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So if you haven’t heard the Gypsies will be in L.A. Suzy and I arrive next tuesday and we are so excited to see everything! I’ve never been to California before and I’ve always wanted to go. Not to mention I have so many people there that I’ve wanted to meet face to face for what feels like forever!

So here are a few posters of things that I will be doing. If you are able to attend and want to set up a time please contact me at Also, I would be more than happy to read for you, to do a party with you and your friends or even conduct a class/workshop! Feel free to contact me for more details.

I do Tea Leaf Reading, Tarot, Reiki, and workshops on a number of different subjects.

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The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Introduction

Painted in Waterlogue

Everything is Made of Energy

You are a vibrating, microcosmic Universe. A multifaceted being made of energy, and intention. You are not just your body… You are a corona of light and frequency. Some call this the Aura… The rainbow layers of color that surround you. I call this your energetic story!

Your energetic story is composed of your thoughts, ideas and beliefs about the world, and how you fit into it. On this energetic level you are pushing and pulling things into your life. Interacting with the people and places around you.

Everything begins on the energetic level. The state of your health, the state of your life. The people and situations that surround you. Everything is an out picturing of your inner world. Energy is like currency… You invest in, and feed whatever you place your attention on.

Most of us live our lives unaware of this powerful spiritual truth. Once you begin to understand that you are energy, you can begin to shift your focus and consciously manifest the life you want!

A Raging Storm

Through daily living we are interacting with energy. Energy floats through the air… The heavy excretion of negative thought forms: discontent, frustration, and negative self talk. These are the bi-product of daily living. These energies are dust accumulating on and around us. Energetic toxins.

Not to say there is no good energy and intention out there. But they just add to our vibrancy, and vitality. What we are concerned with is the negative, or stray energies that whirl around us clouding our spiritual receptors and tainting our energetic story. As if we are trying to paint the masterpiece of our lives with a dirty paintbrush.  

There is no one to blame. No one is completely immune. The only antidote is self-care: spiritual cleansing and protection. As you raise your vibration, you do your part to raise the frequency of the psychic atmosphere around you. You could call this authentic, intentional living.

A Way of Life 

Spiritual cleansing is psychic detoxification. Purging, and clearing out the aura. Spiritual hygiene aligns you to your highest good, your innate wisdom. Claiming energetic space activates magnetism to make magic happen!

Your mental/emotional sate is big players in your energetic story telling. Thoughts and feeling are active, alive forces that work to push, pull and clarify whatever you are bringing into your life. Negative thoughts and feelings have a low frequency causing disturbances in your aura, weakening your protection and inviting unwanted influence.

Emotions color and clarify thoughts. What you feel evokes what you think. As you accept limiting thoughts you invite more feelings. Creating cycle that is all too real, and very damaging.

Thankfully we have the power to disrupt this cycle. Not every negative thought or feeling will instantly show up in your life. Like consistently ingesting unhealthy food your health begins to suffer. So one negative thought won’t be damaging, just as one positive thought won’t be healing… It is through habit we cultivate good energetic hygiene.

Claim Your Space

Claiming your space is taking ownership of what you will, and will not accept in your life. Fortifying your energy bodies… Keeping negative energies at bay, and attracting more of the good that you wish for. Like frequencies of a radio, whatever rate you vibrate at allows you to tap into anything at that frequency.

Staying mentally and emotionally alert declares your space. Essentially you are saying… Where am I right now? And is this where I want to be. These state of being is what we call your “personally bubble”. You are building a Universe based on what feels good to you!

I like to ask myself this very profound question:

Does this feed my spirit, or does it deplete my spirit?

Ask this question in any given situation. You begin to see the patterns of what builds you up, or tears you down. Break the cycle of what is limiting and you banish its power. I know this is easier said than done. But it is the basic truth of spiritual cleansing and protection.

