Gypsies in L.A.

Great news, The Rock and Roll Gypsies will be in L.A., aka. My partner Suzy and I! We will be there August 7th-21st, for fun, fashion, readings and meeting people. The best part is that we are making a documentary about our lives, about creativity, fashion and all the things in-between.

We are currently documenting the creation of my collection that I am working on over the summer, so L.A. will be a great addition to that journey. I have so many people there that I haven’t had the chance to meet face-to-face, so I am very excited to finally make that happen! Not to mention doing readings and seeing a place that I have never been to before.

Suzy and I love to travel because it gives us a chance to get inspired and create new art. And we have felt drawn to California for a very long time. I have been saying for years that I want to go, and now the time has come. I feel like it will be pure magic… so keep your fingers crossed!

If you are interested in having a reading/reading party while I am there, please contact me at [email protected] Or if you would like to meet up, show us the town and be a part of our documentary. We are really interested in meeting people who work in fashion, who are designers, artist or creative people! Part of what we want to capture in our documentary is individual perspectives on the creative process, the fashion industry and art.

If you know of anyone that you think would be a good for us to befriend, please put us in contact! Or if you have suggestions for place to visit, etc.

Hope you are all doing well.

Much love,



Book Review: The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

“The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicits of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the Few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all.”

-Arthur Edward Waite

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, isn’t a new book, but it’s an interesting book and one that any Tarot enthusiast should read. If not for the content, this book should be read for the nostalgia and history. This book represents a pivotal point in Tarot history, when Arthur Edward Waite, reinvented Tarot into what most of us recognize today.

The edition that I have is a reprint from Barnes and Nobles. This version has retained, what seems to be its original type face, spelling and format, along with very interesting and slightly simplified, illustration plates of each card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

To be honest the addition of the black and white prints of each card, was the original appeal for me. I thought there was something very beautiful about the negative and positive space activated on the page, from the card illustrations and text (That’s just my design brain working). But I also felt that there was simplicity to the book at first glance.

Sectioned into three distinct parts. The book begins with, The Veil and its Symbols, which is an essay on the origin of the Tarot, the perspective of many authors in the History of the Tarot, A brief touch on the history of cards, and an explanation of the Major Arcana in Antiquity (Pre-Waite Symbolism).

This was probably the hardest part to follow in the book, simply because he speaks about Authors and books that are not as common today. His arguments for what he sees as “true” compared to other Authors, is very interesting. However, at times you get the impression that he may have been a little bi-polar because he jumps from one view to the other.

You also discovery that Art, not just Tarot, is a historical account of the time it is created in. Though Waite tries to paint the true Tarot as being above historical influence, he can’t deny that the cards have been shaped by history.

In this section, Waite also articulates for us the essence of the Tarot by saying, “The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs. Given the inward meanings of its emblems, they do become a kind of alphabet which is capable of indefinite combinations and makes true sense in all.”

Part two, The Doctrine Behind the Veil, is a compilation of basic information about each individual Major Arcana card. An image of each card is shown, with an accompanying explanation. His explanations are brief, but though provoking.

I found this section insightful mostly because he described the pictures, and in his description he pointed out things that I never seen before. However, there was a disconnect between some of the things shown in the picture and their actual purpose. I felt like Waite wanted to stress that everything had meaning, but he didn’t live up to that expectation by giving us a reason in each of his illustrations.

In this section He was sure to express that the Major Arcana was never intended for divination, but that the Minor Arcana was, and that at one time they were probably separate decks. According to him the Major Arcana is devoid of any divinatory meaning (until later when he breaks down and gives just a few meanings).

He explained, “The two classes of significance which are attached to the Tarot in the superior and inferior worlds, and in the facet that no occult or other writer has attempted to assign anything but a divinatory meaning to the Minor Arcana, justify in yet another manner the hypothesis that the two series do not belong to one another.”

Part three, The Outer Method of the Oracle, Waite gives us a picture of each Minor card and a few lines of description about the images, the divinatory meaning and the reversed meaning. This was the most disappointing part of the book in my eyes, because I felt that the author was a little skewed in his views about the cards.

