Fortunate Leaves: Tea Leaf Reading Study Introduction

Client’s cup with a prominent skull.

I absolutely love doing Tea Leaf Reading. It’s one of my favorite forms of divination, though I will never turn my back on Tarot. But there is something about tea leaf reading that I find fascinating. The information is insightful, it has many layers, and it’s a very intuitive process. Tea leaf reading opens pathways into my inner world. It allows me to access information fast and easily.

The leaves have called to me for a while now, and I’ve begun teaching a class called, The Gypsy Tea Party, in which I teach others the basics of tea leaf reading, from my perspective. It’s been a great learning experience for everyone, me included. I find tea leaf reading engages people and encourages them to think creatively, in-turn opening their intuition.

I’ve decided it would be fun to do some tea leaf reading studies and share readings with everyone as an opportunity to expand our knowledge. This segment will be called, Fortunate Leaves. I will post a weekly reading for either myself or others who are participating. Lets see what we can learn!

© Shaheen Miro 2012

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