Fortunate Leaves: First Study

(1) Cup before reading; (2) Peacock; (3) Woman; (4) Fish at bottom of cup.

Janet Boyer’s cup is the fist study for the Fortunate Leaves segment. I had a nice cup of tea in her honor, thinking of her question as I sipped. Now for this particular reading I used bagged tea as an experiment (in my opinion this is a no-no, especially for beginners because the grounds are too difficult to read).

Janet wanted insight into her fiction writing. Asking, “where should it go?” To my surprise there were some very clear symbols in her cup, despite the powdery tea!

Beginning with the handle I moved around the cup. Immediately noticing (1) A peacock; (2) A fish; and (3) A woman wearing a crown with a staff.

1. The peacock is an indicator that you are now reviving a project from the past. So something you worked on before, maybe a manuscript that you decided to put on hold has been revived. This is also telling me that you may want to allow this old project to evolve, to be transformed into a newer and fresher idea. Don’t be rigid with the progression of this particular piece.

Also, you have to let go of your fear of rejection. The peacock symbolizes a specific event that has already taken place, maybe this was a negative comment about your work, or maybe someone told you fiction wasn’t a good idea, whatever it may be… don’t let it dictate the future you have with fiction writing!

2. The fish is in the past which is an indicator that previous attempts to do fiction my have floundered. This could relate to a specific attempt, maybe a plan fell through. Something tells me this was an arrangement; maybe even a contract that was pulled out form under you or maybe you weren’t comfortable with it. But this is a sign that there is something vibrant about your fiction writing… the problem before was more of a wrong place, wrong time situation.

3. The woman wearing a crown and holding a staff. She’s nice! I like her energy. But she is in the past, moving into the present, another indicator of starting an old project again. This is you! You are the creator, the magician, the high priestess, and the reining queen. You have the power to create stories and use words to your advantage. Why are you afraid of that? This is an indicator that you are hesitant to take your power in the realm of fiction.

My intuition says that you should trust in whatever projects you are already juggling. There is no need to begin something new, but maybe revise your vision of an old project. Ask yourself, “How can I give this old project a new spin?”

As you move forward with fiction, don’t let the past hold you back. Whatever experiences have you stuck; it’s time to move on. You have the power, energy and creativity to do fiction, but if you let past experiences dictate future ones, then no doors will open.

Janet, I hope this reading finds you well and offers insight into your fiction writing. Please leave a comment. Let me know how this resonates with you and if there is anything that needs more clarity!

All the best,



© Shaheen Miro 2012


5 thoughts on “Fortunate Leaves: First Study

  1. OMG, Shaheen, I had no IDEA you were going to do something so thorough for me! *gasp* This reading is DEAD ON and scary accurate. I’ve had a novel that I’ve been working on but am FLOUNDERING so much with it and can’t figure out why. All the people who’ve read what I’ve written about it LOVE it and want to read more. But I just can’t seem to get “with it’. And yes, when I was attacked mercilessly by online Tarot thugs about my first short story, it really made me a bit shy about fiction writing (but I got over it and wrote a short story for Spooky Tales Vol. 1 last month).

    I see myself as the Queen of Wands, but NOT in the area of fiction writing! I’m confident about all my other creative endeavors…but not this one. And yes, perhaps I am more afraid than I realize. Peacocks are pretty to look at and admire, but jealous, small-minded people go after them. :o/

    AND, I’ve been thinking the novel (which is all mapped out) needs SOMETHING…but I can’t figure out what. Or, if it’s just I’m so used to the characters and plot that I feel “bored” with it because I know what’s going to happen.

    I had a small press offer me a contract on it last year, but I ended up backing out because I felt I just couldn’t do it.

    You are AMAZING, dear One. Thank you so much for this! I’ll print it out and read it until I’m confident that my book and its story is worth telling…and ask the Universe what it (and I) need to move it forward.

    Blessings to you! XO

    • Janet, I am so happy that this reading resonated with you! It seems like a lot came through and the leaves were really clear about your fiction writing situation!

      My feeling is that you still need to give new life to the writing you are doing. The novel you already have mapped out is a good one… you just have to revisit it. Look at it “upside-down”, see it from a different angle. I think we sometimes pick up a project and hoping to start where we left off, not realize that the project itself has changed.

      I will pull a few cards to gain more clarity for you 🙂

      Shaheen ❤

  2. Janet, Does this particular story have an element of mystery, a case being solved or a murder? Something about this seems to me to be shrouded in mystery and I keep getting that you don’t need to solve it, yet! So maybe let go of that portion of the story for starters.

    Being with yourself, this is the first part of “how” to move forward. You have to make a commitment. My feeling is that your energy goes in so many directions that if you don’t schedule a day and a time…. maybe even a place to write this particular story, then it will never get done!

    Once you start committing a time, things will move forward fast and some sort of offer will be made. This could just be a friend urging you to keep going or maybe its a bigger offer than that. But the door will open on its own when you make that mental/emotional switch.

    I also get the impression that there could be another path for you to get this story going. Have you thought about doing little teasers online? Maybe even create a blog dedicated to the story. Not telling the whole thing, but giving little bits and pieces. It would force you to write on a deadline. And this would be fun and get others involved! (Did a male figure already suggest this?)

    Even if you don’t go that route, I feel like working chapter by chapter could be really healthy right now.

    The spring is going to be significant for your fiction writing. So maybe right now you need to take baby steps. That makes it doable/believable. As we move into the spring you will gain momentum!

    One other detail that shows up and this could be minor, but I keep getting that you have to pick a place. Now, I’m not sure if that is a place for you to work physically. maybe you need to rededicate your office to working on writing, or clear a new shelf for just fiction stuff. Or if that has to do with the story itself.

    There you go my dear friend! I hope this clarifies.

    Much love,

  3. Thank you so much, Shaheen! Yes, there’s definitely mystery in it (it’s a paranormal suspense tale). I had actually thought of serializing the novel online in the form of blog posts. In terms of “place”…it could be referring to the flashbacks I have in my novel. I’m just not sure! I agree that Spring will be a better time to focus on fiction and see what happens. Thanks for giving me more to ponder! ::hugs::

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