fire burning

I wanted to write to you, but I don’t really know what to say. I am overwhelmed at the moment with everything that is happening. Here in London there has been an outbreak of riots and they all began in Tottenham about three blocks from the flat I am staying in.

The night it all began it sounded like a warzone outside. The helicopters were so loud and they loomed overhead, ominous and cold and as I watched out the window the thick sent of smoke wafted in warning that something was to come. Looking out flames began to rise over the rooftops of the quaint little houses. They licked the sky like a dragon, burning a relentless path through the lives of helpless people.

Why would anyone feel that it’s okay to harm other people in this way? These fires were set intentionally, as a way of retaliating against the police for killing an innocent man. I don’t know about the man who was killed or the events that took place that night, but I do know that people were acting like animals… using the death of a man to rationalize their complete disregard for life and community.

It’s sad to see pictures of what’s left of the High Road, nothing but the shell of something before, haunted by the shadow of anger and greed. It’s really shocking to know that something like this could happen so fast. The whole thing just felt out of control. It was pure chaos. I wonder if those people realize that they destroyed their community and further segregated themselves. I pray for them and I pray that everyone is safe and can pick up the pieces and start over.

Being in this hostile and uncertain environment has made me feel on edge. It’s unnerving to not know what’s next. People keep saying that it will all clear up in the next few days, but I keep wondering if that’s true. They’ve gotten a taste and now they want more, hopefully these people are stopped soon.

I keep going back to that night seeing the fire rising high into the night sky. It’s weird to say that I felt a symbolic connection with that fire. I came here to learn something about myself, found myself here in this part of the city and I watched it burn to the ground… in that fire was a part of me. Something old died in the flames, something was taken from me and now I look out at the world seeing things differently. For now it feels tarnished and unsettled… but in time I will begin to see better with these new eyes.

It’s surreal to have seen so much of London and to have experienced so much here. I have permission to return home because of the riots, but for now I will stay because I don’t feel like I am ready to return home. There is something left here to be recovered. It’s not the first time I’ve seen the fire… and it’s not the first time I’ve pulled something from the ashes. Until that last fragment is recovered here, I cannot return to the states.

I am in another area of the city, spending time in the cozy flat of a very gracious friend. Sipping on warm chamomile and listening to the rumble of the train, I feel at ease with life. Being in London has been an adjustment in every sense of the word. I have had to fling myself fearlessly into this situation and not look back. I feel very at ease with change now. I am learning to dance effortlessly with life…letting go of rigid thoughts and feelings.

I wish all of you well and I ask that you send your prayers to the people of London who have been affected by the riots. I ask that a gentle rain fall over the city cleansing it of the pain, the anger and the destruction. I ask that the angels stand tall at every door, gate and town square, safe guarding those who live there from the malicious hands of others.

With love,


© Shaheen Miro 8/9/2011

20 thoughts on “fire burning

  1. Firstly, I am so glad to know that you are safe.

    I have been shocked to see all of this on the televison and have been glued to it for a lot of today. I have known many of the places targeted intimately. I can only imagine how scary this was to experience first hand. Due to the fact that these incidents have spread to Manchester and Birmingham, with smaller disturbances closer to where I live, like the fire, you just don’t know where it is going to blow to next, which makes us all very vulnerable. I know what you mean about people getting a taste for this. There are probably a lot of youngsters out there who have not got much to do and see this as a way of projecting themselves and administering power.

    It makes me so sad to see what people are doing to the places they live in and their neighbours. I really hope that the powers that be take a firm hand and nip this in the bud sooner than later, before innocent people are killed.


    • Thank you. Its just shocking really. Like you said the most frightening thing is that you dont know where it will be next. Part of me wants to just go on and act like its getting better… and the other part doesn’t really know what to think. I shall carry on but sending love to those who have been truly hurt by this.

  2. I’m saddened and horrified. I heard a vague wind of this but I avoid news the vast majority of the time because it makes me feel sad and helpless, but I find myself unable to avoid things like this entirely.

    What it reminds me is not only life’s preciousness, but also that being a good person in this world is a very important goal, something that is invaluable. Sometimes I get cynical, thinking that being good doesn’t really get you much of anything, and people are often jerks in return, but it is important…critically so!

    So I’ll be spreading love and goodness and hope it catches on like wildfire instead of this nonsense.

