let us pray

Many people find prayer as comforting and intimate way to connect with the source and often times when people feel lost, desperate and at their wits end they will turn to prayer. I pray daily because it allows me to connect to the Universe as well as my inner place of wisdom. Prayer is like meditation; it’s a time to be still. 

I have talked to many people who view prayer as a way of pleading with God or the creator to change something unfortunate in their lives or to allow them to have something that they feel is missing. This approach to prayer is unsettling to me because it takes the control out of your hands and puts it into the hands of someone/something else. Prayer is meant to empower us.

I once had a friend tell me that the word “hope” is viewed by the Buddhist as a negative word because it implies that something might not happen. I found that to be a fascinating concept because I saw that many people pray because they hope it will create a change. I think that prayer is much more powerful when you intend what you’re praying for. Don’t ask that something happen, intend that it will happen, pull it into reality.

When you sit down to have a conversation with the Universe, don’t desperately throw your hands up and beg for mercy… this is your life and your experience and the Universe can only do what you ask it, so you must be firm and clear in your asking! The key is to realize that you are the one in control, you manifest your reality, you have the ability to shape and form the architecture of it. You are not a victim to the whims of some being in the sky…

I have found that prayer is much more powerful as a form of giving thanks to the universe for what you have already begun to consciously manifest. You put the intention out there, asking for the Universe to partner with you to bring in into reality and then you give a prayer of thanks for that partnership. Ask that the Universe help this intention manifest in the best way possible, as the Universe has a vantage point… the bigger picture is much more clear to Spirit. 

Take this approach with your daily prayer with at least one issue and see what happens. For example: Instead of praying, “God I ask for you to bring money and security into my life, so that I can feel safe and protected. Please help me in my time of need.” Approach it as an affirmation, saying it in the now, “I have financial security, I am safe and protected by the Universe. I have everything I want and need, when I want and need it.” …then say a prayer of thanks because when you take the lead the Universe can do nothing but follow!

Much love,


© Shaheen Miro 12/13/2011

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