daily card: the three of wands

Today is such a beautiful day. I woke up this morning feeling really great. Something about the day feels grounded and at ease. I hope to keep that feeling with me.

Two of my friends are staying with me for a few days and I am so excited to see them. It’s great to have familiar faces around. I really missed both of them and we always have a blast together. People tend to be so much more adventurous together.

Last night we decided to go out. We visited a little pub close to my flat, which we’ve been to before. It’s the best little place… filled with tons of people, everyone dancing and best of all theres karaoke. You know that this little gypsy loves to sing.

So we dance and had a few drinks. Took in the crowed and really pulled in the lively spirit. Watching karaoke is always this mixture between humor and awe. Everyone there really put there heart into it.

So when it was my turn to sing I took to the stage and naturally rocked out. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a bit of a rock and roll..gypsy! The crowed was moving. I was singing, channeling a little Janis and really just have fun. I think it’s in moments like those that you let down your guard and just take in life. It was a blast!

On the ride home my friends and I rode in the back of the crowded double-decker bus. We sat there facing eachother, each of us tired eyed, yet some how life and dreams came up. We carried on together about how we are ready to love and take take our dreams and run with them.

Its surreal for three friends from Ohio to be here in this big city of London for no other reason than we wanted to be. It made me realize how fearless we are sometimes. I think it’s in those moments of uncertainty the most magic happens. You have to live life knowing that each thing you do is another story, another facet and another part of you.

My best friend and I have this conversation all the time. Sometimes it feels like university is holding us back. We are young, beautiful and ready to live our dreams. We are ready to make love and art. But it’s all in good time.

This morning I pulled the three of wands and I instantly saw the three of us taking chances and going after opportunities. There is something freeing about looking at your life and feeling like you are giving yourself to something you love, it’s not always possible as a career, but even in your free time (make it if need be) you should find something that you are passionate about.

All of us are on an epic adventure, whether you know it or not. Some of us will quietly sit on the train and watch life pass by only seeing the magnificent things through a window and others will take the time to stop and really be active on the journey… I want to be one of those people.

The three of wands reminds you to live life, not endure it and in the unfolding of it all you must find something to enjoy. Never look back and wish you would have…look back and remember that you did!

Life starts by dreaming because it’s in dreaming that we tell the universe what we want and need. Wands ask us to communicate and the the three of wands reminds you that there is more to life than what you see. Take advantage of every opportunity.

“she stepped out on the stage filled with fear and wonder. The crowed roared and the lights flashed. As she stepped to the microphone, looking out at the sea of people she thought, ‘i’m living my dream!’ and together they made love and art… They shared it all.”

Never stop… With love


(C) Shaheen Miro 7/30/2011


2 thoughts on “daily card: the three of wands

  1. I’ve been spending the morning catching up on your blog. I love our adventures and I’m so happy to be here in the UK getting a little taste of yours! You know I couldn’t let school hold me back from being here with you. I’m loving this theme of living not enduring! So many times I just feel like I’m pushing through each day. I’m glad to be here living with you.

    • Baby I am glad you are here with me! We are on a mission to make our dreams come true! Nothing is holding us back….not school or money or people. I truly think that we are here to bring something special to people. I can feel the rush of it all… stepping out on the stage and just giving our art to the world. I think sequins is going to be our souls…. sequins is our story that we’ve been living for the past two going on three years… Sequins is more than songs its a way of life… that we are living. So ready set… lets do the damn thing!

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