May I have this dance?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with the light of the sun gently grazing my face, and I wish I could lay there forever. The jolt of my alarm clock for the 5th time always breaks the spell quickly. Then I stumble out of bed, half tangled in covers and my computer cord and I head for the shower. I need the fresh spay of a shower to at least half wake me up.

I won’t go through the details of how I get dressed, as it’s too painful for even me to bear. But once I finally feel confident enough to walk out the door, I have to once again mentally prepare myself to walk to the bus, and then ride it. Some how I manage.

This morning as I sat waiting for the bus, running through my daily mental conversation of, “Omg when is it coming?.. Is it coming? Did I miss it? Oh now I’m late… blah blah blah”, I had this realization that I needed to let go o fit all and just be in the moment. I have this theory that I’ve been trying to convince myself of for a while… My life is mine and so is my time! I’m not living on anyone else’s clock.

One of my new friends.

So once that big, red double decker pulled up, I stepped on and took my seat on the second floor and I listened to my iPod and I told myself that I was going to enjoy every moment of it! Its my morning, its my ride, its my time and its my means that got me there…. Why not enjoy it.

I took in the music, the sounds, the people, the colors, and the buildings. I enjoyed the morning for what it was. I didn’t worry about the clock ticking away or whether I was going to make it right on time. I let it go. Guess what… I was there on time. And I started out the day so much more peaceful.

I made myself a cup of tea and went over my daily tasks and I set out to do what I had to do. I can honestly say that today was a great day as well. The second in a row… dare I say the third times the charm. I think I am finally settling into my job, into London… and into life!

I am learning how unimportant so many things are that I give my energy to. It’s not worth the time it takes to think about it honestly. So what if someone isn’t happy with your punctuality, or your attire, or your ton of voice, or your topic of conversation. If people can’t accept you for who you are and respect your right to fully live… then send them away… with love of course.

There I was again in the bathroom of that dirty, old building at 9 am… seeing another mystery. 3 cats this time wandered the rooftops. They made me think of the movie Ally Cats. Like little gypsy beggars, all ragged and wild…. No care in the world… on an adventure. I am fond of those little explorers. For a second I wished I could climb out on the rooftop with them, nestled into the little ledges of the chimneys looking out over the foggy London morning.

I love my morning meetings with the little, furry baby Buddhas. They inspire me so much. Lets be free. Lets climb rooftops. Lets go to places we’ve never seen before. Who cares if we aren’t supposed to be there…. Who cares if its unsafe or out of the ordinary. Life is about adventure and freedom. Life is about color… staying in the lines only leaves you with a dull picture that may as well be gray.

So here I am up way too late. I should sleep. But instead I am burning candles and singing loud enough for strangers to hear me. Do I care… a little… should I? NO! You technically only live once… so why not just do it now? What is holding you back?


I feel so blessed to be here in London, doing this internship. I really like my job and my boss. At first I was filled with so many worries. I wanted to be the best, I wanted to prove myself worthy, I wanted to show how good I am. And then I said the hell with it! I am Shaheen and I am here to do what Shaheen does… I am here to live and explore and make love and art… I put my all into every moment of everything I do in life. That’s all that matters to me.

Sometimes I close my eyes and I realize how amazing life really is. How epic this adventure is that I am on… that you are on… that we are on. We are on an adventure to love, learn, grow and change. Instead of worrying about others we should just be mindful of ourselves.

Before I leave this city I am challenging myself to do something unexpected. I am challenging myself to live a little. To step outside of the velvet lined vardo that I live in… and walk the dark and dirty roads… at least for a second. I think we learn the most about who we are when we dance with whatever scares the hell out of us!

So to my fears I ask, “May I have this dance?” Lets see where it takes me….

© Shaheen Miro 7/21/2011

Wandering the rooftops of London

Wandering the rooftops of London this morning was a little gray and white cat. What a sneaky little acrobat, blazing uncharted, rooftop territory 3 or so floors up. He was brave and proud. He climbed up there, chest puffed out, eyes wide and bright and he looked out over the expanses as if to say, “I will conquer this!”

I never dreamed that at 9:30 in the morning looking out the dank and decaying bathroom window of an old industrial building in London… I would be moved! But I was. It made me go back to that cup of tea with the Knight floating around in the bottom (read the post before) and ask myself, “What is your next move?”

