here is a little secret surprise i want to share

Hey everyone. I am sharing this little secret gift I am making for my friend. I bought him a set of mala beads awhile back and he loved them and wore them everyday… and one day he took them off and forgot them somewhere and he never was able to get them back. So i decided to make him a new set. I wanted to put a loving thought in each bead. I was half way finished when I came to London… then I took it all a part and started over again. Just finished them yesterday. I love them so much! I can’t wait to give them to him… but keep it our secret🙂

Let me add that the reason I decided to do this was that I found the little buddha bead at a bead store. He loves little buddha statues but he believes they have to have a hole in the bottom (not sure why) so I thought well a bead has a hole in the bottom… and thats how it began.

18 thoughts on “here is a little secret surprise i want to share

  1. YOU MADE IT!?

    Oh my GOD, this is so beautiful! You are such a handcraft master, I am impressed!
    I didn’t know mala beads could look so beautiful!🙂 I have no seen many sets in my life, but this one is enchanting!

    I am sure your friend will love and cherish it forever!

    • Thank you so much. I actually got teary eyed when I finished because they turned out better than I thought. They really mean a lot to me and to be able to make them and give them to him. I look at them and they have such an aura about them… I cannot wait to give them to him. They are so special to me. It was healing to make something and put love in it and know that I will be giving it away. I needed that. Thanks again for your kind words🙂

  2. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. There’s a lot of love in the gift, even if you hadn’t intentionally put it in there. I love making things for people, but lately that mostly consists of body products (homemade face cleansers, lotions, deodorants, laundry soap, etc)…but I haven’t made anything artsy in a while.

    Your friend is very lucky, and I’m sure he’ll love it.

    • Thank you so much. It’s such a special process making something for someone. I don’t do it often because I really put my soul into it… and some people just don’t appreciate it. But these were a gift to make. I feel like I touched something special making them. I would love to know more about your body products!!! I love all natural body stuff!!! My friends always joke that I should open a store called, “Shaheen’s creams and things”… because I am so into lotions and face washes and such. You should set out to do something artistic…. though I am sure you are more artistic in daily life than you realize.

      • Yes, I can definitely see that about you-I’m sure you do put a bunch into your gifts. I love giving gifts. Sometimes I wish I could just give people gifts full time. If I had unlimited money, that is…

        I just make things here and there that strike my fancy. It’s amazing the things you can make for surprisingly cheap. I also like to support people who make wonderful products (like my friend Allison of

        I hope I am artsy day to day–might justify my art degree.🙂 Laugh…but seriously. I am and always have been an artist, even though I’m not currently making art projects or are in the midst of ‘art business’…I just don’t quite know what to do next.

        Have a lovely day,

      • Gift giving would be the best job ever!! We should go interview with Santa🙂 …sometimes the best gift is just a note or a little picture or something. I like to just let people know I’m thinking about them. Its hard to do sometimes though. I hope you get to do more artsy stuff soon… I look forward to seeing more! You should set out to do a project soon…something peaceful that allows you to gather your energies.

        Thanks for sharing your friends store. I might have to buy a few things😉 …looks like wonderful stuff.

        And you are right… being an artist is a way of life…. its in your being. It has nothing do to with a degree😉 …rock on girl!!!

        Much love shaheen

  3. I have never heard of mala beads–I’ll see if I have a photograph of them in my Art of Tibet Knowledge Cards.

    What a wonderful meditative exercise to make a bead and enclose a specific thought with it. The buddha suits them so well–it looks like it might be a Japanese netsuke bead.

    The cord you’ve used is a nice colour with the wood. They look so peaceful.

    I make jewellery and my own beads, so it’s great to see such a lovely piece of art.

    • ooh yes please look them up… they are such a special treat. I love them, the whole concept. I love prayer beads in general. When i was younger I began collecting rosaries and my mom would search for old vintage ones for me… they were so special. It as amazing making these. Probably one of the most powerful meditative things i’ve done. …what is a netsuke bead?

      I picked the chord because I thought it went well with the wood and that is his favorite color… I thought that was an important touch…. I would love to see some of your work

      • I didn’t have any mala beads on my cards, just other forms of Tibetan jewellery. Darn.

        Netsuke beads are carved from wood or ivory and used as toggles on little purses that women keep tied to their kimonos in Japan. They also make them in China, I assume for a similar thing. They can be used for anything really but that was their original purpose. I’ve noticed a few being used by beaders and jewellery makers.

        Some of my jewellery can be seen on my other blog:

        Click the drop-down list for Category and choose Jewellery.

      • Ooh interesting. Thanks for that bit of knowledge. I am fascinated by kimonos… so cool to know. And I love your stuff… you do all sorts of projects! What is the program that you use? I read about it, but wasn’t sure i understood exactly what it does.


  4. Hey those are absolutely beautiful. Your friend will love them🙂 Love the little Buddha – nice touch. I have one set of mala beads someone bought for me from India, but they’re nowhere near as striking as the ones you’ve made – they’ve got a practical aspect to them and I use them for mantra when I practice yoga (though that’s not happening much these days unfortunately). Blessings.

    • Monica, thank you so much for your kind words. I love mala beads and I wanted these to be so special. They were a great joy to make. I may have to consider making jewelry more lol. I know what you mean about doing yoga and other “good” things like that… I always slack! When I get home I am getting back on track😉 xx shaheen

  5. >>What is the program that you use? I read about it, but wasn’t sure i understood exactly what it does. >>

    Well, I don’t use the program to make the beads themselves, I use it to generate useful patterns. It is called Gliftex. You can download a demo version and try before you buy. There is a home version for $30 and a professional version for $60.

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