For some reason, over half the information presented by Waite, about the Minor cards, felt wrong to me. It was trite and irrelevant most of the time, and didn’t really follow the images that were presented; this made the images themselves seem arbitrary. An explanation of what is depicted in the image should have sufficed as a “divinatory” meaning for each card, but it fell short of that.

Regardless of whether I felt his divinatory meanings were spot on, Waite did seem to capture in a few lines, exactly how the cards should be read, “The cards must be interpreted relatively to the subject, which means that all official and conventional meanings of the cards may and should be adapted to harmonize with the conditions of this particular case in question.” So he never advocated simply memorizing a list of key terms, rather he thought it was important to understand combinations of symbols as they appear before you.

As Waite touched on the Divinatory meanings of the cards, I did feel that he was stepping into uncomfortable territory. Most of his explanations, especially in his last section titled, Some Additional Meanings of the Lesser Arcana, felt hokey, like stereotypical, soothsayer, mumbo-jumbo.

In Waite’s conclusion of the book he even said, “I have concerned myself with the subject, even at the risk of writing about divination by cards.” If he felt that the use of Tarot for divination was a bit diluted, then why wasn’t he able to explain them more in-depth or give a reason for their existence, beyond the simple theories about their Mystical nature? He never actually tells us what secret doctrine they are trying to illustrate!

I found his love-hate relationship with the idea of “Fortune-telling” and divination with the cards, intriguing. If he felt so strongly about the deeply symbolic and occult nature of the Major Arcana, then why didn’t he stick to exploring their meaning and find a way of separating the two, either in Antiquity or in use? Instead he ate his own words and explored them, even at the risk of writing about “divination by cards”.

I will say that I agree, Tarot is much more than a deck for divination, I think it is a collection of Universal symbols that speak to our psyche, prompts to open our souls, and windows to gain glimpses into the inner workings of the Universe (within around us).

The book gave me an odd impression of Arthur Edward Waite because I felt that he was a little bit conflicted. At times there seemed to be an argument happening with himself, as if he wasn’t exactly sure what he believed. Part of me felt that if Waite wasn’t confused by his own thoughts, then he was deliberately being ambiguous and trying to cause confusion to those exploring the art.

Even more fascinating was when he referred to another book and Author (Grand Orient), basically saying that his perspective of Tarot didn’t follow the perspective of his Colleague… and upon searching more you find out that they were one and the same. So he was essentially trying to discredit himself, either to create a buzz or to confuse others.

No matter what my impressions of this book, Arthur Edward Waite, was a force in the world and history of the Tarot. If it weren’t for Waite, Tarot wouldn’t be what we know it as today. This book is a great historically reference, as well as eye opening to the symbolism of the Tarot

© Shaheen Miro June 28, 2012

Slipping into Darkness

Shadow is the means by which bodies display their form. The forms of bodies could not be understood in detail but for shadow.

-Leonardo da Vinci

Everyone has a subtle darkness that wraps around them like a soft, velvet cloak. This is your shadow, the part of you that is dark, rich and fertile. It is the place where we lock our fears and insecurities, your monsters and demons. You may fear the darkness, when really you should learn to touch it.

You feel strong when you keep your composure during hard times. You sigh with relief when you push through anger, fists and jaw clenched, as if you are bracing your self through an earthquake. It’s easy to avoid what feels terrifying, to avoid the unknown. But why do you fear your darkness? When did feeling become bad?

Did someone tell you that the dark is bad? Where you spooked as a child by the things that went bump in the night? The boogieman that lived under the bed? Sometime I think back to those times and wonder if maybe the boogieman was really a cool guy. He might be one of those types that carry a boom-box on his shoulder, blasting a good beat for anyone who’s brave enough to boogie! But you’ll never know. 

We spend so much time trying to avoid the difficult. I once had a writing professor tell me that, the best writing is when you write what you’re afraid of. I loved that concept. If you write what really challenges you, then you touch something more believable. A lot of characters come out when you are uncomfortable. You begin to slip into the in-between.