Yesterday evening I attended an art show with a business owner, who buys from my boss Laura Dawson. As I was waiting for her taxi to pick me up from the tube station I spotted a huge billboard to my left that had Stevie Nicks all over it. It was funny how I just happened to look up and there she was. And under her images read the title of her new album, “In Your Dreams”.

It’s amazing what you will find when you look toward the sky… a cat maybe, or Stevie.  Looking at it now it was another sign. I’m starting to truly believe that I can have anything in my dreams. There is magic stirring in the air…. Not sure what is coming, but there are signs hinting at it.

The art show was amazing. And the woman whom I attended with was a delight. She was a very down to earth, British woman. She owns her own boutique selling the work of local “creative people” to quote her. We had wonderful conversation as we walked amongst the work of student artists. We were there to see the work of her friend, who had been taking a few courses weekly.

The things that really stood out to me was how in each room there were paintings by different students, but they were all of the same model, painted at the same time in the same place… yet they all looked so different. Who would have thought that 5 or so people could see the same person, in the same room, in the same pose so many different ways?

I asked myself, “Whose is the more correct?” That was when I had to step back and remind myself that there is no room for logic in art. They were all correct. They captured the world through their eyes… with the lenses through which they see everything.

Do you realize how powerful we are to be able to see the world however we want? One person could see blue, but you might see green and who’s to say either is wrong? Life is about what you wish to see, about what you are drawn to see. Life is about coloring it your way.

Today was a wonderful day. The energy still tingled in my psyche from the night before, so much raw creativity. The time flew in the studio as I finished patterns, made muslins and then went on to sketching.

Once I started sketching for the new seasons line, I began to really lose track of the time.  I was nervous at first because I thought nothing would happen. You know that feeling of having to make something appear out of nothing. I looked around me, took in the “inspirational” images on the wall and then I set pencil to paper. I became entranced.

Everything else slipped away. I needed that time with just the empty space of the paper and my pen. I needed to let something come to life in front of me. I don’t know if the drawings were the best or the most innovative designs… but the act was truly sacred.

On my way home I felt so at ease. I sat at the back of the bus, in the seats that faced the opposite direct of which we were traveling. It was sort of like hanging upside down and realizing that the hills look like faces or something. It was a change in perception… one in a long strand of them.

It was probably the first time that I’ve ridden the bus and felt at ease; Past the shock of being somewhere unknown, past the fear of missing my stop, past the feeling of being alone. I just watched out the window and took in the sights. I think in that moment I started to become aware again.

Arriving home I felt spiritual so I pulled out the tarot cards. And two cards fell out, The Queen of Hearts and the Ace of Wands. I instantly heard “speak your hearts desires”. These two cards are symbolic of the truth that life is about creativity and making dreams come true is about taking hold of that creativity and using it.

So tonight I am burning candles and drawing more pictures. Fairy woman are on my mind. Maybe it’s the goddess or my spirit guide calling to me. I never really know… I just go with it. I can feel a touch of something mystical hanging softly in the air. So as the candle light flickers and the night grows into full bloom, I will speak my hearts desires.

The world is wild and free and I wish to be the same. I want to wake in the morning ready to begin a new adventure, retrieve another sign; maybe I’ll even wander across a few rooftops. Whatever I do… I pray to be brave.

© Shaheen Miro 7/20/2011

An Adventure In Art

I haven’t written lately and I miss it. I miss talking to all of you, but I felt like I needed a little time to just be with myself. For a few days I was feeling a little moody (I blame it on the Full Moon) and I was feeling uninspired; For a while I was even feeling disappointed with London and I wasn’t sure if I liked that feeling.

Today after having time off and just exploring the city I am much happier and I feel refreshed. I still feel a little isolated here in this big city all alone, but I do love it. I came here to learn as a fashion intern and that is exactly what I am doing. I am gaining so much knowledge about the fashion industry and the process and production of designing garments. But I can’t help but think that there is more than that to this trip here in London… so I will go with it.

I do miss doing readings though. I haven’t really been able to connect with very many people, as the time difference is too difficult. The cards have been calling my name and I keep finding reasons to just thumb through them. I even found myself reading the remnants of tealeaves from my tea bag in the bottom of my cup the other morning…. The signs are begging to be read.

It was interesting in the bottom of my cup I saw the shape of a horses head. It looked like the knight piece from a chess game. The symbolism of that is amazing as the knight is the chess piece that can jump other pieces and is most powerful closed in by the opponent. So maybe the sign for me is that even when I feel closed in I have an advantage… if I only look.

