my manifestation mandala

Though this is not a Mandala in the traditional sense, it is a collage of images that spark and inspire me to push energy into my dreams. The circle is a sacred symbol of focus and divinity. It represents the spark of life in the beginning, the first bit of light from the universe unfolded from. It represents the womb of creation. The vortex to the higher realms. And the everlasting life of the spirit… which like a ring never ends.

making a pact with your dreams

Each and every one of us has a longing in our heart, a quest that we are on. We are looking for a precious treasure out there in the rough. Sometimes the road can be dark and treacherous and other times it may seem sunny and safe. In the end you must follow the call, the flow…. The gentle direction of the wind tugging at your side.

Sometimes, our dreams and desires don’t match the life we have lived so far. We look in the mirror and say, “I don’t look like a (rock star, artist, preacher, farmer, blah, blah, blah”… in your mind you don’t live up to the image you are wanting to become, so you shy away from it. Though you may not have been born a “prodigy”, singing since you came from the womb, or painting or writing… doesn’t mean that you cannot start today. Your dreams are your personal treasure, and only you can determine whether you will fulfill them.

Make a pact with yourself, in the night, by the water, in the moonlight. Make a special pact with yourself on a star, that you will give your dreams and talents a little spark of life. Begin to believe in the longing that you have. The universe gave you a special spark, and that spark is meant to ignite a fire in you to light up the world.

People speak of destiny as some contract written in stone, That is his destiny, that is your destiny, that is my destiny…  Your destiny is determined not by your luck, but by your longing… the things you yearn for… the things that make you light up, the things you dream about. Those things hold the key to your destiny. Destiny isn’t a set of things to achieve… destiny is a state of awareness you expand to.

To make your dreams come true, you must start with a small gesture.  You must wave to the Universe, saying, “Hey there, I am ready to open the door for this dream”. It doesn’t mean you have to sell your house and change your entire life… but you must create a focal point for that energy. Allow the door to open in your mind and heart, and then it will reflect into the physical world.

Here is an exercise:

Collect a small pile of images and words that highlight that dream and desire. Find things that have the vibe you are trying to capture. Now, find a good cardstock and cut out a circle… it can be any size, but make it big enough that you can fit your pictures on it and still see them clearly.

This will be your Mandala, which is basically a meditation wheel or place of focus. On this circle you will collage all the images in some way that speaks to you. Then you will write on the back of it, the date, a phrase or affirmation that highlights your dream… and your signature. You have made a pact to yourself and to this dream.

At least once a day, take a few minutes to look at your Mandala. Take in the images, the words and the colors. Allow its energy to feed your spirit. And send that energy back to the Madala. This Mandala serves as a reminder and a type of vortex to bring into your life the opportunities that you need to feel like you are achieving your dreams… the more open you are to the Universe the more giving it can be back to you.

To the Gypsies… always,


© Shaheen Miro 2/13/2012

purging (repost)

I’ve been feeling a little bit ungrounded lately, trying to juggle myself between school, life, and all the things in between. Sometimes I feel like I need a respite from it all, just a little more time to allow myself to be… in silence and healing. Sometimes I imagine the strong and gentle arms of the universe cradling me, with warm and loving embrace and a lullaby that calms my heart and soul. I wish I could stay in those moments forever.

It may be wise for me to invest in a mental health day, just to lay around in my pjs and read or do something that is carefree. I am in dire need of a recharge. I think that this time of the year always lends itself to letting go of things… it’s a time of purging the old and the worn out. I have been in an intense process of alchemy for some time now, London was a huge part of this, and now that I am back the change continues… but I am now really learning to let go.

Part of me is saddened by this process of letting go because it means that I not only have to let go of worn out ideas and beliefs, but also people. Sometimes we out grow our time together and we have to say goodbye, with love and thanks… we cherish the good that comes with a friendship/partnership and then it’s time to move on and we have to keep the good with us… but it’s never easy.

I have been learning to not take things so personally from other people because we are all doing the best we an at the time, but I am however learning to take better care of myself. I am learning that I teach people how to treat me, how to love me, how to respect me… and if it’s not how I want to be treated then I have to make a change. Now is the time for me to wave goodbye to the old ones, the dying legends. I want to recover the parts of me that have been buried under dust.

For some time I haven’t been writing here because I just haven’t known what to say, but I hope that can change soon. I want to share everything, and I want to know all the facets of your story as well. For me I’ve needed a bit of rest from writing because I’ve needed to be with my feelings on the inside. Lately I haven’t felt that inspired, school especially has been hard. I feel like I am not hearing my muse… and sometimes I feel like I am recycling old ideas. I have always said that the chronic things in our lives are teachers that we have decided to ignore… maybe I should ask myself what I’m not learning.

