11 of Spades: Honor Your Spirit

Learning to walk the line between worlds. Being in-touch with your spirit.

If you’re like me, then you probably feel like you don’t spend enough time being creative and spiritual. You probably feel the pressure to spend more time in relaxation and peace. Whenever I am doing readings people always tell me they wish they had more time to be spiritual and to do things they love. But we often put that last.

That pressure that you feel, is actually your spirit longing for air, asking you to stop for a second and acknowledge it. We spend our time worrying about responsibilities, but you need to be part of that list of responsibilities. You cannot light the candle of others, if you let your own fire burnout. It’s an essential thing.

Start with a small daily task. Let it be something you can easily commit to at first. Maybe reading a page or two before bed of an inspirational text or repeating positive affirmations for two minutes after brushing your teeth, or maybe listening to your favorite song a few times. I like to give myself at least 1o minutes of “me” time. Sometimes it’s as simple as thumbing through my favorite picture book.

If you can muster the discipline to spend a few hours each day, for you… then you will start to feel so empowered and at ease. Peace only comes when you allow yourself to be still. Meditation is powerful in this regard. Guided meditation, breathing mediation, walking meditation and general mindfulness can all help you to become more balanced and centered.

You feel the longing, just as I do… to be more mindful of your own essence. Don’t put it last on your list. If you listen to that call you will find that so many other pieces of your life fall into place, seamlessly. Your spirit is the truest part of who you are… so live from that place. That is my wish for you and for me… for the world. It would be a much better place.

Much love,


© Shaheen Miro 5/4/2012

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