Sometimes I think it’s our need to control. You may fear that if you touch the darkness, you will fade like a drop in the ocean, into a strange land of eternal night… never to return again. But, why do you care? Maybe there’s really a great carnival ragging somewhere in the darkness, waiting for you to step through your shadow. But you’ll never know.

Some people get lost in their shadow. You can be consumed by your own darkness. Depression can clutch you like the fatal talons of a hawk and never let you go. Anger can burn you from the inside out. All of these lower emotions can eat away at you if you let them. People become prisoners of their darkness because they give all their power to their fears

Befriend the night. Marry your own darkness. Learn to dance with the chaos and the uncertainty. Learn to be with the unlovable parts of you. You can’t heal a wound if you are too afraid to look at it. If there is really a monster in the corner of your room, he isn’t leaving if you close your eyes. But you may find if you step out of the bed, walk right up to him and shake his hand… he could be a really good friend. You must be with your emotions, but not consumed by them.

We learn through opposition the strength of our character. You cant live in a vacuum. You have to take in the light and the dark, so that you can really see who you are. We are all the interplay of light and shadow… without one you can’t have the other; that’s balance.

There is an art to taking good photographs. A good photographer understands the play of light and darkness, and how to use both to their advantage to capture a spectacular photo. And as all good artist know, if you learn the rules you can break them.

Be bold, be brave and step out there and walk the middle ground. Let your darkness show you something you never knew before, or never wanted to know. If you let it consume you, you become numb, you lose passion, and without passion nothing can live.

Passion is the lifeblood of everything. Passion is the sun to the plants. Passion is the fire in the hearth. Passion is the love in the heart. Passion is an invisible force that lives inside of each thing and when you active that energy, like a spark, it springs to life and creates beauty. You cannot have passion if you cant feel. And you can’t feel if you are afraid to step into the unknown.

You may say, “Well how do I befriend my shadow?”  It’s simple, what are you afraid of? Go there. If you fear talking to strangers, take that feeling deeper and explore why. Maybe that’s why you’ve been unable to meet a partner. Maybe at your core you fear rejection. So take the power back, muster the strength and go talk to someone.

So you don’t know how to get past that anxiety. Leap before you think. In that in-between space is where passion lives. That is the instinctual part of you, devoid of ego and preconceived notions. You act from your center, where light and shadow come together like two great streams flowing into a river.

When I was in foundations drawing my freshman year, my professor made the class do a very interesting drawing exercise. He had all of us take out a sheet of paper, and a piece of charcoal. We covered the white paper in charcoal, until there was nothing but a thick darkness. And then he projected on the screen in front of us, abstract images, of black with small slices of white throughout.

We were instructed to copy the images exactly as it appeared, by erasing the charcoal from our page to allow slivers of white to peek through the black. The entire time we had no clue what we were doing, we just had to trust. It all looked like abstract shapes of black and white, of light and shadow, woven together.

Once we got to the last slide, sculpting away at our page, as instructed, he asked us to stop and look at the page before us for a few seconds. I felt defeated because all I saw before me was a jumbled mess. Then he asked us to rotate the page, until finally he said stop. The orientation was changed, and so was the image before me.

We held the pages back and looked at them with new eyes, and on the page was an entire drawing of a man crouched over, holding a skull in his hand. I didn’t even see the figure before, and I was the person who drew it. It went from an abstract, collection of shapes and shadows, to a cohesive drawing in a few flips.

My mind was blown. I felt enlightened. I proceeded with a little trepidation, but mustered the bravery to see it through to the end. It paid off. I trusted the unknown, wrestled my fears of not being able to create something that made sense and I let the dark instruct me.

Live your life this way. Learn to look at things upside down and right side up, sideways and backwards. Shake the hand of your fears. Keep your composure, but don’t grow numb to the feelings. Remain passionate! The dark is a fertile, limitless place; it is the womb of creation. There are thoughts, ideas and inspirations that live there, if you are brave enough to open the door and step in.

My shadow is layers of stain glass fragments, the play of light and darkness, casting rainbows of color into my soul.

-Shaheen Miro

© Shaheen Miro 6/25/2012 (Images are not mine.)

