close my eyes and ride.

I want you to know that you are never a fool. No matter how crazy your dreams may be or how much of a mistake you think you’ve made or how hopeless you feel… There is always a light that shines through the night. Just stay faithful to the goal. Remember what the fae said yesterday.

I have questioned a few times why I am here but I remind myself it’s because I listened to the call. Last night I stood in the dark doorway to the back garden and a little gleaming eye caught my attention, so I stepped into the dark and bent down to see better and there stood the little black cat who I’ve seen a few times.

She was so graceful and free. I don’t know what she was doing in our enclosed garden… Other than being my little guide. She almost let me pet her this time. She came up to me and looked me in the eyes for a long while, but she wasn’t ready for me to touch her. So I left her be and thanked her.

She reminded me that I am here for the right reason. I am following a dream, I am listening to my intuition and I am taking my independence.

I wish us all well on our way. Be faithful knowing that like the knight you will ride into your dreams beautiful and strong and though it may be hard work you will reap the reward of the seeds you sow.

Rule your life like a bird in flight…
With love

(c) Shaheen Miro 7/27/2011


wandering with friends… and faeries

Yesterday was a perfect day, filled with fun, friendship and tarot! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet my blogger friend, Prince LeNormand, face to face. Him and I began our day in Seven Dials starting with tea and a good chat about life and tarot, and all the things in between. And in our conversation we found that we share so many interests in common.

There was something refreshing about speaking with someone who shares my interest and ideas and being able to actually connect with someone here that I wouldn’t be able to connect with if I weren’t, made it even more delightful. My outlook on this trip was really renewed and I now feel like London is a part of me.

Him and I spent our time browsing through hundreds of tarot decks at a few different stores, and I was overwhelmed at all the beautiful cards to choose from. My dear friend was a wealth of information on decks and he helped me immensely in choosing my new gift to myself.

After finally making a purchase we made our way to lunch and talked a bit more. The day was just great because it was beautiful out and the streets were alive with people enjoying the sun. There were so many shops with magical treasures that called to my spirit. And when we visited the market… I couldn’t handle all the shinny, pretty things. I wanted them all!

Once I made my way I home I finally took my new deck out of the box and thumbed through all the cards and the pages of the book. I am so happy I picked The Heart of Faerie Oracle as my neck deck. Brain Froud is an amazing artist and I love being pulled into his little Faerie world. If you aren’t familiar with him please look him up, you wont be disappointed. I believe he really does give us a glimpse into the world that lives next to our own.

These cards are stunning. They come out at you, with life, energy and grace. The characters are truly spirits living somewhere, calling to us through a thin veil. I was taken back by the messages I received when flipping them over… as if the cards were telling my story word for word.

I slept with my new deck under my pillow last night, as my mother always told me to do… so that I could connect with the images. It was odd because I dreamt about a woman with thick, wild black hair… that reached out around her face like mighty tree branches, tangled with dark, oily spiders webs. She spoke to me hastily as if she were trying to get somewhere… and as she approached me she pulled from her pocket a pair of shinny shears that flashed like the moon on the most velvety night. And she began cutting my hair… madly cutting my hair and locks flew from side to side.

I was frozen as I watched her facial expressions and my hair. She was so intense. I cannot remember what she spoke about. Just about how it had to go… It just had to go. She wasn’t frightening and I didn’t feel threatened. It just felt abrupt. Was that a visit from Faery?

Today I pulled a few cards to share with all of you. The cards decided to show up, two of which I encountered last night: The Lady of Faith, The Gift, and In Two Minds. I found them to work extremely well together and interestingly enough; they were all similar in their color. Some of the cards in the deck are very, very colorful… and others are all sepia, and gray tones.

The first card, The Lady of Faith is a card the represents our need to keep our hearts open. I myself have had times in my life… more often that I would like, where it hurt so bad to love people. Not just romantically, but just plain and simply love… You cannot control others actions, their thoughts or feelings. People are like storms and so is love.

When love hurts us we begin to internalize that feeling. We start to allow the pain to creep into every crack in our being and settle in. We grow ill and fragile. Our confidence dwindles and we have no faith left in anything. Sometimes this manifest as excess weight. But the Lady of Faith ask you to let go of the out come of love… she ask you to give love to yourself, but to release the pain of not having love gifted back… in the way you see fit. There is an abundance of love in the universe if you tap into the source of it.

The second card, The Gift, is a dangerous looking broad. She wears a mask and stand stoic and intimidating. She holds in her hand something unrecognizable, a gift nonetheless. Often gifts come out of a lesson learned, and lessons learned are often scary because they mean you must dance with the dark… the unknown. She represents the unknown.

Her gift to you, through the fear and the struggle is wisdom. Though she may appear intimidating, she is actually very loving and she gives to you this special gift because you’ve earned it. She expects that you use it well, so listen to your inner voice or pay the price.

The third card, In Two Minds, is a card that we all know far too well. This is the faerie that lives in our heads. The constant chattering that comes at the most inopportune times. In Two Minds represents the arguments that we have with our selves about the most ridiculous things. He is a sweet little guy, but he’s confused. He reminds us that what seems to be a “big deal” is often nothing more than us not trusting in ourselves…. So let it go.

