changing, again

The constant and reoccurring things in life become our teachers. Sometimes subtle and sometimes shuttering, the message works hard to get through to us. We have stubborn minds, and closed hearts. We ignore what we see in front of us, until the message is screaming. Be still and listen.

Treading cautious at the heels of change and the future. When it seems too clouded in mystery we grow fearful, we lock ourselves away. Embrace the ride. Know that it’s time to let go of something. I see the cycles in my own life, how I outgrow one thing in order to embrace another. Sometimes I fight it… but the change will come sooner or later.

Close your eyes, and open your heart. Listen to what is being whispered in the winds of change. Lift up your wings and set out on those winds. The wind can be crazy, especially if you fight it, but you can glide with ease by trusting. There is no reason our hearts and minds have to fight the change. It is our nature to metamorphosis.

This big city is filled with lights, and stars, and hopes and fears. It is a huge womb, dark and encompassing. It’s walls confine and protect, cultivate and transmute. Here is a place where I can change. Now is a time when we are all changing, again.



© Shaheen Miro 1/12/2012

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