Your Body’s Story

Your body is constantly speaking to you. Your body is the story of your beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world around you. Whatever state you find yourself in physically is a reflection of those beliefs and ideas, whether it is a disease, an ache or pain, accident or temporary illness.

You are composed of many layers of energy, all vibrating at different rates. These layers carry the unique makeup of your being and the densest part of your being is your body itself. The state of your health is a type of historical account of your energy, meaning that your illness or ailment began somewhere else in your energetic layers.

Begin to listen to your body, listen to the unique language by which it speaks to you. The aces and pains you have been experiencing, the diseases you have been diagnosed with, the accidents that you have had… are all ways by which your higher self works to get your attention. If you listen to these messages you will be able to change your health and in turn change your life!

There are two wonderful books, which I have referred to time and time again by Louise Hay. Heal Your Body, is the fist one, which is a type of dictionary that you can look up your illness and read the symbolic meaning of it… its wonderful for understanding what message your body has for you. The other book is called Heal Your Life, and it teaches you how to heal your life, by understanding your body.

It’s not always easy to make changes by listening to the message you body tells you and it’s not always easy to accept that you, on some level created this illness. The first step is forgiveness. Letting go and releasing feelings of guilt, anger and pain. This will release many negative energies from your body. The second step is to replace the illness with something, generally a feeling of love is the exact energy needed.

Take time to sit in stillness and meditation, fill yourself with beautiful white light and tell yourself repeatedly, “I love you and accept you.” Remember you are a perfect reflection of the divine. Our natural state of being is one of good health and abundance. If you devote time to what feeds your energy and inspires you, then you will begin to feel better, inside and out.

© Shaheen Miro 12/23/2011

4 thoughts on “Your Body’s Story

  1. What a thoughtful post, and a great image! Love that.

    Yes, we need to pay attention to what our bodies tell us–how we neglect them and neglect ourselves on such a basic level. We try to live only in our brains and I think we often look upon our physical form (aka fleshbag if you go with Futurama’s Bender version) and don’t really honor that then we’re in danger of completely losing touch with our health.

    I think I’m starting to get there and I don’t like that! I was thinking about that a lot recently with lingering malaise, nausea and a sinus issue that has lasted for 2.5 months. AUGH.

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    • This can be such a hard concept to come to terms with and a lot of times its really difficult to understand what your body is trying to say.
      The books by Louise are amazing because they kind of help you find your way, instead of being left to wonder what it all means.
      I have been asking my body a lot lately, to help me understand what it wants and needs… and usually the energy of love and acceptance really help.
      If you are familiar with Reiki it is really powerful… I do Reiki and would be more than happy to send you some long distance energy.

      I hope you have a great week too🙂
      Many blessings… xx

  2. I just purchased a good book on “Healing With Crystals And Chakra Energies” by Sue & Simon Lilly. Knowing our Bodies well and realizing that the natural tendency is for it to want to heal itself and have us on board to assist it in doing what it was designed to do is vital to working in cooperation rather than running interferance.

    Dawn… The Bohemian

    • I love everything you just said! So true and so wise. I am glad you understand and that you are learning to work with these energies.
      I love the use of crystals and stones… they are such powerful energies. Reiki is such a special way of healing as well, I cannot stress that enough.
      Now I am excited to have another good book to look up🙂


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