No Matter What They Say

I am constantly blown away by the amount of time and energy people spend on telling other people how to live. It’s like people avoid looking at their own reflection by picking out the flaws of someone else’s. You can’t let your wounds and scars become the lens that you see the world through. We all have our ideas of how things work, the best way to live… but your truth may not be my truth and vice versa.

A good dose of advice is wonderful and I love being inspired by someone elses story and I like seeing the flip side of things. But you can share your truth with someone and not force it on them. When I was a child my mom told me that  god is a diamond and that all the different ideas about god and life and the universe are different facet of that diamond… but it’s all the same sparkling jewel… she told me that we each find our own path to god and that no ones path is the same.

I believe that is life in general. We all walk our own path. Sometimes our paths cross, sometimes they run parallel, and sometimes we may travel briefly on another road… but in the end we all have our own path. You have to take what works best for you and leave the rest. You have to give everyone the right to believe as they see fit for their own soul. You may not agree that it’s right for you… but you should be happy to allow them to embrace their own truth.

Who really wants to live in a sterile, white-washed world anyway? Do we really want to look and act the same? Think of all the beautiful things we would have to give up if everyone was the same. It is sad and honestly, terrifying. We all have the right to be who we are, because that’s what makes this world such a beautiful and rich tapestry.

We all judge others, it’s human nature. But keep that judgement to yourself. Become your own person and fearlessly be who you are and allow everyone else the right to do the same. I hate that I can be judgmental… usually it’s out of love. But that is no excuse. The fact still remains that your life, is yours alone and that is the only thing you need to worry about. And I don’t mean that in the egotistical sense.

The key I believe is, compassion. We need to be compassionate toward each other… that doesn’t mean coddle people. Sometimes you have to be honest with someone, especially when they ask your opinion… but don’t let that judgment take your soul. Don’t own the actions of others… just own what you do. At the end of the day we are all doing the best we can.

See and honor the light within of each person, and see in honor the light within yourself.

© Shaheen Miro 5/31/2012

Summer Workshops

So excited to present Summer Workshops!!

They will be held at the amazing Potato Hill Farm… here is a list below.

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11 of Spades: Honor Your Spirit

Learning to walk the line between worlds. Being in-touch with your spirit.

If you’re like me, then you probably feel like you don’t spend enough time being creative and spiritual. You probably feel the pressure to spend more time in relaxation and peace. Whenever I am doing readings people always tell me they wish they had more time to be spiritual and to do things they love. But we often put that last.

That pressure that you feel, is actually your spirit longing for air, asking you to stop for a second and acknowledge it. We spend our time worrying about responsibilities, but you need to be part of that list of responsibilities. You cannot light the candle of others, if you let your own fire burnout. It’s an essential thing.

Start with a small daily task. Let it be something you can easily commit to at first. Maybe reading a page or two before bed of an inspirational text or repeating positive affirmations for two minutes after brushing your teeth, or maybe listening to your favorite song a few times. I like to give myself at least 1o minutes of “me” time. Sometimes it’s as simple as thumbing through my favorite picture book.

If you can muster the discipline to spend a few hours each day, for you… then you will start to feel so empowered and at ease. Peace only comes when you allow yourself to be still. Meditation is powerful in this regard. Guided meditation, breathing mediation, walking meditation and general mindfulness can all help you to become more balanced and centered.

You feel the longing, just as I do… to be more mindful of your own essence. Don’t put it last on your list. If you listen to that call you will find that so many other pieces of your life fall into place, seamlessly. Your spirit is the truest part of who you are… so live from that place. That is my wish for you and for me… for the world. It would be a much better place.

Much love,


© Shaheen Miro 5/4/2012

Finding Sanctuary

The space you live in is part of your spirit…. the dust and clutter, the random knickknacks and nostalgia. It holds meaning and symbolism. Your space is a reflection of you, of your inner workings. I thrive off spaces… atmosphere, texture and color are so instrumental in my creativity. I look around my house and I see myself in living color.

It fascinates me how certain objects speak to me. It’s not a materialistic perspective… I can live without these things, but they give me a reference point to what is happening inside. I find myself rearranging my space as I rearrange my thoughts. I throw things away when I am getting rid of the old. I only want what speaks to me.

We are all seeking some form of sanctuary. You may not be able to make your entire house a warm and cozy place for meditation and inspiration… but you should at least have a corner or wall or room dedicated to your inner world. When you see the things you love, you bring in more of that. Claiming your space is an affirmation that you are taking ownership of your life.

People who know me well… know two things: One, being that I am a neat freak and two, being that I have a scarf on every surface. I love to cleaning my space because it makes me feel like I am organizing my energy, my thoughts and my feelings. I pick and choose what pictures, statues and scarves adorn my space because they all radiate something powerful and passionate.

My best friend told me once that I have a knack for putting things where they are meant to go. I thought that was interesting. I don’t know If ever really think about it. I sort of let the room tell me how it wants to look. I like to let the space speak to me. It’s a powerful process, but once I am settled in a space I feel empowered. It’s a sacred energy point to me… where I thrive and grow and live. Magic happens in these walls.

I want you to remember that you need a sanctuary. You will feel more alive. I promise, you will feel more in control. Whenever I travel I throw a few extra scarves in my suitcase so that I can drape them around my hotel room or temporary residence. It is my way of connecting with the space.

When you have extra time declutter. Look around and ask yourself, “Do I need this? Have I really been using this? Does this reflect me anymore?“. Get rid of the things you no longer need. Or pack it away. This is all about gathering and directing energy. If you are conscious of your space you will become more conscious of what you’re manifesting in your life.

There is a powerful and sacred energy that permeates the walls of a person who is conscious of what they bring in and out of their homes. You will notice that when a person is feeling frazzled or scattered their home is a direct reflection of that. Your space is an extension of you. If you want to make changes in your life… start with the interior of your home and as you clean and declutter and redecorate you will be doing the same on the inside. It’s a psychological and energetic process like no other.

Take it a step further and begin spiritual cleaning your space by burning a sage smudge, sprinkling blessed water and/or lighting white candles. Daily spiritual and creative acts within a space, will add to the aura of “good-vibes”. Find ways to fall in love with where you live… it will change many other areas of your life!!

To the gypsies,


© Shaheen Miro 5/4/2012