The Book of Knowing

Co-creator and Author of the Playing Card Oracles, Ana Cortez, has recently collected old, magnificent, paintings created by her father C.J. Freeman and she is now working to create another fantastic deck called, the Book of Knowing. If you aren’t familiar with the Playing Card Oracles, they are an amazingly insightful deck of playing cards, illustrated with images that speak to the symbolic nature of divination with playing cards. The deck is one of my all time favorites and I have done many post here at with the deck.

This new deck, The Book of Knowing, is going to be even more stellar! The deck is again, a set of illustrated playing cards. Originally done as huge paintings, by C.J. Freeman in the 70’s, this deck is going to be a wonderful contribution to the world of art and divination. PLEASE HELP Ana bring this deck into the light of day, by contributing to her Kickstarter compain, click here The Book of Knowing.

Our True Nature (The Seeds We Sew)

Your spirit is a precious, burnings star that fell from heaven. As you fell down the tunnel to wonderland, a gauzy veil spun around your soul, covering the light of your divine nature, keeping it hidden from the eyes of the world. It is your mission on this journey to lift the veil so that your light and beauty can be seen.

Your spirit emanates light, like a strange jewel from which you draw your talents, abilities and purpose. As the veil grows thicker it becomes a darkness that numbs and silences your divinity, cutting you off from your potential. But the truth remains that you are a divine architect. You are a partner to the Universe, and it is in your true nature to express and create through love and compassion.

The key to divine expression is intention. Intention weaves and changes the fabric of everything in its path. Intention is the mother of manifestation; so she bears from her fertile womb every seed placed within. When you befriend intention then you can essentially birth what you desire, this is the art of manifestation.

Your thoughts, actions and ideas are the energy that feed the Universe, literally creating everything you see around you right now. It can be difficult to see beyond the dark, thick, sluggish veil covering your potential. It distorts whatever you are sending out. Because of these distortions your intentions are altered allowing the unfavorable to grow like thorny brambles in your life.

The Universe is fertile and rich with the nutrients necessary to grow whatever seeds/intentions you wish to plant. The Universe cannot discern what you plant here because her one and only purpose is to birth the seeds that you have sewn, and manifest the garden of your desires. Now you know that your garden is the accumulations of all the thoughts, ideas, fears and dreams that you have planted.

If you aren’t careful in tending and pruning your garden, pests begin growing, sneaky little things that creep into the calm fields of lavender and lilies. These thorny, little weeds represent of your lack of attention to what is going on around you. Not all things within your garden are in your control; some things just appear like negative relationships you just need to break free from. You cannot change everything, but you can changer your reaction. Isn’t a weed just a flower that someone doesn’t like?

The veil that you see life through is actually the ego, and the ego sees everything as limiting. Your garden, then, has limited beauty. It becomes infested with stickers and brambles that bite your fingertips when you eventually try to pull them. Though there are times when a little seed of light sprout among the weeds, but their life is quickly choked out by fear and insecurity. As the ego believes, there’s never enough. Not for me, not for you.

Our souls are sparkling, bright-eyed children and the veil makes the world dark and gray, which evokes insecurity and fear because “bad things live in the darkness”. Through embracing the powers of your divine nature you pull away this veil and are able to be in the present moment. One energy cannot vibrate amongst the other, easily. The ideals of the ego such as anger, depression, sadness, hatred, etc, sustain the limited belief of separation, which in turn breeds more fear.

It could be said that there are no mirrors in heaven, so we come to earth to see the true nature of our spirit. We come here to find our selves within our own light, being nudged by the people, places and experiences we have. The truth is that the veil is never fully lost as long as you are incarnated. It is the anchor of your soul.

In this amazing, incarnate experience, you have to live on the edge of two worlds, like faeries on the edge of dreamland. You have to walk the middle ground between the material and the spiritual; a balancing act between light and dark. If you tread the middle ground you learn to be in the present moment.

Through learning to be in balance with ego and spirit you can begin manifesting consciously. On your spiritual journey you are never seeking to lose your identity or shadow, only to embrace it, understand it, truly befriend it. It is the great yin and yang. This is the foundation of enlightenment.