Today I spent my time wondering around the grand halls of the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. It was fascinating to see all the beautiful art… or as I said earlier, “I wondered among the faces of history… the lives of brilliant minds hung in gilded frames… touched by stories to far past to be remembered”. I saw things that I had learned about in Art History. I saw things that made me think to myself… “Will I ever create such a masterpiece in my life time?” These works were awe-inspiring, to be able to paint the way these people could… you can’t really appreciate a piece of art until you truly stand in front of it. Some of them were like photographs…so delicate and real.

I saw Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump, The Toilet of Venus, Equestrian Portrait of Charles 1, Belshazzar’s Feast, The Portrait of A Man, and Doge Leonardo Loredan to name a few… all of which I learned about in Art History. It was so interesting to really see them up-close. What a sensitive eye these people had. The attention to detail. Painting is such an intuitive process. So powerful… the colors, the images and the stories.

I then made my way to an area called Seven Dials, which I love. The area is titled Seven Dials because seven streets radiate from a center circle and each street is filled with amazing little shops, restaurants and other places to spend your time. It has a very free and energetic feeling.

I visited the store Mysteries again to look at their tarot selection. They have so many beautiful cards and I want them all, but I wasn’t really sold on any of them. I am strange when it comes to buying things… it has to really speak to me or I don’t want it.

They have two decks that I love so much and I have wanted for some time, but as I held them it just didn’t feel right. I want a deck that speaks to this trip and where I am at right now… and that’s not just any old deck. So I didn’t buy one yet. I will though before I leave for home. And it gives me another excuse to go back to that wonderful store.

I then found myself in a wonderfully eccentric little store called Pop Boutique. The first thing I spotted when I walked in was a rack of pleated trousers and I had to look at every pair. I finally found two pairs in my size that I loved. One black and one a beige and brown linen. I tried both of them on and was instantly sold… but I had to be sensible so I only bought the black ones because they were more versatile. But I may go back get the other pair later.

I wondered through a few more stores, but it was getting late so I could only think about eating… as I often do. I kept thinking to myself, “God I want pasta!” I looked over a billion menus but they were all so expensive. And then I turned a corner and like a prayer had been answered there was a sign on the front of a little Bistro called Ohlas that said, “All pasta 5.50”. They got me. I had to go eat pasta.

So I went in and was greeted by a lovely girl. I assume it was family owned. They waited on me and I ordered Lasagna and garlic bread with a coke. It came out very quickly and the waitress was so cute as she came over and asked if I wanted Parmesan cheese on my dish.

The food was amazing. I was so happy I decided to go in and equally happy that they were having a special on just what I was looking for. Love when that happens! After that though I had to make my way home in the rain… and the cold. But it was getting late and I was so ready to be home in bed.

My head was killing me so first I had to stop for some aspirins. Luckily there was little place to go right outside of the crowded tube station. I bought what I needed and then pushed my way to the train. It was so difficult riding home because of all the people I had to stand most of the way, which wasn’t the best of times with a headache.

When I made it home I decided to stroll through the park. Going the long way always allows me to see the lushes green grass and the beautiful trees. The little clusters of trees remind me of ancient groves to the goddess… they all seem to be in circles. Though I had a headache and it was raining… it was beautiful.

I’m happy that the day went well. I needed some new energy in my life. Tomorrow I have plans to attend an art show with a client of the woman I work for. It should be a nice evening out and some new people to talk to. I plan to have a wonderful day as well. Tomorrow will be relaxing. I think I may go to a coffee shop and write and try to find a nice bookstore to browse through.

Hope all of you are doing well.

Much Love,


© Shaheen Miro 7/18/2011

Dancing With Freedom, As Death Dances Away

The night has grown around me, dark, velvet and gentle and with it comes a graceful coolness that subtly creeps into the hollow parts of me… reminding me of what has been lost. In my life I have seen dark things, dangerous things, things that have cut me so deep that not even time can take their sting away. And yet I’ve danced with so much passion and beauty that I often wonder what can come to rival what’s been before.

I sit here and I am reminded of the beautiful lights that I’ve lost along the way. The ones, who’ve touched me, loved me… who have felt me in the deepest, most tender places of my heart and soul. Many hands have held my own, but very few have really lived in my world. So as their lives have faded away I try to keep alive the memories of the love they’ve given to me.