These three cards together are powerful. The Lady of Faith ask us to open our hearts, The Gift, urges us to move forward with wisdom and grace, and In Two Minds gently reminds us that our fears are nothing more than illusions and that we need only let go our the “argument” and continue on the path.

I hope all of you are well… and I hope this message finds you in a good place.

Wander on… with love


© Shaheen Miro 7/26/2011

daily tarot card: the seven of wands

I came to London to gain a fresh perspective on life, to be free and explore. I came here because I felt like I would be able to let go of certain things in my life, move on and be refreshed. There isn’t anything bad that I needed to get away from at home, it was just time for a change… time to begin a new chapter in my life, with new energy and new feelings. But its hard. No matter where you are you still carry your emotions with you.

Sometimes its surreal being here. I feel as if I am secluded at times and others times it feels like I am so free and that there isn’t anything in the world I can’t do, but then I stop and wonder if it will all be the same when I return home… but I’ve changed so I guess it cant be. I still feel as if there is so much more to explore, so much to see and do. I want to take it all in and not miss a beat of the new adventure I am on.

I only have 39 days left until I leave London. It’s surreal thinking about it… about being here, leaving here, knowing that i’ve been here this long already. I have mixed feelings. part of me wants to return home and the other part just loves it here. Its a process for me though, a healing journey and when the time comes to leave I believe that what needed to happen here… will have happened.

I am spending the day with a fellow blogger. We will be enjoying the day with tarot, books and I hope some yummy coffee or tea. I’m happy to have someone to enjoy the day with and be able to talk about some of my interest. So many wonderful people come into my life… its magic. I appreciate all of my friends, new and old. I know today will be another wonderful memory here in London.

This morning I pulled the seven of wands as the daily card. Its interesting to me that wands have been visiting. I believe its because I need to embrace my creative side a little more. I know we all have those moments in our life when we feel as if we are holding back a little. It can be hard to step outside of the box, especially when you are someplace new, with out any of your supporters.

The image on this card is so striking to me. The man is pushed up against the wall with fiery wands coming at him. He Looks defenseless in some ways, yet he looks very able bodied and he has a shield which he has facing behind him. Looking at this I hear the phrase, “Get up agains the wall.” It’s almost startling to see this.

To me this card is about bravery. This card is telling us to step outside of our box, step into the line of fire if you have to… just come out of hiding. For me this card is speaking to my introvertedness since I arrived in London. I am usually an outgoing person and very confidant and unafraid to talk to most people, but being in London sometimes makes me feel so distant, alien and unable to connect with people. Part of it seems to be that I know I am not here for fun… its an internship and I know I will be leaving soon, but I have to be courageous and do something spontaneous.

“Get up against the wall”… to me is a reminder to us that we need to stop pushing ourselves to a place where we feel helpless. Be brave, step outside of your box, but don’t be harsh. Don’t over do it. Be kind to your feelings, and your inuition… but explore a little.

I pray that today is a day of great enjoyment… and I pray from here on to the end of my trip I stop outside of what feels comfortable… away from the wall. I believe when we step away from the wall so to speak, what we perceive as a threat becomes nothing more than an illusion.

Be free and be creative…

Much love,


© Shaheen Miro 7/25/2011

daily tarot card: the king of pentacles

This morning as I stepped outside I was greeted by the cutest little black cat with a bell around his neck. I met him yesterday on the walk home. He was a block or so away rolling around in a flowerbed. Each time I see him he meows at me, by he wont let me touch him.

It’s odd because he is black on top and white on his belly and legs, much like the little guy who lives on the rooftop at work. Could it be a sign? Maybe I need to embrace my instinctual self more.

Interestingly enough I had the realization this morning that I need to begin drinking more water. I’ve taken up the nasty habit of drinking soda and now I need to cleanse my system. Water is important to spiritual work as well…it helps us to connect intuitively.

My goal today is to drink plenty of water and eat fruit. I often find myself craving those two things when my energy levels are low and most of the time it is preparation for something creative and spiritual to come into being.

I keep having this visual of amethyst and rose quartz crystals clustered together and I think it’s a sign to begin spiritual cleansing and to invite love into the spaces where I clear the clutter from. I think I should buy a piece of each tomorrow. Their energy goes perfectly with healing and cleansing.

Amethyst is often called the psychic vacuum and can be worn on the body or placed in rooms to absorb negative energies. It’s also my birthstone, the birthstone of my grandmother who guides me and a symbol of protection. Rose quartz invites love and beauty into our lives. It can be worn as a type of charm for love.

Appropriately this morning I pulled the king of pentacles as the daily card. How right on his presence is for me. Whenever he visits he reminds me that I need to get back to basics; I need to take a more pragmatic approach to things.

I often see him as someone who is graceful in their position. He is a king, he is powerful and he is rich, but he knows to sustain those things he must be humble and kind. He also knows that trusting your instinct is the most intelligent way to rule your kingdom.