Fear not the experiences you have in life, embrace them with open arms. Let your experiences open your mind and heart and help you to expand. If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts. There is a micro world inside of you, and it reflects into the world around you. Remember your garden is yours alone… tend it, care for it, look after it and you will have a beautiful work of art.

Also know that we are all interconnected. You may wish to exclude others from your life, but again this is a balancing act. You have one plot on the face of a whole, so essentially your ground is the ground of another. The interaction between you and the people in your life is just as essential, if not more essential, than all the experiences you’ve had.

As you tend your garden, be mindful of the gardens around you. You don’t want to throw your dirty work into someone else’s masterpiece. We must help each other maintain this beauty. Hopefully a sense of comradery forms, creating peace, which shines out into the world. Maybe one day we will all cast of our veils and melt into one bright and vibrant sun.

© Shaheen Miro  Original Work by Shaheen Miro. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work can be reproduced or copied without permission of the owner. 

Walls Around You

You burn inside, hot and sticky, as these feelings curl up your spine. That person enters your presence and you are melting again, trying to hold your soft parts together. You could be liquid fire in front of him/her. The desire makes you ache… it’s too much.

We all want something, we all long for something. It could be a person or thing… you reach for it, grasping sand, that slips through closed fingers. It is always coming and going, and the feelings are undying. How do you gain composer with such a fever?

Boundaries are essential. You can’t live with them and you cant live without them. I affectionately told my friend the other day, “you can’t have your vodka and drink it too”… or can you. At the end of the day it boils down to what feels right to the ego and what feels right to the soul and how you can discern the two.

I know I have people in my life who walk in and out and they have free rein, and sometimes I shoot myself in the foot for being naïve enough to allow it, but my heart says one thing and my mind says another. You never know what to say in those situations, “Hey old friend, I love you, but you’re hanging around more than I like.” How do you articulate that without coming off like a total jerk?!

Break down the situation into intention. What is your intention with this person? Do you expect to gain something for your lack of boundaries? If you let them do whatever they want to you, do you think they will eventually give you what you want? Are you afraid to upset the peace? Do you think something will click? Will they change? You can’t live your life waiting for rainbows. Hope is a dirty, nasty word because it implies that something is impossible.

Who matters most? Do you have to sacrifice yourself to make this person happy? Or to get what you want? To have that dream job? Are you selling one dream to attain another? Are you feeding your own spirit? You have to look at each situation and know who is the most important person in it… which is YOU. You can be kind hearted, compassionate and giving, and still put yourself first.

When I say put yourself first, I don’t mean in the egocentric sense, I mean in the most loving and positive way. You cannot give to others if you can’t give to yourself… it’s sort of like a garden. If you are growing fruits and vegetables to feed yourself, but give them all away before you get a bite to eat… you’re going to go hungry. Don’t let yourself go hungry. Love yourself. Feed yourself. You will be able to give 110 if you go this route.

Who is holding responsibility? How many times do we get in situations where we give so much away… for a person or a goal and nothing comes back and then we get angry, sad, and guilty? It happens all the time because people place their personal responsibilities in the hands of others. It’s the martyr mentality. People would rather let someone else be responsible for their dreams, hearts and happiness because if things don’t work out, if they are left broken… then they aren’t at fault. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!!

You can see from the other person’s perspective if you want, but no matter how many times you walk in their shoes, you will never be them. You cannot rationalize for people. You cannot get in their heads and try to figure out what you are doing wrong or why they treated you a certain way.

You control the reaction. I think the most powerful piece of wisdom we can all take to heart is, we are in control. You may not be able to change circumstances, move mountains, change peoples minds, manipulate bank accounts… though you would be surprised… but what you can do is control your reaction.

What makes you feel out of control? Is it when you don’t get your way? Maybe its when you feel you look weak? Or embarrassed? Or when you don’t have enough?  Find your point of weakness and let it become your strength.  That becomes you point of power and allows you to gain a sense of control.

If you are in situations that feel icky, sticky and bad, stop for a second and breathe. Ground and center into the moment, call your energy back and release whatever negative feelings you have toward the situation or person. You have to lighten your load so that you can be free to move and grow and fly to whatever places you want.