On a lonely night in July I pass through memories by candlelight. Faces that I’ve missed in my life, voices I will never hear again and the warm feeling of fur brushing against my sullen face. I try to close my eyes and reach with all my sense the feelings of being with them. But only the faintest of feelings can be experienced now. Its not as if real life can be recreated in pictures and memories… our thoughts can work backwards but they will never truly turn back time.

I myself have spoken to spirits… I have whispered to shadows… but I’ve never walked the time line back to a place where I could rekindle the connects which I’ve so desperately longed for. They are shinning stars too far from my reach too touch, but close enough that I still see them. And in that vast universe of possibilities I will hold them like precious gems… cherished forever.

Death is a reminder to us that everything is in constant motion; an endless dance that moves us from one phase to the next. Passing through doors you remain a part of the changeless change. As a caterpillar dies to the beauty of a butterfly, so does our soul here on earth shed it shell to fly with something a little more spectacular, brilliant and gleaming. Death is the teacher, the keeper and the lover. Death gives us the gift of living… if only we see it before our time.

I know that no matter how much it hurts that all of my angels are by my side. They stand tall with me and my tears become the sea and the boat of my dream floats gently with their guiding winds. There is nothing to fear no matter how alone I am. I look into the water and there next to my reflection are all those who have ever loved me. So I hug myself tight, trying hard once again to soak up that ephemeral memory… knowing that at some point it will come again… no matter how different it may be.

To these feelings I assign two cards: The Death card and the 6 of swords.

Death, which is the keeper of change and the dance of the universe. Death is the one who reminds us to find our feet in the dark and just give into the sway, the grind, the wild twirl of everything that is. Death heralds change… but change is not destructive its alchemical.

The 6 of swords is the card that shows us the wisdom in contemplation, mediation and just drifting away. Those whom we love and have loved will come and go. Some will leave intentionally and others unexpected, but its all part of the beat that we are dancing to. If you were to veil your face in black lace, step onto a candle lit boat and glide effortlessly into the foggy sea you would find the meaning of this card. It is here in this silent place, where everything moves with the tides and the moon, that we find what really lives in our souls.

Don’t forget those whom you have touched and who have touched you… remember we are all lights trying to lift the darkness. There is nothing that has to separate you… not color, gender, race or religion. Rely less on form and more on feeling… when we live through are spirit we truly find our way.

To the gypsies,



© Shaheen Miro 7/11/2011

The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Got White Light? Staying “Psychically” Safe

Lately I’ve been thinking about psychic protection and how important it is. I am constantly around new people, rushing on and off buses and down hectic streets and I constantly feel the invasive and alien presence of other people’s energies trying to intermingle with my own. I always place protection around myself, but its in those moments especially I silently surround myself with a good solid shield.

During session I often talk with people about their energy levels. Many people complain about feeling drained at work or around a certain individual. Some people struggle with sleeping at night or being in certain areas of their house even. And I often find it is because of a lack of protection. It’s extremely important to be protected energetically.

The importance of surrounding yourself with energetic protection is the utmost! Our energy is like a glowing, swirling mass of beautiful golden light. It is magnetic, brilliant and sparkling. To quote Gollum, it is, “The precious!” Your energetic field, some may call it your aura, your life force, it is the conglomeration of everything that you are and if you aren’t protecting it you are allowing any and everyone/ thing to have access to it.

What I like to do, which is very simple, is to visualize a white light like a waterfall falling from the sky, flowing around me, forming a glowing shield of bright, white, fiery light around me. I instill in this image the intention that no harm can cross this shield. I also like to visualize mirrored sphere surrounding that white light, reflecting outward. And I put the intention that all negative and harmful energies be deflected from me.

I often call on protection when I feel really in need. No matter what your spiritual or religious background is you may call on Spirit to guide and protect you. You can even call on a specific energy by name. Such as an angel, deity, master or saint. I like to call on Archangel Michael because his energy is intense, vibrant, loving and extremely powerful. I know if he is around nothing is coming my way. I have a personal connection to him and it makes me feel even safer to call on him and his band of helpers.

I see Michael as this tall, beautiful, dark headed man… with a chiseled jaw and sturdy figure. His eyes burn with devotion and authority and his gestures are gentle and graceful. He carries with him a fiery sword that wards off and cuts through all negativity and harm. I ask him to stand near me surrounding me in protection and I always know he is there. Please explore… pull from what feels right to you. If you feel an affinity with a particular entity then ask them to protect you.