I know that this time of year is about letting go, like I said we are purging for the rest of winter. How are you feeling? Is there anything that you are trying to let go of? Maybe it would help if you wrote it down somewhere… maybe write an “unsent” letter to yourself, or the person who you are feeling trouble with. Allow yourself to release, even if it feels scary. You will feel much lighter if you trust in the process… I am trying to do that very thing.

Many blessings to all of you… to the gypsies


© Shaheen Miro 10/10/2011

say good-bye to dying legends

I woke up from a nap to discover the tragic news that we lost another legend, Whitney Houston. Sadness came over me as I thought for a second what that meant… Another beautiful soul, voice and talent gone from the world. It was just a few hours before my nap that I was singing, “I Will Always Love You.”

Whitney Houston was a powerhouse. She had such an amazing voice, and an emotive way of expressing her songs. She could take you from happy, to sassy, to sad and moving in seconds. That is the sign of a talented singer. She gifted us with so many great songs… and sang her heart out.

Lets remember her for all the beautiful work she left us. We saw someone expose their soul on songs and movies. She gave herself to us. She sang for us and gave us a voice. She will be remembered for that. She is another legend… who has gone on to become a bright and guiding light.

It is sad that she passed at such a young age, 48. And up to this point we don’t know the cause of death. Let’s pray now that she is able to finally be at peace, and rest. Send prayers to her and her family. Light a candle and surround yourself with some beautiful music.

After the passing of Etta James, and Now Whitney Houston… I am beginning to realize how important it is to live… live life to the fullest. Fearless and free. Love people, love yourself and love what you do. Don’t let your talents and dreams and inspirations turn to dust, don’t wait for the right time to come. Make magic happen now. It’s in you, I promise.

Saying good-bye to dying legends. Be silent and hear the sing, among heartbeats and prayers. Look up to the darkest sky and see them… as they become stars… our guiding lights. –Shaheen Miro

© Shaheen Miro 2/11/2012

beautiful boys

We were beautiful boys, too young to know better, and too proud to walk away. Something died in our hearts and minds, and was left rotting in the dark places of our souls. You had no clue how much you burned me and like a moth, I kept flying, a suicide bomber, back into your light.

They were strange, and made of gold. They glowed with warmth, but to the touch they were cold. You say everything will be okay… but once again, you do not know the path at which they go. They are always leaving. Dispensing their sorrows, to the wind with the dandelion heads. It was almost Summer then.

Keep your clothes on; there is no need to stand bare before me. There is nothing I wish to see, though I know every line that lives under your clothes. You were sculpted from the dark clay of the earth and fired in the kiln of the mountains. I saw you baptized by the fragile sea and kissed by the sun. So stand there in all your glory, but do not shed your clothes… for your exposed body would surly destroy me.

Now that there is nothing left to say. No one dares even write to the other. Let’s just let it float off into dust. You are not a fallen star to me. You will always shine. You gave me a chance, a voice and time to make my art. I have written down every word. I’ve taken it all in. Though we are saying good-bye to dying legends… the legends live on as stars; Lights in the night, to guide us home.

© Shaheen Miro 2/11/2012

then dance

We live in a constant state of flux. In this state of perpetual motion you must learn to be in the center; Present, aware and allowing. As you ride these waves of change and transformation you beginning to shed layers of skin revealing new faces, perspective, dreams and talents. This is essentially the secret of life.

There is so much resistance to change and transformation. I personally resist it at times because it can be intimidating and scary. Sometimes you don’t understand the transformation you are going through. You are dancing in the dark and you cannot feel your surroundings. You must close your eyes and perceive with your spirit. Befriend change and allow it to enter you…

I often find myself feeling like I need to write more, draw me, sing more… just needing to be more creative and then I realize that I need to allow the creativity to flow through me. You cannot force art. When you are pursuing dreams you must be well rested. You may need some down time, just being present in the moment, allow the confusion to be a sense of calm before the real “change” begins.

Ideas will stalk you. Your dreams will stalk you. The things you are destined to do, will stalk you… until you allow them into your life and you allow the transformation to begin. I have had many clients tell me that they want to do this or that… but the opportunity never comes or it never works out. And really the problem is that they never allow it to. I can relate. I feel that I should be making music… writing and singing… but that will never happen if I don’t sit down and play the piano, record a song, try to hit the stage!

Don’t worry about missing opportunities because if it is meant to be it will come again… but don’t push them away from yourself repeatedly because you fear the outcome. The old cliché… “What do you have to lose?” Is perfect here. Be gentle with yourself, love yourself, but love your dreams and goals, as well. Don’t stand in your own way. Take uncertainty by the hand and walk for a while. Then dance. Then see how it all changes, again.

