daily card(s): the four of hearts and the nine of hearts

Today is my last day of work here in London. I will have completed my first internship…which has been a huge learning experience in more ways than I could have imagined. Next I will return back to school and I am so excited.

After today I have about three days left in London. Not really sure what I will do on my last few days, but I hope they are enjoyable. I really need some rest and relaxation…so my plans will have to be easy going.

I drew the 4 of hearts (cup) and the nine of hearts this morning. I like that the cups have been appearing lately. I guess it’s a reflection of my emotional state lately. I’ve been very aware of my emotions and I’ve been sorting through feelings…learning to let go and forgive.

The 4 of hearts tells us to look at our lives, the things which take our focus, look at what you are dedicating yourself to. Sometimes we get distracted by something that really isn’t worth our time…and once we’ve grown tired of it we still fight the change for fear of what it may bring.

The 9 of cups is my wish card. But here I think it reminds us that our focus, whatever we are channeling our energies into dictates the outcome of our goals and dreams. You cannot bring love into your life if you tell yourself every moment that you are alone and no one wants you. Or you cannot attract prosperity if you tell yourself you don’t have enough. These two cards ask you, “what are you manifesting with your present mindset and how does that match your desires?”

It’s hard to do. I know I struggle with it. Sometimes you really do feel lonely or like you’ll never have enough. Sometimes you want to sit in a corner, cry your eyes out, feeling totally alone in the world. How do you find away out of that darkness? I don’t know if there really is an answer.

I do believe the secret lives in us…the key to it all is that we are powerful and full of grace. No one can tell you what to do, unless you believe them. So don’t be caught in the lie of someone else’s dreaming. Be with your emotions…acknowledge them, be with them and let them go.

I am learning to let go everyday. And learning to forgive. It’s hard work. Sometimes it’s draining, but the more you do the stronger you become. Stand up for yourself at least once in the next week and see how empowered you feel…a massive shift in energy will take place.

Keep on dreaming… With love
Shaheen xx

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/28/2011


daily card(s): the ace of pentacles and the prince/knight of swords

I smiled when I saw these two cards, the ace of pentacles and the knight of swords. I see their combination as ideas leading to success. It’s a time to reap the reward of all the hard work and effort made.

I’ve had this talk a lot lately about doing what I love…what we love. Not just enduring life to make ends meet, but loving every moment of it and having all the riches imaginable…riches being more than money. Some people think it’s impossible, that you have to basically kill yourself to make ends meet… But I don’t believe a word of it.

I had a conversation recently about working over time and how it’s more realistic to work more than 8 hours a day 5 days week…and that my habit of going home after 8 hours probably isn’t realistic. But I thought to myself, “if I’m truly passionate about something then that’s fine…but not at my own expense.” I think that you have to love what you are doing to truly work hard at it but you also have to take care of yourself. I believe when you approach life with open arms there is a multitude of possibilities and treasures to be had.

So many people think that they have to be competitive and sneaky to make it. That they have to work long hours and get little sleep for success. it’s all an illusion. There is enough out there for everyone. The knight and the ace here remind us that our ideas and talents are brilliant and when put into action they will lead to success and money even.

When you look at the successful people they always have a special aura around them. They are unshakable. Most of them will tell you that they never saw any other option other than success…you have to accept your right in the universe and go with it. And let me say again success isn’t just how much money you have.

Now that I’ve rambled…know that I’m wishing you well!

Shaheen xx

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/27/2011


daily card: queen of wands

I can feel myself growing and changing. Some how I feel more mature and stable. I guess I needed this time to learn something about independence and responsibility. I’ve realizes that my choices are mine alone and I can’t ask anyone to make them for me and there’s no one to blame when they don’t work out.

This morning I drew the queen of wands and I feel that her presence is very fitting. She symbolizes confidence combined with inspiration. Being here I’ve grown more confident in my abilities and I’ve learned what I don’t want to do…the queen is telling me to trust that.