You can also recite a prayer or chant. Even wear a few protective talismans or stones. Use whatever invokes a sense of protection and security around you. Be mindful that whenever you are in crowded places especially you are more vulnerable to others latching onto your energy. So you may wish to have a ritual of sorts to do often or on the spot if needed.

If you aren’t psychically protected what you can experience is a feeling of being drained, angry, anxious, depressed, physically sick and spaced out. Basically it is the affect of either people pulling at your energy and draining it, or you taking on the energy of other people; you either become victim to a psychic vampire (someone who sucks away your essence) or you pick up empathetic impressions (you take on the emotions/ mental state of someone else). White light helps to avoid this.

Even if you think this sounds too esoteric or too mystical magical… try it. See what happens if you just take a few minutes to visualize white light around you. Try it before taking the bus to work, or before going into a stressful meeting or entering a busy coffee shop. See how you feel afterwards. I promise it will help.

I hope these techniques offer something for your spiritual practice! Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

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@ Shaheen Miro 7/11/2011

A Night In the City…

So many exciting things have happened in the past few days, it’s been almost surreal. You know I constantly remind myself that life is this mad and fantastic dance that we are all apart of you and you can either get out there and move to the beat, fumble over everyone else’s steps or stand on the side and watch… and for me its been about closing my eyes and doing a slow grind with uncertainty.

In the past few weeks I have come to appreciate the feeling of spontaneity and Tuesday night was one of those nights. A new friend invited me out to a concert at the Barbican Centre, which is in the heart of London. The concert was titled Singing the Truth, a concert to honor the women who changed the music of the 20th Century.

The concert was put on by three amazing women; all of whom were talented and distinguished in their own right. Dianne Reeves, Angelique Kidjo and Lizz Wright. Each woman had their own distinct style, sass and most importantly voice… and let me tell you they knew how to use it! They brought down the house with songs from Miriam Makeba to my personal favorite Billie Holiday.

Being at that concert in retrospect was more uplifting and spiritually moving than it seemed when I was sitting there. They were forces… wild and untamed and their voices had the intensity and power of thousand winds. I was certainly moved and more than once I had to put my soul hand up to catch the spirit of what was being given to us.

I left there with the unshakable sense of limitless power. The enlightened feeling that anything I want can be mine. They said it themselves, that you just have to dream, but among all else you must love! And love was the theme of the night, as I was in Love with their performance and the energy that they generated in that pristine concert hall. I thought as I walked away about the enchanting quality of singing… how you essentially cast your soul out to a crowed and lull them into a trance reciting to them your story along the way. Something about that excites me… the power of story-telling… the charm of the spoken word.

I want to sing now. I want to give my words to the world and allow people to feel it deep in their souls. To move and to feel is to dance and to dance is to live… live the dream that we are all so eager to dream. Our voice is unique to each of us and that to trust in that voice is to truly rock out in life!

The remainder of the night was equally moving because I got to walk in the city and see nothing but the glow of lights from the inside. Night life is always different than what you see in the day and I realized that there is a much more calming and subtle energy that pulses through London at night… its not the jarring energy that you find in other cities like New York. It’s Just something peaceful.

We made our way through the rambling mass of streets and all the sensational buildings; everything ancient, worn and regal. To me the buildings exude a warm beauty that is found in very few places in the States.  My friend thought it was funny that I was so inspired by the buildings… he said that it isn’t as pretty as America. But I had to disagree.

We ended our night at a little Pub. Which was everything that I imagined a London pub to be. It was all brass and wood and just down right gorgeous again. So we sat and had a drink and we talked about life, design and literature. And my friend quoted to me lines from Virginia Woolf.

We had an intriguing conversation about her works and we talked about taking a Mrs. Dalloway’s walk around London… which is a book by VW about a day in London. He also retold an amazing scene from the movie The Hours about VW’s life and so when I returned home I watched the scene on YouTube and I was totally moved. Here it is for you to see….

I just want to say that VW was an extremely talented woman and before my lovely night with my friend I knew very little about her. She lived at a time where her mental state became her curse and she literally became a prisoner in her own life because the people around her had their ideas of what was best for her. She just wanted to live her life in the chaos of London, regardless of how others thought that affected her fragile state of mind. And eventually she took her life because it was too hard for her to bear… though it was late in her years.