© Shaheen Miro 2/10/2012

beautiful one

He was deadly, beautiful and manipulating. Dark caramel eyes that charmed snakes. I remember his poetry under lamplights on darkened street. He spoke words that sounded new and shinny, sweet like hard candy and dreams. I never had his silence and patience. I stumbled over my feelings. He said secrets are easy to keep if they never leave your lips.

I looked through the diamond in the door and saw your face. A heavy-handed, “knock, knock” shook the chipping wood. My heart skipped a beat with each bang. You were deadly to me. In that moment I knew. I pulled you into my veins… sour, syrupy, venom that eats me from the inside out.

His warm hands held mine. I saw one dark circle imprinted on the map of his palm. That was me. I am printed on you. I am part of your destiny, marked by God. You can reach for others. You can reach for the shadows. But you will always be touching me. X marks the spot. Remember me foretelling of someone to come? I saw it there, in your palm.

The lights went out and I pushed myself closer, wanting to feel small in your arms. Your soft lips wrapped around mine. I was a child quivering in the nighttime heat. The pangs of love were needles digging deeper into my soul. I remember once you tried to ease my doubts with words, like your poetry, the words were right. But I never felt better. Those words were stitches that wouldn’t heal.

His sour kisses infected the sunshine. The caress of his hand down my thigh brought castles to ruins. We were higher than Icarus touching the sky. You faded back to black, asking the fiends to make you real again. I was the puppet master… you only danced at midnight when I placed my hand on your back.

Two souls were taken out of time and put into different plays. We dance on opposites sides of the sea. Turning circles, around corridors we have haunted before. Midnights still flash in my mind, metallic light cuts me open when I doze of to sleep. I’m reminded that you are worlds away. I’m still aching, when it’s cold and damp in my bones.

He let go of me. Wrote it down on a scrap of paper and threw it under the plane while it flew away. I packed up all the baggage and gave it to charity. I wasn’t leaving any mess for you to castaway in. You can’t remember me that way. I’ll rap myself in black lace and become the night.

When I sit here at this broken down piano touching keys, I’m touching the memory of you. The memory of a love song we use to sing. I wanted your ivory eyes. You could not give me what I thought I would need. I looked for too much outside of myself.

This is not a tragedy. Though love can be tragedy. This is the most powerful love story. Friendship has overcome heartache. We are torn lovers who still long to hold each other when the world gets too tough. You will make it better because you protect me. I will make it better because I will never let the darkness consume you.

My candle always burns at the end of the tunnel. Here is home. My heart will always cradle you.  I won’t be angry if he finds love… because love is for the beautiful. You’re the beautiful one to me.

I lay these lilies on the bridge, an offering to God. Shine down on me; show me my face in your face. You are the mirror in the sky and I need my own reflection. We never truly see our own beauty until we learn to swallow the monster. Love comes from love.


© Shaheen 2/2/2012

forgiveness entered me

I realize that there is no one to blame; not for the way we are feeling. You are distant and I am stumbling. I want everything. You can give me… nothing. I’m not angry anymore… It wasn’t your intention. You never meant to break my heart. You only handled me the way you’ve learned to.

Something shook me, bringing me closer to my center. I stepped back from the mirror, wiped the fog away… I looked at myself, for a change. Words started to come out again, the truth was revealed. I spoke. I secretly forgot about me. You forgot about you. Why do we seek treasure in all the wrong places?

You believed yourself unworthy, and I based my self-worth on your doctrine; written out there in the darkest places. I came back to the middle, where it first began. I went back to meet the past, face to face, reminded of my strange beauty, before the lifeless bled my life away. I am renewed.

In the dark you have begun to glow. In the dark I’ve begun to forgive. There was music, when I went to the Church and lit the candle. The words were unfamiliar, another language. But I recognized the feeling of forgiveness. Forgiveness is gentle like the spirit of a child or an animal; forgiveness entered me.

Once I crossed the ocean and sent my peace offering, the soul could begin to float. You knew I would leave again. I heard the voice, in London. It was an awakening. A light entered my head, and a stream of awareness began to feed into me. Now I am finding it… off in the distance it echoes. I’m following its song.

Your voice is soothing and harsh, yet I am warmed to know you are there. On the other end, where your life is unfolding. I am sending you warm blessings, as you venture into the future. We are closer now than ever. I let go of expectation. I stopped crushing you under the weight. I kept you falling, though you never knew. So now I am here singing… you are there winning. Maybe this is healing.

I will never forget the nights we touched. The times you shared your pain with me. You know every part of me. You’ve studied me. You could recreate my portrait. I know you inside. I know your voice. We are in each other. I live in a glass cage, on a pedestal… in your heart. I won that right.

They can come close to matching me. They have what I wanted. Still I have what they never will. You will show them all my dreams, and secretly you will keep all the love for me. I am safe there. I am not afraid of forgiving…forgiving brings clarity. I’m not clouded anymore, by the weight of you and me.

© Shaheen Miro 1/31/2012