This card can also be a reminder to get in touch with our primal parts. The most basic senses that we have. Tap into those when dealing with people or difficult situations. Being Intuitive and being instinctual are one and the same. You should trust the messages your body gives you… Are you feeling ill? Drained? Anxious? Do you feel as if something is missing from your diet? These are important intuitive messages. Each physical symptom in your body is a response to something energetic.

When I pulled the king of coins this morning the 8 of wands also fell out again. What does she want to say? Maybe getting back to basics is the key to attaining goals and dreams. It’s an interesting meditation. Her appearance was not coincidental that’s for sure.

Blessings to your day… Begin it with some sort of ritual to invite peace into your life…

Keep dreaming gypsies…with love


20110724-104904.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                   © Shaheen Miro 7/24/2011








Daily Tarot Card: the 8 of wands

Today the sun is bright and fills me with a sense of peace and calm that I have been cultivating for some time. I feel at ease as I watch out the window and see the world bustling…everyone on their way to whatever they do in life. These bus rides give me time to contemplate.

Yesterday after work I felt like I needed a change in scenery. I’ve been trying to see life from different angels lately, so instead of riding the bus home which only takes about 40 minutes tops… I walked home.

I passed by beautiful faces, withered buildings and the most fascinating shops and restaurants. For two hours I just followed the road to home seeing my daily route up close and personal, rather than through a window.

Recently a comment by a fellow blogger resonated with me. He basically said we never spend time enjoying the path between point ‘A’ and ‘B’. And it’s true… Most of us just want to arrive, we want the end product and instant gratification.

Walking home made me realize how much we miss when we just fly down the path we are on. Tunnel vision does nothing but make you lose the beauty. Sometimes the road can be more enlightening than the destination itself.

I pulled a card this morning asking what we needed to hear. The card I was given is: the 8 of wands. An action card to me. This card challenges us to be present. How often have you wanted something so bad you could taste it? You spend all your time thinking about it…dedicated to the idea of having it. But what did you do to get it?

If you dream of love but are too afraid to go out… It won’t come. If you want to be a writer by never sit down and put pen to paper, a book won’t come. The point is that you have to walk the road to you dream, taking in all the nuances of wisdom and beauty along the way.

When I see this card I see my dreams coming to me, but I see that I am in need of allowing and accepting it. If you want something live everyday as if you are doing it. You want to be a singer so sing any chance you get, no opportunity is too small or insignificant.

Many times in my life I have wanted something. Thought about it so much that nothing ever got done in effort of the goal and then I would become impatient withe the universe because I so badly wanted my goal. I never realized that patience and embracing of the moment is the formula for manifestation.

Between you and those wands (dreams) is an invisible wall that can only be broken down with patience and gratitude. Be in the moment. Dedicate your life to your dreams, but don’t allow the outcome to make your forsake all the magic in between.

I am making it a personal practice to wake up each morning, invite peace into my life, be thankful for all that I have and ask for the day to bless me with it’s mystery.

Keep dreaming gypsies,

20110723-091244.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                   © Shaheen Miro 7/23/2011

Daily tarot card: 10 of swords

We all have those moments where life seems to be coming at us too fast. You stand in the middle of it all feeling broken down and defeated. Mixed emotions somewhere between anger and sadness; you want to cry out, “why me?”

It can be hard finding the light when all you can see is darkness. Sometimes little moments slip between and you get a taste of happiness, but as fast as it came it’s gone again. I’ve been there, you’ve been there…we’ve all felt it.

I think it’s easy to feel alone as well and when you are struggling just to make it through the day…enduring life rather than living, it seems like everyone fades away. A friend recently said to me that there is a difference between being alone and lonely. So I thought about that and asked myself, “is there really a difference?”

I believe there is a difference. It’s almost as if you are feeling alone it’s something external and even temporary and being lonely is a more inward experience…loneliness is the internalization of being alone.

It’s an illusion. We are never really alone… If only we reach out to spirit, to the angels, to our friends. I believe we feel more alive and loved when we are creative. Find something that brings you passion. If you just open your eyes a little, through the rain you will see the sun is tying to shine.

The 10 of Swords appears to us as a reminder that yes life can be hardcore. Many of us will see the good, the bad and everything in between, but there is always a reprieve if you allow it.

I saw a woman smilig yesterday as she walked past me at the bus stop. She wore a kaki trench coat to keep out the cold and rain. He hair was jumbled on her head and she looked as if she had no clue where she was heading… But she smiled!

I wondered what there could possibly be to smile about at a time like this; cold, wet and wandering. And then it dawned on me, to just be here in this moment living is enough to smile for.
The wisdom of the 10 of swords is to find something in the midst of all those blades to bring you comfort. Those daunting, shinny little daggers are really just illusions. So look at them, laugh a little and know that they will fade away.

Please let me say that this isn’t to say take sadness, depression, anger and loneliness light heartedly. It is to say that you can get help. You can have freedom. You are not alone in your struggle and you don’t have to feel hopeless as if there is no way to be free.

I wish you well… Make love and art…

To the gypsies,

(c) Shaheen Miro