    Lots of Hugs,

    • MM,

      I feel the same as you… I hate the news. I don’t typically watch it or read it at all but this is so in your face that you cant help but read about it. Its so strange because it seems like everyday something new is happening. There is a mindset that is being cultivated from all of this and its spreading fast. Its sad that so many young people can accept this as the way to be. I hope that this opens peoples eyes and makes them have a stronger sense of community. I did read that people were starting to form groups in their community and patrolling the area.

      I think that goodness will always win. When you treat others with kindness and you are genuine then that will come back to you one way or another. Its also about spreading that same mindset to other people. Some people will never learn… they are just a bad seed, but most people are afraid and they want love and if you give that to them in time they will come around. I just keep sending love and light and hoping it will soften those troubled people.

      Thanks for all the good energy…. I will be spreading all the goods stuff with ya!

      Much love,

  3. I’m so glad you are safe, what a terrible tragedy this is and I completely agree with your sentiments. There is no justification for such actions, sometimes it is just an excuse really for those inclined to react with such violence & destructive tendencies. Please take care and stay safe my Friend, my Prayers are with you and the people of London at this most difficult time.

    Dawn… The Bohemian

    • Dawn thank you for your kind words and prayers. It’s very tragic that people feel so misguided and have nothing but acts of destruction and violence to past their time. People seem to be so disconnected from who they are these days… its a sad state that the world is finding itself in. But its great to read about the people who have come together to help clean up the aftermath and the sense of community that is being cultivated in areas… though this isn’t a good situation at all there is always a silver lining.

      Much love,

  4. Hi Shaheen

    I am glad to hear that you are ok and looked after by your hosts. May you look back on this one day and see what you have gained from it all. Life experience is not always pleasant but it is character building and times like these can lead to greater bonding with the people around you.

    Keep safe xx

    • Hello Helen,

      How right you are. Its just another facet of the whole of experience for me… I’m taken back sometimes by the things I’ve seen… the good and the bad. Its just another gift in disguise. I think it is wonderful to see how you bond with people in times like these. Thank you.

      Much love …Shaheen

  5. Dear Shaheen,

    Sorry for my delay in answering to your shocking post! I am glad that you are fine, and horrified at all brutal things happening in Europe right now. First a guy kills 100 innocent people in Norway, and now crazy people start fires in London…

    I do think it’s a sign that the structure as it is is now working anymore. Although the fire was cast by people who have no conscience of how their action may hurt innocent people, it is a symbol of purification and transformation. It reminds me of Herman Hesse’s book “Demian”, in which he says: “The world, as it is now, wants to die, wants to perish — and it will.”

    This world of people who see life through a narrow window of selfishness, ignorance and anger will perish – it’ll kill itself… and from the ashes, I hope, something beautiful will arise. Bu we have to do our part to turn the ashes into a beautiful phoenix.

    I am so GLAD that you are fine and that your hosts are being nice to you! Please my friend, take care of yourself!❤

    • Marina,

      I know its very sad… but last night was a “calm” night. There is hope that things are clearing up🙂

      I love the quote and I totally agree. Its sad that the world is in such a state, but I think that things are changing and rebirth isn’t always easy… and people resist change. Its for the best. The magical part about tragedy is it shows you that there is still a sense of community among some people. The ones who are unaware of their destruction and who are pretty self centered are the ones missing out and I pray for them…. but they will be brought back in to the fold one day.

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope that the remainder of my trip is good and I am happy to be here and through good and bad its a trip to remember.

      Hope you are well🙂


  6. Dear Shaheen, thank you for that fab link to the Vardo Retreat in Scotland, WOW… I AM in Love!!! *Winks* I have asked their permission to do a Blog about their Retreat and I am hopeful of a positive response… I know that many Blog Supporters would want to know about it and so many people now schedule their Vacations around their Shopping and Blogland visual experiences… I’ve had numerous people tell me they have visited Arizona after seeing via Blogland and my Posts what sites & Shops we have that they find interesting and want to see or visit in person.

    I Pray things have calmed down there in Great Britain and that the rioting has ceased? I don’t watch the news much… or TV very much… so most of the info I get is via the Land Of Blog on what current events are unfolding.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

    • Hello my bohemian friend,

      So glad you liked the site. I saw it and instantly thought of you. Such beautiful pictures. I hope they allow you to do a post about it. I think it would be wonderful for more people to see it. You always share the best things with people… such a gypsy angel. I would love to visit Arizona someday. I have always felt a special energy there. Another trip another time I suppose… gotta go with the wind.

      The riots seem to be over. The streets seem much safer. Police are patrolling the streets everywhere and it feels much more calm. I feel settled back in my falt now. Its amazing to see the strong sense of community emerge out of all of this.

      Take care dear friend.

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