Write your feelings out. Write letters to the place that hurts. If it’s a person, then write to them and tell them all the things you wish you could say to their face. Let the venom out. Be angry, sad or crazy! The page can take it. If it’s something you want or situations you are in then write to that as well… give it a persona and talk about how you feel. Let everything out. Now burn it! Or Flush it down the toilet! Let the old go, you have no need to cling to it. You are releasing this place of resistance to create room for boundaries and protection. You are changing your intention and your reaction.

It’s hard to create these boundaries in life because you want something and you know it’s negative for you. You struggle to see the truth. It’s easy to deny what our soul is trying to show us, but if you stop for a second and ask yourself if you are happy in a situation and hesitate for a second to respond “yes”, then you may need to evaluate what is holding you there.


Fear is usually the culprit for unhappiness… we are afraid of something! This gets back to intention. Face your fears. Look them in the eye, with a big F-You and take back your power! Set up a new plan and take a new route.

Lastly, Patience is your friend! We all want, what we want on our terms, in our time and when we don’t get it we get angry… which creates a place of resistance and alters your intention. Stay grounded and centered, and be patient. What you want will come in it’s time… and part of this patience is allowing yourself room to mess up, to be blind, to have to reroute yourself.

Don’t ever regret losing sight of your boundaries… it happens to everyone. What matters is that your eyes have been opened and you are working to better the situation. Get bold gypsies, say what you need to say and be fearless!

And don’t be afraid to reward yourself!

Much love…


© Shaheen Miro

Creative Writing: Bodies

I cannot bare it any longer. I have to tell him. I have to let him know. The pain of each night, bodies touching but hearts still left lonely. Nothing will ever be said, no spoken words and lack of emotion. I could look you in the eye, bare my soul, but you would turn me away again; cold shoulder, avoiding all the pain.

You may not say what you feel, but I know there is something. Dark and looming, eating at your soul. It’s consuming the joy and happiness in your eyes. If you would only come out and say what it is. If you would let the pain have words and fly again. There is no reason to keep emotions locked away.

I watch you daily burning and writhing. You could stop it you know. You could be free. I’m not asking for fantasies, I am just asking for truth. You can’t even entertain fantasies anymore. There is only silence, unbearable, dark silence. If it’s left unsaid then I guess it doesn’t exist.

Why do we have to question motives and feelings? Is there even any feeling left? Bodies. I believe we are just bodies looking for homes. We wonder where the soul has gone. Absorbed into the abyss of our loneliness and longing. I know that you’ve pulled me under.

Please stop making me a part of your danger, your slow descent into hell. There is no coming back if you go there. Now you just linger in limbo. But if you go father you will never come back and I have grown to weak to find you. I can barely find you in my sateen sheets.

There are prayers everyday. But they are never heard. I have been searching for a savoir in your eyes and now I realize I am the one who can save me. I am the only one left sane enough to walk away. Though my eyes have grown dark as well. Fighting. We are fighting another day. What are we fighting for?

I sit here pulling dark smoke into my lounges. Pouring my soul out in words on blank pages. I play for you everyday, but you never hear me. You can’t even hear my words; let alone what lives behind them. I can play all my songs for you, but you will never change.

Even if I captivate you for a few seconds I can feel your attention slip away. Another shinny thing catches your eye, and there’s no way I can compare to that danger. I’m not one of them. I’ve never been. Not beautiful enough or damaged. You like them a little rough around the edges. You like them unwell. Maybe you are breaking me down until I am incoherent enough for you to love.

She used to sing to me, reminding me that it would be okay. But I no longer listen to her sad songs because I’ve become part of her choir. We are poets and priest of nothing…. That’s what Stevie said. But maybe someday we will be legends.

Stand up again, self-righteous. Stand up and look at me like an equal. Don’t coddle me. Don’t protect me. Unless you can damage your own reflection, Narcissus, there is nothing you can do here. You cannot save me.

Fighting shadows, never realizing you cast the monsters in your path. You cast monsters in my dreams, to the point that waking is nothing but a nightmare. I will never be able to settle into feeling again. I will never be able to ride quite the same. I lost something out there.

