Understanding Intuition: Insight Three

To use your intuition you have to let go of your fear! No one is ever 100% correct about anything. Stop trying to anticipate failure or analyze intuitive hits. Intuition is a right-brained trait… so get our left brain out of it! Moving pass fear opens the door for insight to slip through. Remember that the first insight is usually the correct one… it happens before you can analyze it!

“Do you always trust your first initial feeling; Special knowledge holds truth bears believing” -Stevie Nicks 

© Shaheen Miro 11/3/2012

2 thoughts on “Understanding Intuition: Insight Three

    • It’s difficult to quiet that voice. Fear is a nasty thing. But I’ve found that intuition doesn’t nag us the way fear does. Intuition is clear, to the point, and it’s sort of like a firm parent… there’s no argument it says it’s piece and moves on. Though It may gently remind us a few more times!

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