4 Ways to Claim Your Space

  1. Take daily stock of where you are mentally and emotionally.
  2. Spend time in prayer and meditation to consciously shift into a high vibration.
  3. Ground and center in moments of chaos. Simply stepping outside to wrap your arms around a tree will ground you. You can also work on your breathing, allowing yourself to find the rhythm of your breath. Visualizing yourself rooting into the earth like a tree. This will discharge unwanted energies.
  4. Create sacred space. This can be a formal process of making a spiritual haven for connecting with the Divine. Or simply making an environment or atmosphere that makes you feel good.

Spiritual Cleansing Simplicity

Many techniques exist for spiritual cleansing. Spend some time browsing I this site for more beautiful ways to spiritually cleanse yourself. Most importantly: 1. use a tool that feels comfortable to you. 2. Consistent spiritual cleansing (whatever technique you wish to us).

Spiritual cleansing and protection is not just an act, but a way of life. One ceremony will not make things better (it will help). Making it a habit will fortify your energy, and refine your energetic story!

A Simple Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Water has been used in spiritual cleansing for thousands of years. Baptism is an ancient practice of charging water with Divine force, and bathing in it to clear away the negative debris, and charge yourself with holy light.

Water has a unique ability to hold a specific pattern of intention. Through prayer and affirmation we charge water for spiritual work. Bathing in a tub of water filled with good intention helps you to raise your own vibration to that of the water. A simple, yet powerful practice.

Run a warm bath that feels relaxing to the touch. Add in a handful of seas salt. Sea salt is a sacred mineral because it draws out and dissolves low vibrations. As with any crystalline structure you must affirm your intention with the salt. Epsom salt can be used in place of sea salt.

As the salt dissolves begin to envision the water glowing with golden-white light. This is the light of the Divine (however you picture it). Through this visualization your blessings and charging the water with spiritual intention.

Slip into the tub. Allow yourself to soak there for 10-15 minutes. You are not washing your body, you are cleansing your aura. No soap or shampoo. You can scrub your body down with a handful of salt as an added measure.

Be sure to wet the crown and the base of the head. The crown and the base of the head are major areas for energy to slip into our aura.

Repeat a prayer or affirmation. Something from the heart is perfect.

Affirm: Sacred water washes away all negative vibrations to reveal my luminous self.

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imageA Sacred Sage Ceremony

Clearing and blessing through smoke is a time honored technique, called Fumigation. Burning botanicals creates smoke which will draw out negative vibes; Smothering and absorbing them. Combining botanicals will help to clear away negative energy, and infuse the aura with another intention.

Sage is sacred amongst the Native Americans, and probably one of the best known tools for cleansing. Smudging a home, or your person with Sage strips away negativity. To keep your aura flowing add another botanical, like Cedar, Lavender, Rose, or Sweet Grass.

  1. Begin by lighting the Sage bundle. Once ignited allow the tip to glow red. Blow the flame out letting the leaves smolder. You can hold a fireproof bowl, or shell beneath the smudge to catch any embers.
  2. Waft the Sage around your body, allowing the smoke to fully encompass you. Infuse the aura with smoke. I make counterclockwise circles with the smudge around me. Sometimes I will even walk in a counterclockwise circle with the smudge in hand. Another method is to drape yourself with a sheet (sans your head) and allow the smoke to collect underneath. Be careful not to burn anything!
  3. Smudge your space as well. Whoever dust collects, so does negative/unintentional energy. Move through the rooms allowing the smoke to collect in corners, dark spaces, under furniture and wherever you seem to amass clutter. You can even focus on a specific object.
  4. Pray or speak affirmations while I performing this ceremony. Envision the smoke absorbing and neutralizing negativity in your aura. Affirm: As this smoke gathers all negative energy is neutralized.

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Purchase a Handmade Sacred Sage Bundle, here.

imageSpiritual Protection Visualization

Spiritual protection fills in leftover spaces from your cleansing. Sealing in good vibes, and keeping negativity away! Spiritual protection allows you to continue claiming space, and reinforces your intentions.