You may call me crazy. I am insane. I am an Echo. I can only repeat this pain. Again and again… giving back what you’ve given. I am your mocking bird. Your caged bird. Here I am, ready to sing. Listen to me. Can you please, listen to me?

Another night sitting across from you, trying to explain myself. I am foolish, stumbling over words and explanations. I can be irrational. But you try to rationalize your own insanity. You use pain as excuses, but do you think that really justifies your torment. You cannot be a heartbreaker just because someone made you that way.

Maybe we’ll make it out. Maybe I’ll be saved. Maybe you’ll finally go away. You want to find paradise in all the wrong places. You can lay down with your doll again, but in the morning the sunlight will show the cracks. Is that what you want? To find your-self in something that is breaking.

It makes sense now. You want what you can’t have. So you chase after the opposite thing. You look for yourself in broken reflections because you think if they are more broken than you, then no one will ever see the pain, the flaws, all the things you hate.

Stop! Just stop searching and be. For once in your life be here now, be here with yourself. Be here with me. You can’t do it though. You never could and you never will. You’re a thrill seeker. It’s all for the show. When the lights go down, the darkness comes out and you will die again.

If only I could be that broken reflection, more beautiful than all the treasure in the world, but you can’t see it. I’ve pointed it out, I’ve written about it. I’ve tried to make you feel something more.  That’s the trouble really. You want the last word. We are too strong for each other, yet too far gone to make it okay. I’ll be here when you come home. Just another Echo.

© Shaheen Miro


Navigating Inspiration

Sometimes I feel so anxious because I have a million things swirling through my head. It’s a constant whirl wind of thoughts and ideas, sometimes inspiration can be overwhelming and I feel that when it’s time to step up to the plate… I just don’t have the strength. I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage better, and be able to have ample time and energy to put into creative projects.

Dancing with chaos is part of the process. The vibrant world of thoughts, ideas and feelings, never die down… unless we spend the time to drown it out and why would anyone want to do that. I am working to be receptive to these ideas and trying to find the pulse, the thread that pulls them all together so I can link into it and dance.

Everything must come at you for a reason; there are no coincidence and accidents in the Universe. We live in an intricately connected web; a beautiful tapestry and we must learn to see our part in that. We must gather all the things that make us unique and utilize them… just allowing them to be what they are.

I remember talking to my professor in the Fall and telling her that I felt at least 70% of a project is the act of thinking about it… the other 30 % is doing it. But I get stuck at the thinking stage, so maybe I need to get out of my head. I need to get my feet of the ground and get moving.

Overanalyzing ideas can be a real killer, but it’s hard not to because you want to have some sense of direction. At what point is an idea solid enough that you just run with it? What I said in a previous post holds weight here… we shouldn’t be so focused on the end. That’s what I must remind myself of. The project, the art, the beautify will unfold… as long as I keep pulling that silver thread.

With all of the potential that this summer holds, I must bring some organization to these thoughts and ideas. Since I work well with writing, I will begin by writing out my goals. Sometimes it’s good to jot things down, just to acknowledge their existence. Then I need to get into the habit of setting dates, though I feel very limited by them at times, it will really help. From this I think I can begin to give shape and form to my inspiration.

Do you have any methods for helping you stay focused and grounded in your projects and ideas? What do you like to do, to kick of a new project?

Much love,



© Shaheen Miro

Dance to the Finish Line

You see it, beautiful, shinning and vibrant. It glows in the distance, that thing you want, that dream, that goal. It can be anything. A person, maybe, a job, or a certain opportunity. Whatever that glowing diamond may be… you want it. You chase it. It’s all you can see.

We build our lives around ideas about what we want. The outcome becomes the prize and you stop at nothing to get there. You speed through everything, just trying to get to that thing that calls to you. But do you realize what you are missing along the way.

I am extremely impatient at times. I want something and I want it now. I have learned that things happen in their own time, we just need to show up and be aware when that time comes. But still there is a desire to push and push and try to force things to happen.

This tunnel vision can make you miss all the beautiful things you experience along the way. It’s more about the journey, than it is the goal. You have to take it all in, you may end up somewhere different than you had planned, but that may be even better. It’s about learning to dance with life.

