seeing symbols

People are always wanting insight into what is going on in their life and what they can expect to happen next. I think that is the reason so many people come to get readings, which is perfectly understandable. I always tell people that a reading is designed so you can understand the past and the present, which allows you to make the future what you want it to be. A reading allows you to “consciously” manifest, once you have understanding of the energies which are being intricately woven into your life.

When you receive a reading, the reader is drawing from your personal energy field bits and pieces of information which they then pass along to you. Your ease, focus and willingness to cooperate all factor into the amount of information that the reader can receive and how clear their “signal” is. The job of the reader isn’t an easy one because they must interpret the fragments of information they receive. It may actually be more appropriate to call them a translator because thats exactly what they are doing, translating the symbolic information that exist in your energy field.

If you begin to take notice of daily occurrences in your life you will start to see the symbolic meanings in everything. Take note of the things that really catch your attention and start to ask yourself what their common theme is? What could they mean? Could it be a warning? Allow the symbols to form a map by which you read into what lies under the surface or in the future. I think the rule of three applies here, if something happens three times in close order then you need to take note of it. For example, if you have misplaced your keys for the fourth time while visiting a friends house… then you need to ask yourself what it could mean. Could it mean that while driving home you should be more cautious? Could it mean that you need to spend more time with your friend? Or maybe it is a warning that your friend may be leaving your life unexpectedly. The key to this process is trusting your intuition when interpreting these symbols.

When you start to connect the symbols in your life and use your own intuition to interpret them you will begin feeling much more empowered and at ease. It will allow you to manifest more intently and to be more prepared for whats to come. I always tell people when I read for them to trust their initial feeling when I say something because it’s often the right interpretation… we are making a joint effort to piece together the puzzle, to map out the symbols.

I think it is helpful to keep a journal of things that are happening in your life, so that you have  a place to reference. This is the same approach you should take if your are personally trying to learn a method of divination, such as the tarot cards. Look for common occurrences, make note of the details that stand out and ask yourself what the symbolic meaning could be. Try this for a week at least and see what you discover.

All the best.


© Shaheen Miro 11/18/2011