Though there are many ways of sealing and protecting yourself using the white light is a tried and true method. Visualizing white light calls on Divine energy to surround you in a bubble of protection. This is especially helpful in public places, or high intensity situations.

  1. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Find rhythmic breathing. Begin to inhale to the count of 4, and exhale to the count of 4.
  2. Imagine a waterfall of golden-white light pouring around you. See yourself wrapped in, encased and protected by this divine light.
  3. Affirm: I am surrounded by the white light of protection, love and healing.

Use the white light whenever you need. Anytime, anywhere the white light of protection will surround you!

Always follow up your spiritual cleansing with a protective measure.

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All the Good Vibes

Here are just a handful of helpful techniques. There are so many beautiful ways to spiritually cleanse and protect yourself. Explore my site ( and find what works for you. Follow the path to living more luminous, healthy, vibrant lives.

Again, spiritual cleansing is an act, and a way of life… So live it!!

For those of you who are sensitive, or empathic this is especially important!

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Personal Support For Empowered Living

If you long for answers, or need help on your personal spiritual journey lets work together!!

In an Intuitive Guidance Session we look into you, and your life to see where things are working and where they aren’t. We gain clarity on what the source of your issues are.

In an Energy Clearing and Intention Setting Session we move and release blocked energies in your Energetic Story. Replacing them with better, high vibe intention.

Book an Intuitive Guidance Session with Shaheen, Here.

Book and Energy Clearing and Intention Setting Session with Shaheen, Here.

Questions and positive comments are always welcomed.

© Shaheen Miro 2016

Book Review: The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes

“Sometimes, you will find yourselves living your life, yet your familiar, cherished goals and objects no longer hold desire, or perhaps even relevance, for who you have become and who you are becoming.”

The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes

Met by a vision of “fluid light” in which everything began to vibrate with life and divinity, Marcia Brennan’s world was changed. She became aware of her Angelic guides and began blazing a trail into a mysterious world of seeing beyond what meets the human eye, and becoming a channel for something greater than herself.

We have all been in a place of despair, confusion and fear, not knowing what the next step should be, not knowing who we are or what we should be doing. It’s not uncommon to want to find your “life purpose”, but how exactly do you connect with your center and find your place in the world?

The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes is a wealth of channeled wisdom given to us from the Angels of Recognition. Though at times a bit overly floral, the language is poignant and lyrical, speaking to our visceral sense of divinity. Each passage offers a different facet of the spiritual experience, giving ample space for self-reflection.

Writing in a very abstract style, musing on very abstract concepts makes the book a bit difficult to read at times. As with many texts, I often find the need to digest the message or to really meditate on the message, but more often than not, I was distracted by this abstract approach. I felt there were clearer ways to phrase these deeply spiritual messages.

The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes is an almost narrative experience with equal parts of visual complexity and riddle. You will feel as if you’ve fallen into a strange wonderland, cradled by angel wings and prompted by your inner whispers. This book will wrap you in a gossamer tapestry of illuminated prose and contradictions.

I urge you as a reader to approach the book as a type of oracle; the information is more easily digested in small portions. Ask the angels for guidance and open at random to see what insight they can impart. Allow your left-brain, analytical mind to rest as you read these insights, and learn to feel the words on the page. What kind of experience do they evoke for you? Follow it like the white rabbit to a place of awakening.

I must admit that the beginning, autobiographical portion of the book drugged on a bit, and the book became more intriguing and adventurous as it neared the middle half to the end. But my perception of the text changed once I began seeing each portion as a meditation, instead of an explanation.

This isn’t a text of how-to, it is a glimmer of light into your own darkness, the beginning step of a path you must dare to tread on your own. Or as the Angels so eloquently put it, “Through the vehicle of this book, we offer you a kite string, a living connection to the world of moving colors that swirls so gracefully and magically above and around and within you”.