I’ve felt this way before, and I’m sure I will feel it again, but I have to remind myself that as all these goals and dreams surround me… I have to be patient… work toward them and remain aware of ever step of the way.

This summer I am working on developing my own collection, which is extremely exciting for me and gives me the chance to really channel some of my ideas into life. On top of that I am running some other ideas through my head and trying to set things into motion.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated because I don’t know what the first step I should take is. Whenever I feel like that I know I am resisting the journey and trying to skip to the end. I have to stop myself, ground and center and open my eyes.

I think the first step is acknowledging the desire, tipping off the Universe about what you want to attain. Then I think you must meet the Universe half way… linking into the rhythm. That’s where the magic happens. When you are really grooving to a song, you don’t worry about the middle or the end. You just dance! You feel the beat and you move with the changes… by the end of the song you’ve taken it all in… sexier than ever before!

I am learning to dance with my ideas. I am learning to be patient and really see every nuance of beauty in what I’m doing. This awareness leads you to new markers on the map of your goal, which in turn leads you to another, until you’ve arrived at the end… and then the process begins again.

To the Gypsies,


© Shaheen Miro

Tarot Story-Telling

I’ve always loved art. Visual expressions of emotion have captivated me since I was a child. I look at paintings like windows into the soul, into some deep, dark place that exist in the psyche and the universe. People are moved by art because it speaks to our soul, there is a subtle sense of knowing that lives beyond the picture itself.

I learned to read Tarot cards as images in a storybook. My mother would lay them out before me as a child and ask me to tell her the story of what I saw. I would begin to slowly connect the images together, seeing beyond borders and into the magic world that existed beyond the card. The figures, the places, the colors, they would all blend together to become one vibrant, epic tale.

Whenever I lay out the cards I am still taking back by that sense of wonder. A new story unfolds every time I look at them. If you want to read the cards effectively you have to realize that they are living, breathing things. They are not static pieces of cardboard with images printed on them… you have to see past that. You have to look into the heart and soul of what is before you.

When you lay out a spread, no matter what deck you are using, you are creating doorways and windows into the secret world of the person being read and it’s only with their permission that you can access what lives there. You have to be brave and open to see the story. See beyond the generic meanings written in books and let the cards speak to you. Be a respectful guest in their world.

Some people struggle with the idea of Tarot cards being much more than mass-produced, pieces of cardstock, but that’s really where their magic lies. When you hold a deck in your hand you are holding a key, a moving picture book, and esoteric code that allows you to link into the lifeblood of the universe.

Intuition and imagination are sisters, if not the same thing. They become your guide when revealing what waits you in the cards. Be open and alter, take in the people, the colors, the words, and the things that really stand out to you, because they are all important details that allow the plot to unfold. Nothing is arbitrary in a Tarot reading. From the way they fall out of the deck to which cards are placed next to each other.

My personal feeling is that life I about self-expression and story telling. No matter what you are doing, you’re telling a story, and the cards are no exception. You have to see a Tarot reading as a micro-world of its own. Let there be no limitations on how you intuit their message.

The only certain thing about a Tarot reading is that a new story will be told… sometimes there will be reappearing characters and plots, but there is always nuances that change. A reading is a unique experience and you have to see the whole picture, and all the things that make it up.

Allow the cards to be stream of consciousness, like ink bots. Some people use spreads because they give them a guide to read from, but I actually prefer not to use a spread because I find them limiting. I lay the cards out in clusters and I let them speak to me as they are. There will be a natural hierarchy that presents itself.

No matter how you choose to read the cards, do it with open eyes and a sense of wonder. Never let yourself fall into a stagnant practice. You can collect meanings and associations from previous readings, but don’t neglect the new stuff, the things you’ve never seen before. I’ve been reading cards since I was 6 years old and I am still so surprised by what I find whenever I do a reading.

It’s very important to see the reading beyond just the cards as well, what is happening in the room, what stand out to you. Be a detective and be aware. You are decoding the universe, and you must have a sharp eye. Everything mean’s something, if you just look for the thread that connects all the symbols together.

© Shaheen Miro