The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Got White Light? Staying “Psychically” Safe

Lately I’ve been thinking about psychic protection and how important it is. I am constantly around new people, rushing on and off buses and down hectic streets and I constantly feel the invasive and alien presence of other people’s energies trying to intermingle with my own. I always place protection around myself, but its in those moments especially I silently surround myself with a good solid shield.

During session I often talk with people about their energy levels. Many people complain about feeling drained at work or around a certain individual. Some people struggle with sleeping at night or being in certain areas of their house even. And I often find it is because of a lack of protection. It’s extremely important to be protected energetically.

The importance of surrounding yourself with energetic protection is the utmost! Our energy is like a glowing, swirling mass of beautiful golden light. It is magnetic, brilliant and sparkling. To quote Gollum, it is, “The precious!” Your energetic field, some may call it your aura, your life force, it is the conglomeration of everything that you are and if you aren’t protecting it you are allowing any and everyone/ thing to have access to it.

What I like to do, which is very simple, is to visualize a white light like a waterfall falling from the sky, flowing around me, forming a glowing shield of bright, white, fiery light around me. I instill in this image the intention that no harm can cross this shield. I also like to visualize mirrored sphere surrounding that white light, reflecting outward. And I put the intention that all negative and harmful energies be deflected from me.

I often call on protection when I feel really in need. No matter what your spiritual or religious background is you may call on Spirit to guide and protect you. You can even call on a specific energy by name. Such as an angel, deity, master or saint. I like to call on Archangel Michael because his energy is intense, vibrant, loving and extremely powerful. I know if he is around nothing is coming my way. I have a personal connection to him and it makes me feel even safer to call on him and his band of helpers.

I see Michael as this tall, beautiful, dark headed man… with a chiseled jaw and sturdy figure. His eyes burn with devotion and authority and his gestures are gentle and graceful. He carries with him a fiery sword that wards off and cuts through all negativity and harm. I ask him to stand near me surrounding me in protection and I always know he is there. Please explore… pull from what feels right to you. If you feel an affinity with a particular entity then ask them to protect you.

You can also recite a prayer or chant. Even wear a few protective talismans or stones. Use whatever invokes a sense of protection and security around you. Be mindful that whenever you are in crowded places especially you are more vulnerable to others latching onto your energy. So you may wish to have a ritual of sorts to do often or on the spot if needed.

If you aren’t psychically protected what you can experience is a feeling of being drained, angry, anxious, depressed, physically sick and spaced out. Basically it is the affect of either people pulling at your energy and draining it, or you taking on the energy of other people; you either become victim to a psychic vampire (someone who sucks away your essence) or you pick up empathetic impressions (you take on the emotions/ mental state of someone else). White light helps to avoid this.

Even if you think this sounds too esoteric or too mystical magical… try it. See what happens if you just take a few minutes to visualize white light around you. Try it before taking the bus to work, or before going into a stressful meeting or entering a busy coffee shop. See how you feel afterwards. I promise it will help.

I hope these techniques offer something for your spiritual practice! Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

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@ Shaheen Miro 7/11/2011

3 thoughts on “The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Got White Light? Staying “Psychically” Safe

  1. Dear Shaheen, I have had you in my thoughts and in the cLoak of protection even though i have been very bombarded with new people and lots of social energies with gay pride and such I wanted to provide you with some insights from my own psychic storehouse first off your mother needs to heal from the tragedy with the dr and the family that was murdered they are fine in the spirit world she needs to let it go back to the white light they are at peace now and your mother needs to stop feeling guilty I know it was before you were born and she may not even have told you about it 2nd you are correct your guardian angel is the archangel Michael we speak regularity about you 3rd I am 900 years old i have had 9 reincarnations and i go back to the early christians back to nero pharoh whicH i was one druids, elves ,and fariees also the unicorns etc I can tell you now I am from a alien world planet and am called a nordic alien the difference its i look humanoid but i have some special gifts from that world it happened when i was 7 years old the ship took me back home redid the wireing so to speak and then dropped me back on this planet and time what is happening on earth at This time is the collective energies of the pIsces group which are aliens are transforming the planet with subtle changes only we are fully aware of as we can change the weather and sun light patterns due to out super high energy you were sort of assigned to me at the fashion show and i will be near if you need me in the spirit form my familiars are the cat world so cats are always near me and do my bidding you are also a older soul and were a druid and celtic group at one time hense england and the changes you will be going through you will be more in tune and more aware as some of my white light does travel to you! so dear one Know that you will always be safe and protected bye the GODS AND GODDESSES OF OLDEN TIMES WITH LOVE AND AFFECTION I REMAIN BARON EWALD THEODORE VON FISCHEMAN AKA TED FISCHER HAHA THAT WAS THE BABY SECRET I HAVE

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