I can relate to Virginia because I think that it’s a common feeling to feel trapped in your circumstance. And so you find you way out whether it is writing or strolling the city. What I took from her is that you must be relentless in your pursuit to be who you are, to have your own life and your own mind. You must have a strong sense of conviction to what is important to you.

“And that was what she often felt the need of-to think; well, not even to think. To be silent; to be alone. All the being and the doing, expansive, glittering, vocal, evaporated; and one shrunk, with a sense of solemnity, to being oneself. When life sank down for a moment, the range of experience seemed limitless.”

-Virginia Woolf

© Shaheen Miro 7/7/2011

Fearlessly being me.

Tonight I sit here with the cool breeze blowing through the lace of my windows and I feel something wild and explosive. I hear the people chattering below me on the streets and it slowly fades into the drowning hum of my own thoughts that race at a million miles a minute. I stop for one second remembering that I am almost 4,000 miles away from home and at some points I feel worlds away and at others I feel so isolated that its like I am back at home.

Baby Ali climbing places that I tell him not to!

I am reminded of my best friend saying to me, “You don’t have to be somewhere to be someone.” And now my retort is, “You don’t have to be somewhere to be no one. Either.” I honestly feel at times that I am so isolated even in the crowded streets of London. The same slow ride to work and the same hastily walk home…. And I ask myself where is the color?

I have felt so stifled because my creativity as begging to be let loose. I have been working for days doing my internship, which has been amazing because of the magnitude at which I am learning. But it takes its toll on your hear and spirit. I want to write and sing. I want to take my seat at a shiny grand piano and touch the ivory keys… the surge of creativity running through my veins; and I want to sing…songs about life and love and loss and all the other feelings that crawl through every fiber of your being asking to be acknowledged.

I keep hearing the words, “Fearless” in my mind. Like a ghostly whisper that calls to me from somewhere far away… just be fearless. I affirm to myself, “I am fearless… I am fearlessly being me.” But I shrink back from the mirror at the look in my eyes… because I know that there are parts of me that are terrified to step off that ledge to just being.

I believe our fears are the killers of our creativity. So many times something bright and colorful and ephemeral has come to me like a fairy vision…and I have let it fly on by because I feared the consequence of answering to the call. I now realize that in order to live a life filled with the biggest dreams… we must be brave and wild and uninhibited. We must look our fears straight in the eyes and say, “I will not let you take me… I will fight you… Because I will NOT be taken prisoner…”

Its when we find all the might in our little gypsy souls to just stand out and be brave, that we finally make magic. I know its scary… its scary to answer to the call of our creativity and our inspiration because that may mean being alone… it may mean standing out. You may be looked at because you are “different” or “strange” or whatever labels that FEAR causes us to put on things… but when you do it you become a force that cannot be tamed… you become like the wind taking down everything in its path.

There is a silent community that grows out of the fearless ones. One finds another until you have a circle stronger than any one fear could ever be. I ask you now to be fearless and be inspired. Let your muse guide you. Tie those nastily little feelings of rejection and insecurity up with the heaviest robe and sink it to the bottom of the sea!

For days now I have felt this strange presence around me. I will walk into a room and its as if someone has just left. Or I will be climbing the stairs and the muffled sound of footsteps seems to follow close behind. Or a mysterious music will play off in the distance and now as I write this I wonder if that presence that so silently floats in and out of my awareness is my muse… she is saying, “Hey please pay attention to me.”

I challenge myself to do something crazy…. Something wild… wild in the sense that I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I don’t know about you but I have a whole list of things that I “Want to do but cant because…” and now I am going to look at it and mark off each thing one by one.

In the past when I have rushed head first into the dangerous territory of the unknown I have later stopped back and said, “wow… that wasn’t scary at all!” And  I know now that is the magic of just taking a risk. Lets fearlessly be who we are… Lets be a tribe of brave little gypsies expressing everything that lives in our wild hearts!

Be brave,


© Shaheen Miro 7/4/2011

Something special

I have had this burning desire to share some of my work with everyone for a while now, but I have been very apprehensive about it. I am proud of what I do and it is very important to me. My goal in life is to express myself and give people the courage to express their uniqueness too! So here are a few pictures of my childrens wear that I created for school and some runway photos.

Hope you like them… you guys are special because I haven’t shared this with anyone online🙂

little kids🙂

Night of the big fashion show... my two children models.

Me sewing buttons on one of my garments

Runway... I made all of these garments (Kids, Dress and my shirt).