I think her presence is powerful for all of us and if you are reading this she is speaking directly to you. She asks you to be confident and reminds you that inspiration is divine. It’s rooted in spirit and intuition and regardless of how outlandish it may seem…if you trust it there will be pure magic!

I have grown bolder and more set in my ways and I have realized that trying to fit me into a box is no easy task. I’ve never done anything easily just because someone “said so” or because it’s “just common practice” or “it’s what’s expected”. I need a reason and that reason has to sit well with my own beliefs. The queen of wands asks us to be bold and self aware…after all we are royalty.

If you are feeling walked all over then stand up and say something. Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm or to be seen as eccentric or inappropriate…its your life and you only live once. My mom always told me to stand my ground and that’s exactly what I get from this queen.

Being an artist and a gypsy is about being liberated in thought and action. When you are unafraid to do or say what you think is right, you become more capable of following your intuition and your inspiration. You become at home in in your glory.

I hope you are well and feeling inspired


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/26/2011


daily card(s): the ten of cups and the prince/knight of cups

It seems that the cups are really speaking to me, which makes sense because of the emotional and spiritual alchemy I feel I am in the process of. I have been working hard to invite positive energy into my daily life and I’ve been honoring my feelings. I pulled the ten of cups and the knight of cups.

The ten of cups has always been a beautiful card to me because it has a sense of comfort and security attached to it. To me it represents family and support and all of the love and “riches” that one has attained. When I see this card I know I have what I need to reset easy and pursue my dreams.

I think this card also represents home. I have been gone for two and a half months and it has been magical and challenging. This is the first time I’ve ever been so far from home alone. It really tested me. I feel I passed the challenge and now I can share the treasures i’ve found with my loved ones.

The knight of cups reminds us of how beautiful and talented we are. He shows us that we can have anything we desire by tapping into our creative potential. We were given our talents and interest for a reason and if you ever want to have more than you do now…you have to honor your them!

I think I came here to honor my talent and to find what’s true for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. Ask yourself how you can use your gifts everyday. I think it benefits us to do something everyday in honor of our abilities and our dreams…no matter how small it may be.

I have become very aware of my dreams here in London, you may say I’ve even gained a few new ones. It’s amazing to have something to dedicate yourself to. I have no clue where I will end up on this path, but I do know I am not letting myself forget my dreams…that’s the message of the knight of cups. When I return home I know I am going to approach life differently and here it has already begun.

I am sending love to all of you…

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/25/2011


For What Its Worth

I have been a fan of Stevie Nicks for as long as I can remember… my mom use to sing Landslide in the car to me and Rhiannon. Her words and image have inspired me in more ways that I can count… and I think its a blessing to have someone so sincere, beautiful and talented in our world. She invites you in and gives you a little love and sends you back out into the world to make your dreams come true!

This is the second single from her new album “In Your Dreams”… it is called “For What Its Worth” and it’s amazing…its one of my favorites and this is the new video. Came out today… stunning!

Even if you aren’t a fan… watch it… just give it a chance🙂

daily card: the king of cups

This morning I drew the king of cups as the daily card. I should have know that on a rainy morning like this the cups would come to visit. The cups always suit me though, I find their energy very relatable.

Looking at this card I see a man on a beach, on a starry night, concentrating, eyes filled with wonder. I believe he is contemplating ideas, watching the seed of creation unfold. In his cup are all the possibilities that live in his imagination.

The magical part about the king is that he rules his kingdom, meaning that anything within his creative self, anything he can dream up, will have the potential for success. If he dedicates and applies himself he will be able to do anything…he has the potential for success in every sense of the word.

How fitting for me to draw this card. I have felt like I need to dedicate myself to what I love and follow my dreams…regardless. To draw this card is a sign for me to trust that feeling. I know that I am meant to be doing something amazing and so I shall pursue that. I know that my visions and dreams are divinely guided…as are yours. Let’s trust them.

