Fortunate Leaves: Second Study

1. Cup of Tea, 2. Rider and Heart, 3. Baby Dragon, 4. Man on Cliff

1. Cup of Tea, 2. Rider and Heart, 3. Baby Dragon, 4. Man on Cliff

Cara Oona Annwn, you asked,” How Can I improve my business and income?” I enjoyed a wonderful cup of loose leaf green, jasmine infused, tea. The scent was delicious and the warmth was just right for this chilling evening.

Here is what I found in the bottom of your cup:

  1. An aggressive rider with a mallet or club.
  2. A baby dragon
  3. A person standing with their back to a cliff, with a fish jumping behind for attention
  4. A bound heart

The first symbol that appears prominently to me is a horseback rider, swinging a mallet or a club. I instantly get an aggressive feeling form this figure. The rider is in action, ready to play the game or battle anyone in his/her way. This is directly over the handle, moving from the past into the present. I want to suggest not feeling defensive or the need to be confrontational. This could also be suggesting that you be more tenacious and outgoing. Don’t be afraid to stand out and “play the game”.

The baby dragon is in the past; he is unfolding his wings and finding his way. Did you start or revamp your business about a year ago? To me this is a project that’s already been started, but is still just getting its bearings. This could be a suggestion not to force your business to grow to fast. You may be seeking more income/growth, but it rest in knowing that there is progress taking place.

The dragon is the keeper of treasures. She guards them, keeping them all to herself in some instances. We know that scientifically diamonds are formed in the earth under pressure. Your business will grow, but you have to stick to it, believe in it and see it through no matter what pressures are being placed on you. But don’t hold too tightly to your plan, you may just snuff its fire.

A person wearing a cape stands with her back turned to a cliff, the wind is catching her cape and it billows out behind her. An eager fish is jumping up at her ankles. Don’t let yourself be caught in the storm, the next few months are going to be a whirlwind, but don’t turn your back on anything. Don’t sit down and say, “It’s time to close up shop! I should just give it up!” There’s a lot to lose if you do. You may not realize that success is jumping up, trying to catch your attention (the fish).

A bound heart is in the present, very close to the handle. This is a sign that you are emotionally entwined in something that is affecting your business. This could be the business itself or something else that is pulling you away from success. Is there someone that you are holding on to tightly? Are you afraid of putting your all into business for fear of upsetting or losing someone?

This cup is a good indicator that success is on its way! The key to improving your business is believing in it! And, not listening to others who may urge you away from it. Opportunities are coming to you in the next few months. You will have the chance to take a leap of faith and soar into even more success… don’t be the figure on the cliff… turning your back on a good opportunity!

Also, a suggestion will come in the next month or two for learning or updating a skill. It feels more technical. Maybe this is a continued training of some kind. Take the suggestion, as a sign, the time and effort will pay off.

I also see the fist as an opportunity to buy something. Are you making in big purchases in regards to your business?


Please feel free to let me know if you need clarification about anything, and be sure to leave some feedback about your reading!

All the best!



© Shaheen Miro 2012

3 thoughts on “Fortunate Leaves: Second Study

  1. First symbol & advice of encouragement to stand out and get noticed rings very true. I am naturally inclined to stay back in the shadows/sidelines. Time to step forward!
    I did indeed revamp my business in the past year, taking it into a new medium & broader field of opportunity & service. I will stick to this, stay tenacious & persistent come what may. I am very emotionally connected to my business, as it is my life’s calling. There have been challenges regarding balancing work & life such as those often experienced by other entrepreneurs with home offices. This reading was very accurate & helpful to me, it mirrors what my own guidance has been communicating. This verification from you assures me that I am on a good path. Sending you brightest blessings! Joyous holly days to you & yours.

    • Also to add that I am indeed updating technical skills with regards to my work. I don’t have any plans to make major purchases right now. Where was the fist among the symbols? Thank you again, bless!

      • I am so happy to hear that this reading made sense to you, I figured it would because a lot of it seemed to already be taking place. Keep trusting in yourself and the process. I see the symbol of the dragon and the figure on the cliff hinting at a purchase. You may not know what it is yet 🙂

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