Welcome to my war (repost)

The world is a very frightening place right now with all of the catastrophic events, and the sense of uncertainty that we are faced with everyday; from an economic standpoint and natural disasters, but the most frightening things is the spiritual disconnect that people feel from one another.

So much violence and hate happens on a daily basis and it truly saddens me. The amount of hate and animosity that people display toward one another, that goes unnoticed is staggering and I find it very sad that half the time its bold and in your face… yet nothing is done. I know that we cannot change the minds and hearts of other people, but I do believe that there should be more of a sense of support among the like-minded.

I have seen it many times and I will continue to believe, that the key to everything in the world is to rekindle our sense of community. Many faiths have taught us that judgment is not our place; our path here is to love and support one another.

I have personally seen a lot of hate in my life; hate toward me and toward the ones I love. I have had the most awful things said to me, attacking my sexuality and my spiritual beliefs and every time I just step back feeling sadness toward my attacker. The people that lash out with hatred are really the victim because, they live in a world of constant darkness, and their unkindness is the monster of FEAR!

People walk around with no sense of identity and self worth, no confidence and no power… so as a way to make up for what they lack, they attach the ones who are different from them. I continue to remind myself that in each person is a light and I send love to that place.

Please go out into the world respecting yourself and respecting others. Even if someone is different than you, it doesn’ tmake him or her wrong. Spirit placed us here with all our uniqueness and beauty so that we could be inspired from one another. You can turn your head if it bothers you, but please just bless everyone on their journey. Even the ones who live in a dark and sad world… bless them too and say a prayer that they find a place of freedom and love.

My experience with this hasn’t been as harsh as other, but really that is relative. I can say that I am a very strong person and it’s uneasy to shake me. But there are those out there who live in a constant battle of feeling “different” or “wrong” or “misunderstood” and then someone who deals with the same battle lashes out to them with hatred and anger and sends them deeper and deeper into their place of hurt.

There are a massive number of suicides happening today because of people being ridiculed for being gay. People were burned at the stake once for being different. We had the Holocaust. We’ve battled slavery. There are wars… see this and work your best to stop it. It starts with one brave little light shinning… be brave… love someone with the most outrageous, fearless love ever! Support someone in their effort to be who they are, even when it hurts.

There are hearts all over the world begging to be loved. Is there anyone in your life whom you have judged or disagreed with because you didn’t feel his or her life choices were right? …Even if there was no real harm in it. Maybe its time to right that wrong, Tell them you love them. Ask yourself why it bothers you so much. Are you avoiding something too?

My mother has always said that “darkness tends to fight the light”… and the old cliché, “misery loves company” seems to be a sobering reality.  I just wish to be a small part in the world of healing all the lost and lonely souls. But it starts with love and community.

Please step out of your comfort zone and see something that has bothered you with different eyes, curious eyes, and loving eyes and do something special. Support uniqueness and support what you already love.

I love all your gypsy souls,


© Shaheen Miro 2011

honor each other

When we are feeling lost, confused, lonely and depressed, it is easy to pick a part other people. It’s natural for us to judge what is different. We tend to pull apart other’s flaws and weaknesses in order to cover up our own. It’s easier to point out their perceived imperfections than to look in the mirror. And when we do finally take a look in the mirror and evaluate the reflection looking back… we tear that apart as well.

Gandhi said, to be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want the world to smile at you… you must smile at it. I know when I am confused or frustrated I become judgmental and I pick others apart as well as myself. But I have to stop myself for a moment and affirm, “I see and honor the light within each person and they see and honor the light within me.” I tell myself that everyone is doing the best they can at this time… even if it isn’t what I see as the best.

You don’t have to like someone, but just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you need to judge them. I may not like the color yellow, but my feelings for it remain neutral because yellow just isn’t for me. That is the key when dealing with people or situations that aren’t up to our liking… you must become neutral to them. The more you push at the object of your judgement the more it pushes back. It becomes a ghost mocking and haunting you.

The old saying, that we judge in others what we see in ourselves holds weight here. It is true at times that we see something dangerious and exciting in others actions and we judge them for it… they have stepped outside of the self imposed rules and regulations and they are living as rebels. We all secretly love the rebels we hate.

Lets make it a goal to honor the parts of people that usually irritate us. Let’s celebrate their “flaw”, their annoying habit… or whatever. It may not always work, but it’s a good thought to be mindful of.


© Shaheen Miro 4/5/2012