The title, The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes was echoed throughout the book many times, but the explanation of the phrase never came. I am still left feeling a little unfulfilled by the title… I patiently read on, contemplated the many passages where it showed up, looked back for something I may have missed, but the explanation was never given. It felt like overkill and a bit clunky. Maybe the message will reveal itself later, but for now I think something else would have been more fitting.

I applaud Marcia Brennan for her bravery and dedication to the Angels. Becoming a channel for such a powerful beam of light and significant message is a big undertaking. This book isn’t for the beginner, but more for the seasoned spiritual traveler. This is, in fact, a guide to navigate the mystic deeper into one’s own mysteries.

Do you want to reach deeper? Go higher? Expand beyond where you are now? Then pick up this book!  The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes is a text that will change and evolve each time you read it. Hidden within its layers of light and shadows are immeasurable morsels of wisdom, so keep reading.

Visit, Blue Dolphin Publishing or here to get your copy of The Day Your Heart Broke In Your Eyes.

© Shaheen Miro 7/29/2012

Raging Against Change

From The Victorian Romantic Tarot

If you are raging against the dance of change and trying to hold onto a worn-out situation you are going to feel lost and drained. The signs that you are resisting change come in many forms but the most basic sign is feeling frustrated, angry or depressed.

It’s not hard to feel listless and apathetic or to feel like there is no joy left in what your doing, but what is hard is having the strength to acknowledge that feeling and walk away. You must do what feeds your energy, that’s how you stay strong, healthy, abundant and balanced.

Chronic situations in your life serve as teachers. These situations are asking us to shed light on what is happening around us. You have to be willing to be mindful of every moment that you are living. Tune in daily to your thoughts and feelings regarding what you are giving your energy to.

Sometimes we put wishful thinking into these chronic situations. You may say, well my marriage hasn’t ended yet because we are soul mates, we just have problems. But don’t let this teacher be an enabler. You can’t make excuses for yourself. Often times the lesson is as simple as recounting what has taken place and making sure you keep it in mind.

Remember that change is a door to new opportunity. You may fear change because it is taking you out of your element, but if you aren’t happy where you are… then why fear the unlimited potential of change. It is almost guaranteed that if you dance with change and have an open mind and heart something good will come of it all.

Tap into your inner world daily and ask yourself what is happening inside. What do you feel about the situation you are in? How are your needs being met? How is your energy being fed? Are you getting back what you are giving out?

Look for signs from your higher self, your intuition and your guides. There is always a mystical path being laid out before you if you only have the courage to look for it. Pull on the thread and let the whole ball of possibilities unravel.

Moments of silence and self-reflection are powerful tools when going through changes. It’s as if you are bracing yourself for a storm. Build up your inner world and visit the beautiful sanctuary inside of you daily. Befriend your place of wisdom and never do anything unless it feels right in your core.

Be brave. Tap into your light and trust that it is time to change if you no longer feel content, if you feel worn out and tired. Look for resistance in your body as signs and places of clutter or chaos in your home. These are all mirrors for your energetic self.

Let my fire burn into the infinity of the Sun.

Give me the light of the Moon as a lantern to guide my way.

Open me to the hush of the warm nights air to hear the change.

Wrap me in the velvet of the ocean so I will not break.

Root me deep into the belly of Mother Earth so I am sustained.

-Shaheen Miro


© Shaheen Miro 7/19/2012

Book Review: The Art of Intuition

I AM NOT A SCIENTIST, but I am convinced that the greater your empathy and the higher your spiritual development, the more intuitive experiences you will have, until such things become so ordinary that you hardly notice them anymore. No longer rare and dramatic, they fall like soft rain into your lives, brushing aside all logical consciousness.

-The Art of Intuition, by Sophy Burnham

I just finished a great book, The Art of Intuition, by Sophy Burnham, the best selling author of, A book of Angels. What a phenomenal book. I loved every second of it. I have never heard of Burnham before, but after reading this book I will have to read her others.

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be Intuitive or to give a reading or to have any extrasensory experience? Then this book is for you. Story after story, the author gives us an up close and personal view of Intuition. She explains that she was once a skeptic, until there was too much evidence to disprove Intuition.

