Understanding Intuition: Insight Eight

THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!! Let it go and stop trying to chalk everything up to coincidence. The Universe is highly organized, composed of Laws… like gravity, which leaves nothing to chance. Every symbolic connection you make serves a purpose.

© Shaheen Miro 2012

3 thoughts on “Understanding Intuition: Insight Eight

  1. That’s a valuable advice. I always thought that I had come across divination (and decided to learn it when I was a teenager) quite by chance… no purpose, and no real talent or gift for it. But lately I am starting to realize that this is perhaps what I ought to be doing – working with the oracles. It was not chance. It crossed my way because I was meant to do it.

    Sometimes it’s still hard for me to believe. But the more time passes, the more I see my difficulties are growing pains, and my path as being forever entwined with the oracles…

    It may not be ‘rational’, but it feels true to me.

    • I understand that feeling. I think many people come to the intuitive/oracular arts by accident or at least by just a pure interest. But then something happens where the oracle picks you… it calls to you and it takes a hold on you. I think that’s how these things really work. And because it just doesn’t seem practical to have that as a “calling” it feels odd to people. But you have to trust it. It’s a powerful journey…and it will never stop surprising you.

      I began doing readings at a very, very young age. And though I knew it was part of my destiny, I didn’t realize how far it would take me. It’s one of those things that seems to be never ending in my life. People seek it out. It’s beautiful, powerful and dramatic. I have accepted that it’s one of my many forms of storytelling. Though it’s not always easy to mess all the areas of my life together… I wouldn’t change it!

      It all adds to my gypsy soul 😉

      And you understand the card way more than you give yourself credit for! I have read your writings many, many times. And you have a powerful way of understanding the messages, and imagery being presented to you. Just trust that 🙂


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