Walking the runway. My two baby models wearing my clothes and a young lady wearing my red dress

© Shaheen Miro 7/2/2011

Mazes and Mysteries

Yesterday was a wonderful day. My task was to go to the Convent Garden area and explore the streets of Seven Dials. The woman I am interning with Laura Dawson is looking for a retail space and wanted me to scope things out. So instead of heading to the studio yesterday morning I took the tube to that area of the city.

I arrive very early, much to early for the stores to be open and since my task was to locate retail space to let and get a feel for foot traffic and consumer profiles I needed to wait for a bit. I wasn’t sure what I would do to kill time, I thought maybe have a coffee or just sit on a bench… but as I wondered down another side street I saw a sign that read in bold letters, “FREE MENS HAIR CUTS”. Instantly they had my interest, as I have needed a haircut for some time.

I mulled it over in my head and thought to myself, I have needed to get my haircut since I left home…. But I didn’t want to spend the money. So I went inside to ask about it. The woman at the desk informed me that it was a beauty school and salon and that the students do free male hair cuts for practice. So I agreed to have my hair done.

I had a wonderful little British girl, about 17 who wanted to be a barber and specialize in hair coloring.  She was delightful, slightly rebellious and a very interested in conversation. We talked about how I wanted my hair cut initially, but soon our conversations went to the US and the UK and the similarities and difference and then to life goals. She was very sweet and I started to realize how timid she was with the scissors. You could tell she really wanted to do well but was still searching for her niche.

It was nice to actually have my hair cut and not worry about cost. And I think it was great experience for her because she got to do another cut and she seemed really eager to chat with someone from America. I really learned a lot from talking to her and I felt so much better having a new haircut… I’m very happy with her work.

I then wondered down more streets. Like an endless maze, I would wind down one street and magically get back to where I began without ever crossing the same path twice. London’s like that though, an endless maze of nonsensical paths.

At one point I turned a corner and there in front of me was a store called Mysteries. Instantly intrigued by its withering, hippy-esque exterior and Zen like energy radiating from the front door… I decided I had to go in. The slightly off kilter, retro punk dressed boys sitting on the bench furthered my fascination with this little den of “Mystery”. I just had to see what waited inside.

Once I stepped in I was greeted with warm smiles and a million new things to look at. Crystals, candles, cards, posters, jewelry, anything and everything you could think of! Literally there was rooms of new age, fluffy stuff … and the little sage burning, black hat wearing pre-teen “witch” in me wanted to touch everything! But I contained myself and reverently inspected each room.

There were two rooms that called to my spirit. First was the room that wasn’t really a room, but more of a sanctuary. Off of the crystal room there was a small conservatory like space that had been made into somewhat of a shrine filled with a fountain, and tons of Buddhas and other spiritual statues, crystals, idols and spiritual paraphernalia. It exuded a high vibrating energy that resonated deep inside of me; a sort of deep rooted, tranquil, almost lulling quality.

Then I made my way to my Second favorite room and that was the area that was filled with hundreds of decks of tarot cards! So many decks to see, and touch and pick through and of course I wanted every one of them. It gave me the chance to see a lot of decks in person that I have pinned after for years!

The most exciting part of this little adventure to Mysteries was the “coincidence” of me finding it. A fellow blogger and talented writer Prince Le Normand, from referred me to the store and I had plans to visit later on during my trip, but as fate would have it… I found it before!

My adventure ended with lunch at, of all places, Pizza Hut. It was a very nice, peaceful and solitary lunch. I ate in alone because I felt it would be nice to just sit and relax and I had a wonderful salad and some pasta… not to mention a very attractive waiter. All the while I people watched out the large window that faced the street (a new hobby of mine since I ride the bus, etc… daily). Saw a beautiful vintage double decker bus too.

Afterwards I made my way back to work. I had a lot of cutting to do. But I felt amazing. Fresh hair, fresh perspective and I was ready to go. Sometimes you need a day out to clear your head. I was happy to see yet another part of the city. I will defiantly be going back to maybe do some shopping… who knows maybe I’ll get another hair cut!

Oh and did I mention that I stopped into Dr. Martens to look at their boots… and now I cant stop thinking about their 1914 black leather boots that I want so bad. I tried them on so that I could imagine myself in them in the mirror and it felt so right. Someday🙂

Well I hope everyone is doing well… enjoy the photos… and enjoy life

Much Love,


© Shaheen Miro 7/1/2011