The Art of Intuition, isn’t just another collection of the run-of-the-mill stories and exercise you find in similar books. This book is a cohesive collection of stories, about the author’s personal experiences and the experiences of others who she has encountered. Along with exercises and techniques that have worked for her. She teaches you through recounting her own journey… which makes for a much more interesting read.

This book covers many areas of Intuition, Psychic Abilities, and Extrasensory Awareness. There is a chapter dedicated to Animal Communication. Burns talks extensively about energy and energy healing, chakras and the power of thoughts, saying, “It is one of the laws of the Universe that you don’t really have to do anything. Just notice what you want and watch it rush into your arms.” She even gives some fascinating information about Remote Viewing and PSI in chapter twelve.

Burnham does a great job of giving proof for what she believes.  She gave numerous scientific, psychological, metaphysical and health related studies to prove her points. And the most fascinating was in chapter three, Studies and Skeptics, in which she explained that studies show most human beings experience some physical sensation or change, a few seconds before an event takes place. The implication being that, even if we aren’t conscious of precognitive awareness, our bodies are.

The Art of Intuition, is a book for beginners and the seasoned alike. This book really instills the fact that, Intuition isn’t really something you learn, but something you remember. And Burnham gives many opportunities and angles for you to learn your own unique language to speak to the Universe. She explains, in order to develop Intuition, “You need the simplicity of the child-mind”. Stressing that the goal of developing Intuition, should really be the goal to become more spiritual because as you become more spiritual your Intuition can do nothing but grow and expand.

The number of authors and authorities in the field that she referenced was amazing, though at times it was a bit laborious to read all the research she collected, but it added to my list of books to read! I think this is a great plus for people who are healthy skeptics or who really want a well rounded view of the subject.

My favorite portion of the book has to be chapter sixteen and seventeen, Perceiving and Receiving, in which Burnham talks about giving readings for others, her own personal experience with it and some things to be mindful of when giving or getting a reading. Even as an Intuitive Reader, I love hearing other Readers talk about exactly how they do what they do and why. It’s a great walk-in-your-shoes sort of feeling and I find it extremely insightful.

Chapter sixteen and seventeen is a must read for anyone who is interested in a reading, but doesn’t really practice the metaphysical arts or Intuition. It gives a clear picture about the ethics and intricacies of readings. Her condor and honesty are brilliant about the process, saying, “Sometimes I feel I am merely dipping into the client’s history in some mysterious fashion that I don’t understand myself…giving a reading is an imprecise skill. You see through the glass darkly, snatching moments of illumination before the mist roll in and boundaries close.”

In Chapter seventeen, she shared some wonderful information hat every client should know, some of it is the stuff that you don’t know how to say to your clients and other bits of it you may have never thought of. Burnham stresses the need to be respectful as a client, to your reader. She also makes it clear that, “the trust or skepticism of a client also affects a psychic who is giving a reading”.

There was one paragraph that really bothered me and sort of un-did some of the good that I thought she had done. Burnham said, “Spirits, ghost, devas, pookas, and poltergeists–the superstition of it all! On one level I find these things revolting. Soon we’ll be back in pagan times, when every tree and stump and spring and rocky cliff was thought to harbor its own god.” Why would this revolt someone who wrote a book on Angels? I almost felt like she was trying to establish more credibility with the more skeptical readers. Do you feel that everything has a life force?

As an artist, student, reader and creative person, I crave new energy and new experiences and I love to get a first hand look at people’s lives and how they do what they do best. This book really gave me that. Burnham made Intuition seem easy, natural and second nature, all of which it is… and to see it through her eyes was very refreshing.

I would highly recommend this book. You will absolutely find many shining diamonds of wisdom and information. The Art of Intuition has wonderful rhythm and balance and pulls you straight through to the end. It gives you a great behind the scenes look at Intuition and I would even recommend it as a reference.

© Shaheen Miro 7/11/2012