Today marks the start of my last week here in London. I am sad, but I am also ready for home. I feel like things will be amazing when I return home and I am ready for the adventure. I think I will look at home with open eyes…I know there is more to see there than what I ever realized. So I’m ready to rock and roll!

I am on my way for coffee with one of my great London friends. I get to visit with him one last time before I leave. He is leaving for Italy this afternoon…so this is our last chance. So glad i met him. I am thankful for the wonderful people here.

I don’t know when I will be back in London again, but it will be soon. London has become a part of me. I don’t know how or why I’ll be back, but it will happen! When I want something I make it happen😉

All the best,

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/24/2011


here is a little secret surprise i want to share

Hey everyone. I am sharing this little secret gift I am making for my friend. I bought him a set of mala beads awhile back and he loved them and wore them everyday… and one day he took them off and forgot them somewhere and he never was able to get them back. So i decided to make him a new set. I wanted to put a loving thought in each bead. I was half way finished when I came to London… then I took it all a part and started over again. Just finished them yesterday. I love them so much! I can’t wait to give them to him… but keep it our secret🙂

Let me add that the reason I decided to do this was that I found the little buddha bead at a bead store. He loves little buddha statues but he believes they have to have a hole in the bottom (not sure why) so I thought well a bead has a hole in the bottom… and thats how it began.

daily card(s): the three of pentacles and the chariot

I think there must be something happening in the universe because everyone is under a lot of strain right now. I have known that feeling of being overwhelmed with life too many times to count. Sometimes you just wish you could turn around and walk the other way… you dont want to deal with any of it anymore, but you can’t stop living. The one thing I remind myself is that there is always a miracle in the works. Uncomfortable situations serve a purpose and if they’ve gone on way too long ask yourself, what in that situation have you not taken to heart.

Lately I have been bursting with my own personal energy. I want to dedicate myself to my dreams… I feel that way constantly though, but I feel strong enough now. I want to sing and write and I want to give my art to the world. I am tired of dedicating myself to the half hearted dreams of others. I didn’t come here to do the dirty work for someone… and so I won’t! It may take time, but that is my mindset.

When I return home I am putting the work into doing what I love. I will be working a few projects simultaneously, but it will be worth it. I believe the secret to success is never believing that there is any other option. You don’t have to be a certain age, or in a certain place, or have a certain amount of money to follow your dreams… it may help… but its not required.

I pulled two cards this morning. The first being the three of pentacles and the second is the chariot. Both cards are fabulous and I think they are relevant to everything I have been feeling… and the things I have read and heard from others.

The three of pentacles, ironically enough, fell out this morning when I was pulling a card from my blogger friend Magic Mentha. This card is about sharing the work load. I think this card is reminding us that we have many blessings and one of those blessings is friendship… and the ability to ask for help. If you aren’t needing help with your “work”, then maybe someone around you could use an extra hand. It’s time to share with other people and help each other cultivate our dreams.

The second card the chariot speaks of action taking place. I always say that we must stay in motion, continue to dance with the universe… whether it be dirty dancing, the limbo or the funky chicken… just keep moving. This card is telling us that if we keep moving, if we keep the rhythm, we will see that the next place is closer to where we want to be. Things are starting to progress and the growing pains of it all can be difficult, but its well worth it.

I am excited to see the chariot in this reading. I feel like it symbolizes having as sense of control over the things in our lives… may even be a reminder that no matter how out of control you feel, you still have at least one hand on the reins. Sometimes its difficult to know where you are going or what you are doing… sometimes you just feel as if you are spiraling out of control… but the chariot reminds us that there is a direction to it all, even in the madness.

I leave you with the idea that you can have it all… you can do it all… just keep strong. You may need to have a good cry. You may feel defeated for an evening. But you can make it through. Ask for help and it will be there, in some form or another. I think the easiest way to deal with life sometimes is to just leap into it. When you stop for a second to be “cautious” you lose your confidence.

To the gypsies… with love


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/23/2011

All the things I love and dream….

All mine... my cat, my drawings and me🙂

Even if I am out of my mind or time I still have these dreams

You can say a million things, but its nothing unless they see

The black cat stands as sentinel to the realm of the unknown

Where dreams and songs and shadows make their home

So don’t question it baby… they say love is the key

If you ask for it again, you just might find what they mean

I said, “I will sing all my songs to you, I will paint you a field of dreams.”


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/22/2011

daily card: the hidden one

Today is my day off and I am taking it slow. I think I will put on some comfy clothes and stroll over to the coffee shop and have tea and work on the mala beads I’ve been making for my friend. or maybe I will write. I just want to have a nice slow and relaxing day. Though I think I should be out seeing the last bits of London, I feel like my body and spirit need a little break. Tomorrow I may go on an adventure.

I am going to miss London, but I think I am ready to return home. There is something healing about being “home”, to me home is really just where my loved ones are. I especially need to hug and kiss my dogs and my cat. I miss them so much. You don’t realize how healing your pets are until you are without them for a long period of time. Just touching a dog or a cat pulls so much baggage from your body, mind and spirit.

I have a new mindset now. Certain things that I thought were important to me before, have lost their appeal and I think I am much more focused on what I love… or I am trying to be. When I return home I know there will be some changes in my mindset and my approach to life. My energy is going to be devoted to the things that bring me joy and happiness, and though that is sometimes a lofty goal… its worth the effort. I have always had that mindset, but sometimes you get lost on the path a little. This is all for the better.

There is a lot of forgiveness happening in my life right now. Things that I didn’t realize I held onto so tightly. I’ve been writing it out, drawing it out and just releasing it to the universe. There are things that I know will never change, for the simple fact that they have nothing to do with me. So I have to let go of taking it personal and allow myself to walk with my own passion.

I pulled one card from the Heart of Faerie this morning. Her name is The Hidden One. She is the faerie that makes you more aware. She is the one that trips you when you are mindlessly walking down the street, or who makes you drop something and break it when you are just going through the motions. She can be tricky but she does it with love.

So many times you find yourself being idle. Floating through life, ignoring life, growing numb to life… all of which are horrible things to be doing. LIfe is colorful and exciting, though its difficult at times… you want to be aware of it all. Thats what the Hidden One tries to remind us of. When you are aware, you are in control and thats when you can begin to manifest the life that you want. You can’t make a change if you blind yourself from whats happening.

I have become more aware of what I give my thoughts to. Being here in London has allowed me to be isolated to a certain degree and in doing that I have realized where my mental and emotional energy goes. Sometimes its necessary to let out feelings of frustation or sadness… and anger. But you have to acknowledge the feeling, be with it for a second and then let it go. Its when we get transfixed on something that it becomes an issue. The Hidden One has shown me that I can use my thoughts and emotions for more worthwhile things.

The Hidden One is our friend and she walks with us, though she may stick her foot out and trip us now and again, she is holding our hand so that we dont fall… she just wants us to be aware that we are actually walking. Ask her to help you be aware. If you are feeling unhappy and stifled, ask her to show you what you are not acknowledging. Everyone needs a wake up call now and again.

I think that the most important thing for me is to be doing something that allows me to stay in motion. If I am feeling sad or angry or even happy… I try to do something to carry that energy so that its not weighing heavy on my emotional body. Sometimes I will sing to get it out and to move it along. Or I will write in my journal… sometimes I write in big, bold permanent marker to get my point across. Or I will draw a picture of what it is and then rip it to pieces and flush it down the toilet. Anything to get the feelings moving along, to keep them active and in motion. Emotions are mean to be cycled through… not dwelled upon.

Enjoy yourself today. Do something fun and light hearted if you can. Just allow yourself to be aware of what you are doing and feeling. This may be time for you to take back some of your energy and power. Don’t let things have control of you… even if you are in a situation where you cannot make an easy change, like a job for example… try to keep your power. Don’t let people defeat you. You may need to speak up and create more boundaries in order to do this. Just be aware of how you feel.

Love you all…


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/22/2011